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  1. No no no no. Many of us are past the "enjoy the ride" stuff. Like, many years past that.
  2. Bills fans think of Tua what Chiefs fans think of Allen.
  3. But that's what he is until proven otherwise. Bills are terrible in close games with Allen at QB.
  4. Or lose to like the Jags last season. Bills can't stop the run. Browns have Chub. I don't see a good outcome here based on what the team has shown as of late.
  5. It's better to have it now than right before the playoffs. However, it should not come to this. This team should be beyond all the mistakes.
  6. I'm more about the YT comments section. Good times! As he should...
  7. He's likely already removed the Bills from his list after the last 3 games...
  8. Soak it all in. Read other forums, read comments sections of other fans bashing the Bills and their players, listen to sports shows crushing the Bills' players and coaches etc. Don't make the mistake of staying in a bubble as so many Bills fans do. If you can get through all that. The way the team fails you as a fan doesn't compare, and is no longer so important. Toughen up basically...
  9. I mean I never liked it from the start, can't imagine working with that guy.
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