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  1. Either way I don't like the decision and I hope the Bills keep rolling and don't play a preseason game and get out of their groove.
  2. I can see this decision being made 100% because their aging QB's body is breaking down and not so much for the rest of the team. Maybe a bye week is needed for mental recuperation for other players but I always see that as just coach speak. I feel that good NFL players are always mentally ready to go.
  3. Would of been cool to see Allen get 5 and Tie Brady but can't keep giving QB's all the awards.
  4. Hopefully this is the last time we ever see Barkley on the field for the Bills.
  5. I very much disagree with Tomlin on this one, Steelers just stopped the bleeding and now they put their tail between their legs. One and done written all over that team with this decision.
  6. Whatever the contract, it will hamper the teams' ability to continue to surround him with talent, or the defense will suffer without a legitimate Hughes replacement. Price of doing business with a franchise QB near the top I guess.
  7. Why do ppl insist on playing a division opponent in the playoff's? That is not what you want to hope for, not at all...
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