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  1. I used to mine bitcoin, at one point I had 13 BTC, but I spent most of it on a bitcoin miner and never really mined much more. What I have left is miniscule, but still worth a decent dollar amount for investment.
  2. Rosen over Allen But I don't watch college football, and trust the "draft experts", as they put in a lot more work than I ever will.
  3. Football used to be an escape from this crap. Now the crap is interjected. Football is now less fun. Move on to the next item on the list...
  4. This pick is like having a mayonnasie on whitebread sandwich for lunch following it up with vanilla ice cream for desert.
  5. The Bills have lost ground, teams around them making moves to drastically improve, including the the team that kicked their ass twice last season.
  6. None of these players will help this season. That's a problem when 2 teams in your division have made moves that improves their teams for the upcomming season. Resting on laurels is not how to do it. Also Ravens took a much better OL prospect one pick after the Bills. Wheels spinning in mud this draft...
  7. Could have traded down and still selected him... Beane's weakness seems to be selecting D-Linemen.
  8. Also I think that helps with injuries. QB's who look like bodybuilders seem to be the ones who can't stay healthy. It's surprising Allen's game speed is what it is at 26%bf.
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