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  1. If you thinking forcing me to take an unapproved FDA vaccine that was fast tracked for a disease that has less than a .1% mortality rate for my age group is cynical, then I guess I'm cynical.
  2. Can't wait to see a bunch of binge drinking, overweight, unhealthy people sitting in the stands with their vaccines cards and their masks on.
  3. I'd like to apologize. I was wrong. A convention center/stadium model makes the most sense. But not just any convention center. We need the world's biggest convention center. A huge ceremony with Guinness book of world records certifying Buffalo as home of the world's largest convention center. This will certainly drive massive amounts of people/revenue to the city. It will work similarly as to how the monorail put Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook on the map.
  4. Edmunds has been put on notice.
  5. Yes the vaunted convention center idea. So many people are looking to skip Las Vegas, Orlando and Chicago and come to Buffalo.
  6. If he pans out. Which he should but there is a great value in having a sure thing at the QB position.
  7. You put on 80lbs in 2 years with no diet and not an extreme amount of lifting? What total bull####.
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