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  1. Davis has been a non-factor---Brown looks hurt still too. How much worse could Stills have been?
  2. No fair catch? Another very sketchy decision there by Roberts.
  3. Seems pretty surgical so far---both offenses are good, but the TB defense is limiting Aaron's ability to get the big play. TB's secondary grabs alot.....wonder if they'll be any makeup calls in the second half.
  4. I have full confidence that Dawkins would have caught that and taken it to the house.
  5. I'm thinking a good day for a flea flicker. Take advantage of the aggressiveness of Honey Badger.
  6. With Mahomes staying home in the pocket due to his toe, I will go with Ed Oliver. KC interior line will be tested.
  7. Tage from first line to the press box in six days. Have fun on the taxi squad Tage, you might be there awhile.
  8. Seems like they were just looking for chemistry----looks like the top line is set, and now we're getting some footing on the 2nd/3rd lines. Goaltending is still suspect, but it was a pretty easy night for Huts overall. We'll see what happens tonight!
  9. That looked too easy---hopefully the Browns get their heads into the game.
  10. Besides Harrison, another player that did his 1/11 was Singletary----he was terrific on blitz pickup and helping out on double teams all night. I know that Moss is also great in the skill, but Motor did what needed to be done.
  11. As many times as Murphy set the edge correctly last night (including the one play for a loss), he also bit on the RB fake numerous times early in the game. Maybe he had Frazier get in his ear hear telling him to remember to be his part of being 1 of 11. As Bellicheat would say "DO.....YOUR........JOB"
  12. It's playoff football---who makes the biggest mistakes will end up mattering on the biggest stage. We heard all week about the vaunted Ravens running game and the electric plays of LJ, and how the Ravens defense was more than ready for the Bills passing game. in the final analysis, the offense made enough plays to get a lead and the Bills defense made the big play when it mattered. I don't give a shtte about the weather, it surely impacted both teams. But we advanced and the Ravens did not.
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