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  1. I never watch these. Not interested in failure. I'll watch the SB parade stuff if they ever have one.
  2. I'll make a deal. When Allen wins a SB I'll admit I was wrong.
  3. I don't think Palmer is the right guy to be teaching Allen how to play LB...
  4. Only fans of Allen are going to care. I don't give a crap about Stafford but if he wins a ring I might take a bit more notice. QB's HAVE to win SB's to be considered true greats.
  5. Yes fans take them harder because we're powerless. Being intimately involved with something changes one's outlook I think.
  6. Outside of nastalgic Dolphins fans, no, not really... Same with Kelly tbh.
  7. You could have the pick of the litter in terms of coaching candidates if you dumped McDermott. Some people are just so clueless...
  8. They certainly cannot be crying about the ProwBowl anymore.
  9. Allen covers up for Daboll. There is no one like that on defense... The D-line rotation garbage needs to end. Need playmakers, not average players with fresh legs.
  10. No. Mahomes' brother and wife make that impossible.
  11. Now this I can get on board with. But they'll have to go further than just the DC.
  12. Yeah but way before Marino. I think that pair was expecting to win many after Marino's rookie season.
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