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  1. It's obvious that Belichick allowed the Chiefs to trade up with them to jump the Bills for McDuffie. Belichick knows the Bills scheme and knew the Bills wanted McDuffie. McDuffie was a seamless, perfect scheme fit for the Zone-heavy scheme the Bills run. McDuffie is already elite at playing Off Coverage; Elam is a projection in that regard. Elam also has a huge hole in his game; he is very bad at tackling (so so so many instances on tape of Elam whiffing on tackles) If both McDuffie and Elam were on the board at 25, I'm 98% sure Beane would have selected McDuffie. Once he got jumped, however, he had no choice but to trade up to make sure he got the next best guy at CB. But still, the Bills missed out on the guy they truly wanted. So the question is, how much worse than McDuffie is Elam? Big dropoff, little dropoff, about the same? Is it even possible that Elam becomes the better player? Has anyone here compared these 2 players? I was curious what you thought.
  2. Very very very few people actually understand how to make a proper NFL evaluation/projection for a College Draft QB. Some very important notes: 1) Box score stats for a QB in college mean absolutely NOTHING. Don't even look at his stats in college - that's how you get fooled. Those stats are always a direct reflection of the college supporting cast and scheme, not the QB himself. (See: Colt Brennan, Dwayne Haskins, Justin Fields, Josh Allen, Matt Ryan - 19 INTs his senior year, overall sub-60% comp in 4 years) 2) College "accomplishments" mean absolutely NOTHING in regards to the NFL projection. Totally meaningless. (See: Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, Ryan Leaf) 3) The complete misuse of the term "quality of competition". It SHOULD be: "quality of competition relative to your own supporting cast". Example: Josh Allen faced weak competition in college, based on the quality of teams he faced relative to all of college football. That is true. Here's the trick: What is ALSO true: The weak competition that Josh Allen faced in college, was BETTER than his own supporting cast at Wyoming. Every time Josh Allen took the field at Wyoming, the opposing DL was better than his own OL, the opposing DBs were better than his own WRs. Look at QBs that play at powerhouses Alabama and Ohio State that underwhelm in the NFL; they play against "good" competition relative to college football, but their own teams are actually better teams than the good teams they are facing. Remember: "Quality of competition relative to own supporting cast" 4) Don't look for QBs who "complete passes", look for QBs who "make throws" aka "make high-level NFL throws". This requires a strong feel for the NFL game to understand what those kind of throws look like. 5) QBs that hold onto the ball and take sacks consistently in college, will hold onto the ball and take sacks consistently in the NFL. This has proven to be the stickiest trait from college to NFL. 6) QB evaluation is completely different than any other positional evaluation because the QB prospect's Draft Grade is 50% Tangibles and 50% Intangibles. At all other positions, it's more like 80% Tangibles and 20% Intangibles. The Intangibles are weighted much more heavily for QBs than other positions, that's why it's different.
  3. This is the Saints jumping the Chargers for WR Jameson Williams. Chargers were going to take WR Jameson Williams at #17 overall. They needed a speed WR to complement their route-runner (Keenan) and skyscraper (Mike Will) The Saints leaped from #18 to #16 to get ahead of the Chargers for Jameson. Saints need to replenish their WR corps, and they see Jameson Williams as a #1 NFL WR to lead their WRs.
  4. You miss the point. Strong = Franchise QB Allen = Franchise QB All the other guys are not NFL Franchise QBs. I am not saying Strong will be as good as Allen; I am saying Strong will come out of this draft as an NFL Franchise QB; those other guys you mentioned will not, just like Baker/Darnold/Rosen did not. The NFL comparison for Carson Strong is a clutch Carson Palmer. Carson Palmer was an NFL Franchise QB. Go back and look what Palmer did with Bruce Arians and the Cardinals. That's Strong in the NFL, especially with Carroll.
  5. You must have been the person who thought Baker, Darnold, and Rosen were better prospects than Allen in 2018. Corral is an undersized, thin-framed college System QB. He essentially is Baker Mayfield. Willis is Sam Darnold as a passer, Jalen Hurts as a runner. Pickett has 8.5" hands, is a 1 Year Wonder with 3 mediocre seasons before 2021, has poor pocket awareness, chokes in big spots. Let me make analogies from this draft to the 2018 draft. Willis - Darnold Corral - Baker Pickett - Rosen Strong - J Allen Learn from your past mistakes. Get it right this time. Don't repeat the same mistake you made.
