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  1. Definitely is for what they pulled off before and during the 2018 Draft - Trading Cordy Glenn to go from 21 to 12 - Trading 2 second rounders to go from 12 to 7 JA17 at #7 and the rest is history. Classic wheeling and dealing, taking advantage of the Browns (#1), Giants (#2), Jets (#3), Broncos (#5) mistakes. The Franchise QB makes the franchise, not the other way around. Tom Brady proved this. This FO wheeled and dealed their way to JA17 and knew exactly how to build a winning team around him (I had also envisioned this in my mind le
  2. This is unbelievable. People would rather Beane, who has shown to not be good at evaluating Defense, to draft Defense at 30 just because it appears to be a bigger need. And then thinking that basically a 2nd round pick in a terrible Defensive draft class made by Brandon Beane will suddenly transform this defense into an elite unit. That sounds good on paper and sounds cute in theory. How about no. Get the sure thing on Offense. It's a "sure thing" because Josh will make sure of it. You give Josh an offensive weapon at 30, Josh will make sure that guy makes an impact. A
  3. 1) Sanders + ETN. You're forgetting adding Sanders. 2) No defensive prospect at #30 will put the Bills defense anywhere close to the Bucs defense. Wake up to reality. "Draft Defense at #30" sounds cute in theory, but is underwhelming in reality. Beane doesn't have a good track record drafting Defense, and 1 borderline 2nd round player isn't going to move the needle one iota. 3) Only 1 team has averaged 37 PPG? Great! We have Josh friggin Allen at QB. Let's strive to be the 2nd team that does it. You seem to forget: With Josh Allen at QB, the possibilities are endless -
  4. Beane's Top 5 moves as Bills GM 1) JA 2) SD 3) Sign+ re-sign Daryl Will 4) Sign Beasley 5) Sign ESanders Beane should understand what his strengths and weaknesses are as a GM.
  5. Combo of ESanders + ETN = increase of 5+ PPG. Yes. ETN is better than CEH at both rushing and receiving. They are not the same player; ETN is clearly better. So your question is irrelevant; your question operates under the premise that ETN = CEH which is simply not the case. I don't think you understand the Bills offense if u want them to draft Najee Harris in Round 1. Exactly. CEH was an overrated RB prospect to begin with. He wasn't even the best RB on the board when the Chiefs picked him. People keep making t
  6. 2nd in points (31 PPG) isn't good enough, especially when you're just 1 RB weapon away (ETN) from 37-38 PPG. Why settle for 30 PPG when you clearly have the potential for 40 PPG? I don't want this offense to be just good, or just great, I want it to be all-time historic. I want 40 PPG. Adding another RB or WR weapon is more important than CB, DL, and Guard. This is a Passing Offense - the Guards are fine. Add another force multiplier to the skill positions. You build around your franchise player. Stop overthinking it.
  7. Once again: Najee Harris is the worst pick for the Bills in Round 1. Najee Harris is a traditional between-the-tackles grinder who would slow down the Bills high-powered passing attack, waste time on the clock, and prevent the Bills from scoring more points. This prospect does not help the Bills become more explosive on offense; he actually does the opposite. The goal for the Bills is to be more explosive both passing and running.
  8. Would be amazing at 30 Him or ETN You can never give Josh Allen too many weapons. Elijah Moore would be a wonderful pick at 30. Sanders 34 and Beasley 32 - good to be 1 year ahead there. WR is so important in this offense, and u always add to a strength.
  9. Exactly. The Bills O-Line from last year is being under-appreciated. Completely agreed that bringing back the same OL starters was the right move. Need a difference-making weapon.
  10. 100% agreed. Najee Harris the worst possible 1st round pick for the Bills. A remote thrower for sure.
  11. Daniel Jones regressed on the stat sheet, but not on a throw-for-throw basis. PFF QB Grades 2019 Daniel Jones: 65.9 (#26 ranked QB) 2020 Daniel Jones: 78.4 (#18 ranked QB) He also had no Saquon in 2020.
  12. WTH do people see in Najee Harris? I don't get it. Slow feet, slow change of direction, not a home run threat, just a grinder who always gets an initial push from his O-Line and runs through gaping holes. Zach Moss was a better RB prospect last year than Najee Harris. At #30 I'm taking either RB Travis Etienne or WR Elijah Moore.
  13. Saquon Barkley in 2018 was Gettleman's 1st draft pick as GM. Daniel Jones was drafted in 2019, Gettleman's 2nd Draft as NYG. He's not saying it because he "has to say it", he's saying it because it is 100% true. Daniel Jones will make the quantum Year 3 leap. 2021's Most Improved NFL Player. Book it. Writing off Daniel Jones is a foolish endeavor.
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