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  1. Back when we had takeo Spikes and London fletcher at linebacker we had a toigh as nails defense but the offense was soft and not very talented
  2. IMO he is the definition of soft. Seems like a nice guy and all but he has no killer instinct. I don’t want my offensive and defensive lineman being nice guys.
  3. It wasn’t even them blitzing it was just their interior lineman blowing right past the interior lineman.
  4. Last night hurt. Did anyone else notice how on a couple plays we were moving our running backs up to damn near the LOS to help with the pass rush that was coming thru basically Instantly from the snap up the middle? I want us to be aggressive like the chiefs were last offseason and go spend big on the interior of the line. We can’t go into next year with the same group.
  5. We miss John brown and his ability to scare teams with the speed downfield. It let Diggs and Bease work underneath at will. Sanders doesn’t scare anyone with his five yard routes. We need to revamp the Oline and get some legitimate speed at wideout.
  6. Did you see it during his post game interview on thanksgiving? It’s still swollen like a mofo. It’s definitely effecting him but he missed a few big plays tonight for sure.
  7. Knox will make up for that. He’s in for a big game against these linebackers
  8. Andre roberts still a free ageny? Hell just put Hyde back there to fair catch it
  9. I want a big second half here. Let’s get the momentum going for our December push to the playoffs. This game should not be close.
  10. Looks like the refs are gonna let these boys play ball tonight, Trash talking included. Let’s see if our boys got some dog in them or if they’ll curl up and die. LFG boys
  11. I never understood this argument. Why are we just taking away 75 yard runs? He smoked us, Tayler yesterday smoked us too. That’s been a problem with this team for five seasons. More physical teams punch us in the mouth and we just can’t respond.
  12. I don’t think she will. She was loyal enough to him that he won’t rip her to shreds but she distanced herself enough that she’s not considered a full Trumper. I don’t think trump runs again so he very well may endorse her. She’s smart and she has quality experience, she’ll be trouble for Kamala or whoever the democrats put up against het.
  13. She sure did. I’m telling you if she runs she wins it pretty handily.
  14. My guess is the Republicans run Nikki Haley. She’s got the experience, she will get enough of the Trump voters, and she’ll do well with women. It’s a lock. Lefties won’t know how to handle the first female president being a conservative.
  15. Hells ya we did. I almost felt a little bad at halftime watching all the jets fans leave.
  16. That throw to Diggs down the sideline is a prime example. It wasn’t until after we got home and watched the replay that I realized he threw the ball 50 yards through the air. Unbelievable
  17. Marshawn is an odd pick IMO. Has Kyle Williams ever led the charge since he retired? I’d love to see him lead the charge in the AFC championship game this year! Place would go bonkers! 🍻🇺🇸✌️
  18. Hells ya!!! Thanks again everyone for the advice. What a great Sunday afternoon. God bless everybody stay safe!!!!
  19. On my way to the stadium!! Feeling good about today! LFG!!!
  20. Thank you! It seems like lot 26 is definitely a place to check out!
  21. Thank you everyone for the info and input. I’ll definitely be seeing you all! Fist time for my brother to experience the mafia so i want him to get the full shabang. See y’all on Sunday!
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