  6. Mac Jones literally 1 year ago. Matt Stafford just won the Super Bowl. If Strong is an "immobile pocket passer" then so is Stafford, who is the reigning SB winning QB and is headed for the HOF after a few more strong regular seasons. Stafford leans toward the "immobile" side of NFL QBs, as does Strong. Strong has elite pocket awareness and pocket manipulation. Pocket manipulation has nothing to do with athleticism. Mac Jones = #15 overall pick in 2021 Old-school coach Belichick drafts old-school QB in Top 15. Now take Mac Jones' body, and attach Justin Herbert's right arm to it - you get Carson Strong. Strong is Mac Jones with Arm Talent. Basically, he's a much more talented Mac Jones. Carroll = Old-School Coach Strong = Old-School QB Put 2 and 2 together.
  7. If a team loves a QB and believes he's a Franchise QB, they either 1) take him as soon as possible OR 2) trade UP to get QB even sooner. You don't risk trading down and simply "hoping" he's still available later. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT HOW IT WORKS. We are talking about a Franchise QB here. If the Seahawks love Carson Strong, which I firmly believe they do, they will simply draft him 9th overall and secure said Franchise QB. Period. When it comes to coveted NFL Franchise QBs, teams don't play around. Teams don't say to themselves "Well let's trade down, cross our fingers, and hope our coveted Franchise QB is still on the board later on" No no no - That is not how it works. Not at all.
  8. Perfect fit. Carson Strong + DK Metcalf + Pete Carroll = match made in heaven.
  9. Uh huh. Because this isn't Smokescreen Season or anything like that. Teams don't try to mislead the public during Draft Season or anything like that. Teams don't try to hide who they REALLY like, or anything like that. Nah man, smokescreens don't happen at all leading up to the draft. Everything that you hear, all the rumors, are 100% true.(sarcasm) If team likes Player X, I'm sure that team will scream out "We love Player X" from the mountaintops so that the other 31 NFL teams know exactly who they are targeting and coveting. Totally dude. You got me. *facepalm*
  10. Lockett = Slot receiver (size doesn't matter for slot receivers) Justin Britt = Center (Centers are usually the smallest OL anyways) Russell Wilson = no longer on the Seahawks, was traded away, has had friction with Caroll for years now (exactly my point)
  11. It is a lock that Carson Strong gets drafted inside the Top 20. Listen to me: an absolute LOCK. He is the best QB in the draft by a country mile. It's not even close. I will bump this thread on April 28th as soon as Strong gets selected inside the Top 20 overall picks. The media has totally brainwashed you into thinking that most NFL teams don't have Strong as QB1. Hell, before the 2021 season, there were mock drafts that projected Strong being drafted #2 overall to the Lions. I repeat: #2 overall. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/nfl/lions/.amp/news/lions-draft-carson-strong-2022-nfl-mock-draft Most NFL teams do have Strong rated as QB1 in this class. Because factually, he is.
  12. You're going off on a tangent and missing the forest from the trees in the process. You're lost on this topic. Pete Caroll LITERALLY JUST GAVE AWAY RUSSELL WILSON AND HAS HAD FRICTION WITH HIM FOR MANY YEARS NOW. He did that for one reason: to start fresh with his own prototypical hand-picked QB, which is Carson Strong. Exactly. BIG players. Ifedi = Big OL LJ Collier = Big LB Pete Carroll is an old-school Coach who covets big players with size. Richard Sherman = Big Corner Byron Maxwell = Big Corner Kam Chancellor = Big Safety DK Metcalf = Big WR Damien Lewis = Big Guard Gabe Jackson = Big Guard Germain Ifedi = Big OL Marshawn Lynch = Big RB Chris Carson = Big RB Rashad Penny = Big RB Carlos Dunlap = Big DE LJ Collier = Big LB Drew Lock = Big QB --------- Carson Strong = Big QB (6'4", 226 pounds)
  13. This is absolutely NOT how drafting a Franchise QB in the NFL works. If a team loves a QB and believes he's a Franchise QB, they take him as soon as possible and don't risk "trading down later" and simply "hoping" he's still available. If the Seahawks love Carson Strong, which I firmly believe they do, they will simply draft him 9th overall and secure said Franchise QB. Period. When it comes to NFL Franchise QBs, teams don't play around. Teams don't say to themselves "Well let's trade down, cross our fingers, and hope our coveted Franchise QB is still on the board" No no no - That is not how it works. Not at all.
  14. I already edited my post before u even responded. Reread: Pete Carroll loves BIG players with prototypical size. He's an old-school Coach who covets Size - "Big people beat up little people" is what he ascribes to. It's why he soured on Russell Wilson over the last few years. Back in 2012, the Seahawks GM took a 3rd round flyer on Wilson, but he was never truly "Pete Caroll's guy" - it just so happened that Wilson beat out Matt Flynn, was their best option at the time, and once he became QB, he kept winning so he kept his job. But there has always been friction between Carroll and Wilson - Wilson is a small undersized QB and that is not what Carroll likes or wants. Carson Strong will absolutely be drafted inside the Top 11 and the Seahawks at #9 are his likeliest detination.
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