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  1. Jesus even Kincaid dropping passes. Just throw to Diggs
  2. He can and he should. Dude has been a huge disappointment this year.
  3. I still love em though. I’m sure I did something to deserve it!
  4. Here’s to a good game! Efficient offense that gets touchdowns, defense that makes Russ uncomfortable and gets some turnovers. First game of the run to the postseason starts tonight! im feeling it!
  5. Can’t block for piss normally so he figured he’d try boxing him out. Same outcome surprisingly
  6. I’m good on watching the packers. I’ll take your word for it. Look forward to seeing our new number four corner
  7. We make a Super Bowl appearance the only way we lose him is if he gets a head coaching gig.
  8. First time I’ve caught the Amazon production not on a mobile device. I’ve been pretty impressed overall
  9. Solid first half. Should be up by at least ten more but helleva improvement over last few weeks. Defense I think is what we’re gonna get all year. Offense is gonna have to carry the load
  10. Don’t know why they waited .he misses this we can double dip
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