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  1. Thank you PFF for fueling Josh. Wait until Josh sees this list. Josh is a psychotic competitor....Jordan-esque competitive spirit. The media can help the Bills so much in this regard. It's all added fuel for the most competitive athlete in modern day sports. It's time to turn up on these haters every chance he gets.
  2. This. Josh Allen is the best QB in the league. Only difference between Allen and Mahomes... is Travis Kelce.
  3. At OT, Length is the most important factor, for setting the proper Width of the Pocket and being able to hinge-push edge guys by. His weight is not as important. His crazy length (35" arms at 6"8") will force the edge guy to go past him. He fits a Passing Offense.
  4. Blocks out the sun. In today's NFL, Length is key for OTs.
  5. Great call. Oh my, can you imagine the pure size and space-eating on that O-Line? Dion Dawkins - Cody Ford - Jon Feliciano - Darryl Williams - Spencer Brown Massive wide bodies from 1-5. I'm pretty sure this would be the #1 heaviest, largest, longest Offensive Line in the NFL. Brandon Beane is building this perfectly around Josh: Massive, enormous Guards and Tackles that block out the sun. Could this be the optimal O-Line late in the season? I think so
  6. The Bills are bracing themselves for the Josh Allen contract extension. The theme of this draft: Target the Premium Positions early and often DE DE OT They're looking for guys at the premium positions who will be impact players 3 years down the line when Josh is eating up salary cap space on a huge deal. Smart strategy.
  7. I am the only person on this entire message board who had Josh Allen as my #1 overall player on the 2018 Big Board before the draft. I am arguing with a bunch of posters on here who wanted Josh Rosen instead of Josh Allen in 2018. What's hilarious is that I actually know what I'm talking about...most people on here do not. If this message board was in charge of the Bills, Josh Rosen would have been the selection in 2018. I am 3 years ahead of the curve on Josh Allen. I was on the Josh Allen bandwagon before 1 poster on here ever was.
  8. If you wanna know why I speak a certain way on this topic...just look at the very last quote I just responded to. Pure lunacy. "Having a great RB weapon is actually a. Bad thing" My condescending and insulting tone is JUSTIFIED. When you make an insulting point (like the one above), you deserve to be insulted for your stupidity.
  9. "Don't draft a really good dual-threat RB because having a really good dual-threat RB is actually a bad thing" Holy smokes. You are another level of special. The level of delusion on this board has reached an all-time high.
  10. 1) If Alvin Kamara is there at 30, do you draft him? 2) If Alvin Kamara is there at 22, do you trade up for him?
  11. The devaluing of RBs is in regards to the 2nd contract. "Do not sign RBs to a long-term deal beyond their rookie deal" That is irrevelant to ETN helping Josh and the Bills get over the top within the next 5 years on his rookie deal. Some of those teams simply drafted the wrong RB in the 1st round. Example - The Pats picked Sony Michel over Nick Chubb. If the Pats pick Nick Chubb - that's a phenomenal pick. If the Chiefs pick Jonathan Taylor over CEH - that's another phenomenal pick. If the Bills pick Najee Harris, that's bad; if the Bills pick Travis ETN, that's phenome
  12. Like the Bills actual GM is currently trying to do.
  13. Oh fyi....wanna know how you can help your defense? Sustain more drives on offense and keep your own defense off the field. Drafting ETN = indirectly helps the Bills defense by keeping them off the field more. It's all connected. Your best defense is a great offense. You should think things through before u post.
  14. "But Tampa held KC to 9 points in the Super Bowl! Draft Defnese at 30!" LOL....imagine thinking this is good/smart logic....holy cow...the level of delusion is unreal...living in a fantasy world....unreal
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