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  1. There are just so many variables, injuries and the other teams in the div getting better etc. Lamar Jackson may never have another season like his MVP season. Allen may never have another like last season...
  2. Another diva WR who believes all the smoke his agent is blowing...
  3. Allen and the offense had a once in a decade type season in terms of stats. Thinking they will produce like that every season is unrealistic.
  4. The fact they are choosing OP, primarily for the tailgating is absurd. Honestly, grow up and graduate to a legitimate NFL franchise.
  5. What the NAVY is seeing is not a craft, but plasma created by a min of 3 coincident lasers creating plasma balls that show up on radar. The fast speeds and accelerations are possible with no sound and no sonic booms. Russia and China are laughing their asses off at the clueless Pentagon.
  6. I hope he learned how to catch at university.
  7. You can gain happiness as you age if you reduce stress and gain financial freedom as well as maintain a healthy living. I am much happier these days than I was in college, because college was difficult mentally & financially. That's the stuff "worth fighting for", a future with more freedoms of choice. However, sports entertainment, is simply not in that category, nor should it be. I was much more invested in the success of the Buffalo Bills in my late teens/ early twenty's than I am these days, this is primarily because as one ages, their long term investments are on a shorte
  8. It's a comparison between the early 90's and today, the only times in the SB era the Bills were "good enough". One era has the internet, the other did not. Age is a function of positivity in most humans. Also, if one ages and negativity does not increase, even by the smallest margin, it's anomalous.
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