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  1. “One weird trick to do a money-run on Vegas.”
  2. If they were to choose the stick-with-Darnold route then it’d pretty much signal they’ll be paying him a ton of money, and I don’t think he’s done anything so far to show he’s worth $25+ million.
  3. Yes. Would much rather miss a 2 point conversion and be down 9 with 8 minutes left than miss a two point conversion and be down 2 with 10 seconds left. Kind of along the same lines, when you’re down by a touchdown and a field goal (ie. between 9 and 11 points) with time running out to a degree that you KNOW that if you score you’ll have to attempt an onside kick, I’d almost always kick the field goal immediately when you get into safe field goal range, and then go for the touchdown if you recover the onside kick. I think it’s easily the best strategy in that situation. But you usually see the trailing team waste time trying to get into the end zone, end up having to kick the field goal anyway, and have no time left for another possession.
  4. Don’t know how good Seattle’s defense is. They’ve given up close to 1,000 yards in two games, and by the second quarter they’d lost their starting safety AND his backup. Nothing can skew a game’s perception vs it’s reality quite like a defensive touchdown. That’s huge positive random variability for the Patriots. New England seemed to have a game comparable to the one the Falcons played against the Seahawks last week. What does that mean? I’m not sure, but while Cam has looked very good so far, I don’t think this game against Seattle is quite the positive measure it would’ve been in years past, and I’m not sold that even this version of the matchup was as close as the score would indicate.
  5. Only nitpick would be the reluctance to go for it on a few 4th down opportunities. Had a 4th-and-2 and a 4th-and-3 near the fifty yard line and punted both times. They went for it against the Jets last week in a very similar situation and I thought it was the right call; I think this particular version of the Buffalo Bills should be going for it on most situational short-yardage 4th downs between the 40’s. Wouldn’t have minded seeing them go for it too on 4th and 3 from Miami’s 21 instead of the field goal, but points are points. I hope that once coach gets more game-day data showing what this offense is capable of, he’ll loosen up on the 4th down calls and go for it more often.
  6. Where’s the guy that used video footage and trigonometry to prove the Music City Miracle was a forward lateral.
  7. No, I just find it a little funny that there’s concern the Pats are going to hack field goal replay video. Hack it and do what with it 🤷‍♂️
  8. Pats are known to deep-fake instant replays 🤣
  9. What if it’s simply a very minor problem with officiating on field goals? And what if that problem could be fixed for a few thousand dollars?
  10. Here’s the issue with setting the bar at “until someone can prove one of the calls is incorrect”. It’s literally an unobtainable requirement meant to promote the status quo, not find the most agreeable solution. could the NFL afford a few rigid springs and carbon rods to fix the problem? I think so 😂
  11. There’s a ton of things In sport and life that, in some estimation, may call for “immediate action” that aren’t “major” problems 😂. and as a poster above observed, the OP wrote about the need for a tech fix in his post, so unsure why the premise of this thread DOESN’T at least partially involve using tech to solve a problem.
  12. Yeah, a field goal attempt is MUCH closer to a binary event than are judgement calls that require rules interpretation, like pass interference. Field goals are purely judgement calls because only because we choose them to be.
  13. Nope. I see very little argument here that the NFL has a “major” problem with calling field goals. I’m calling bull**** on that strawman framing. What I see are people calling for an easy fix to what could potentially be an issue in the future, and what has undoubtedly been an issue in the past. That’s it.
  14. That’s the point here I think. A lot of people would like a simple tech fix to confirm these close calls. They’d be interested in such video, they’d be interested in refs having access to it, and they’d be interested in viewing it themselves, as you are.
  15. What if there were definitive video evidence to prove otherwise? Would you want the refs to look at it? Would you find a passing interest in viewing it?
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