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  1. That's the reality of it. However on a long completion like that it's worth it to try to separate the ball from the player and just take the penalty. Too bad the NFL has become so soft.
  2. I think Beasley can only be the focal point for Allen in only a handful of games per season. If Beasley is having a great day it means something is wrong on the Diggs/Brown front, which isn't a good thing.
  3. All that does is show one how bad this organization has been at winning, doesn't prove McDermott can win against the best teams in a given season...
  4. I'm on board with this. McClappity turtles against better competition. He has yet to have a great win against a top rated team, and he's in his 4th year. This is a huge red flag and it calls into question the ownership for the extension they just gave him.
  5. It's tough to like anything comming out of the running game these days, good plays are few and far between.
  6. No one in the NFL is ever going to except excuses like these "facts". Allen didn't get the job done in the RZ, bottom line.
  7. Crossing routes are not used in the RZ correct, but they can get a defense on their heels as the offense makes hay changing the way a D can play in the RZ. If Allen can't figure out how to beat zone coverage better than he has the last 3 weeks, get used to 17pts per game as opposed to the 30 we were seeing in the first 4 games...
  8. Fans need to stop making excuses for Allen. All QB's deal with injuries to the talent around them, it's part of the game.
  9. I wonder if it's a religious thing. He mentioned yesterday something to the effect that winning football games is up to the grace of GOD. I think winning football games is more about good coaching & good players. But that's just me...
  10. Yes, and analyzing the last 3 games shows that defenses have taken away the crossing routes and Allen can't score without them...
  11. Which would be garbage, 3 rings vs. a playoff meltdown.
  12. Somehow I bet they won't look "done" against the Bills next Sunday... McClappity has yet to beat Belichick... I expect Belichick to make Allen look like early 2018 Allen, and NE's great white hope Burkhead to gash the Bills D all game long.
  13. They got rolled the two previous games and scored under 20pts... lol @ not concerned. They played the worst team in the NFL and they could not score, how the hell are people not concerned? Confounded.
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