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  1. 30 minutes ago, mjt328 said:


    The problem is not age.  The problem absolutely is his ACL injury.

    To answer your question, you should probably give him another season to regain form.


    After this season, it should be pretty clear our coaches don't want their CBs to play much press-man coverage.  

    That's why Elam struggled to get on the field.  Because he really doesn't fit their scheme and system.  

    White doesn't limit what they can do.  Sean McDermott and Leslie Frazier do that to themselves.


    They aren't moving Johnson.  My guess is that Poyer walks.  They may add a free agent, but it's also possible they plan on Micah Hyde and Damar Hamlin being the starters.  Beane also mentioned that Christian Benford may get a look there next season.



    Hamlin and Hyde play the same position.

  2. 2 minutes ago, SectionC3 said:


    The tweet is meaningless.  I’d be dumbfounded if the contract expired before the Super Bowl is scheduled to be played.  The better question is whether the contract expires, say, February 28, 2023.  In other words, the big issue is whether Frazier is under contract for next season. 


    This.  Coaches contracts expire usually in Feb.

  3. 9 minutes ago, strive_for_five_guy said:

    Don’t agree with all the solutions in the OP’s post, but it’s true we’re going to be paying Tre a lot of money next year and even beyond, so the best hope is that he can somewhat return to form.  I love Tre, keeping the fingers crossed he can do it!





    You don't like the solution of moving Tre to Nickel CB and Taron to Safety?


    Taron plays a lot like Poyer and Tre coming out of college was viewed as an inside/outside guy, but some thought he was strictly an inside guy.  If you look over his tape in college, he played mostly inside CB.

  4. 11 minutes ago, Royale with Cheese said:


    If Mac Jones could do whatever he wanted against our DB's, why did he make the decision to throw 3 INT's?


    Milano and Edmunds caught two of the three INTs.


    White's INT was Mac Jones giving him a gift.  Tre was playing way off and the ball sailed.  

  5. Just now, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    We don’t have a pass rush. We could have 4 all pro CBs and they aren’t covering with our pass rush.


    What's a pass rush going to do when your CB has to play 5 yards off a player because he will get burned if he doesn't, and the QB just pops it out in 2 secs to the WR that has a 5 yard cushion?



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  6. 1 minute ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    Most players yes, not most all pro quality players.


    Injury happened at 27. He’ll be fine. He was already improving at the end.


    Mac Jones did whatever he wanted with our CBs.  We played a 3rd string QB, and then Burrow did whatever he wanted with our CBs.


  7. 4 minutes ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    This a good time to bump my post telling everyone to prep for Tre White is finished threads when he returns?


    He’s young enough to rebound easily. Returning midseason is hard. We’ll have these conversations after next season if he’s struggling. I have no reason to believe he won’t be back to normal next year.


    He's not that young.  He is 28 already.  Most players play until 30 so he is on the downside, not upside.


    There was going to be a normal regression of speed and agility, and it seems like the injury has sped that up immensely.


    Just not sure what an offseason would do for a 28 year old to gain speed back.  He had A LOT of time to get up to speed this year, and it never came.


  8. The whole Tre White situation to start the year was strange at first, but then you seen him get on the field, and you realized why he wasn't playing.  The guy was not very good this year at all.  Some will blame the injury, but how many games you going to give a guy till he is back to playing up to his very large payday?


    I think White will never be what he was.  He looked old out there, even after just playing 5 or 6 games this year.  I also think his playing style limits the entire defense on the type of defense we can play.  He does not excel in press man and needs to play off guys.  I personally think this team needs to play more press man.  Tough to transition to that when your "number 1" CB and 16 million dollar man can't play it at a top level.


    Problem with White is, you can't get out of his contract.  His dead cap is higher than if he is on the team.


    The only option I really see, is if Taron Johnson takes over for Poyer at safety.  Tre moves to nickel corner where he will be less exposed on an island, and you bring in another press man outside CB to pair with Elam.  Elam's strength is press man and it was really head scratching you drafted him and then played him in a zone.



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  9. 1 hour ago, RunTheBall said:

    100% true. Sal is pure garbage now. He’s a company man through and through who doesn’t work for the company, he just wants to.


    Sal has been garbage for many years now.  He is down right rude on half of his segments, whether its to the other wgr hosts or callers.


    I feel like he takes a lot of his personal life struggles, onto the radio.  Someone like Jeremy, who has gone though absolute hell over the last 3 years or so, never did that.

  10. The elephant in the room is that Allen has been bottom tier the second half of the season and is getting paid elite money.


    Will the guy put in the necessary work in offseason to understand defensive schemes and to throw with anticipation?  Or will he spend all offseason traveling and playing golf and just play back yard ball every year?


    As soon as defenses pick up on what Allen does in a season, he doesn't adapt.  I question if he is smart enough to think as quick as the top guys do.

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  11. 13 hours ago, CDogg20 said:

    Hes regressed because he’s running for his life back there. He’s sensing pressure before its there because we have NO ONE to block for him. This needs to be addressed like rocky…asap


    This is such a lazy narrative that grinds my gears.


    No O line will ever be "good" with a QB holding the ball for almost 4 secs.


    Allen has no idea how to read a defense.  The dude will wait and wait until a guy has like 3 yards of separation.  The only time he gets a ball out quick is when the D forces him to with a blitz and he will just throw to his hot WR.


    Teams have figured Allen out.  He can't anticipate which WR will be opened based upon the D they are playing on that specific play compared to the play we are running.  So teams just play Cover 2 vs Allen and he has no idea what to do.  So he holds and holds, doing crazy stuff in pocket waiting for a guy to go rouge and create 3 yards of separation.  

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  12. 1 hour ago, Matt_In_NH said:

    Not so sure he is washed.  He looks old and slow because he is banged up bad.  Bills will not and should not resign him though.  


    He's banged up and bad, because he is old and slow.  A body doesn't stay strong forever, especially the way Poyer plays.


    This team needs to get more dynamic and younger.

  13. 2 hours ago, Malazan said:


    Sad, but true. He's also shown that he's at his best with Hyde out there directing traffic. There have been mental errors this year that aren't from the body breaking down that didn't happen with Hyde on the field. 


    I'm certainly not paying him up there with Derwin James or Minkah Fitzpatrick. I'd slot him him around Eddie Jackson and Kevin Byard who make about $14m per year. So with a slight raise on that at around $15m per year for 3-4 (although real years being at 2).


    I'd generally consider family irrelevant, but his wife sure doesn't help his negotiating position.


    Poyer should be no where near 15 million.  I wouldn't go over 10 with him on a 2 year deal, that essentially can get out of for very little dead cap after 2023.


    The Bills are eventually gonna have to move on from both Hyde and Poyer.  I would rather not do it at the same time.  I would rather draft a safety high (Even in first round, Branch from Alabama), and have the rookie play with Hyde and White in his rookie year.  We need to start transitioning away from this safety duo.

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  14. 14 minutes ago, Your Brown Eye said:

    Poor guy was always a victim of numbers. First it was "wait your time, you're next to get paid"...now it's "you're 32 and we can't pay you as the top safety in football"


    You gotta feel for the guy, has done everything by the book and will likely have to look elsewhere to get paid like the top safety.


    He's been getting paid as a top safety for multiple years now.


    After the first three games of the season, Poyer has been pretty average, maybe even below average.


    Obviously the injures have hurt him, but I don't see those just disappearing.  Getting old stinks.


    Last 10 games: 646, snaps, 37 solo tackles, 54 total tackles, 3 TFL, 0 QB hits, 0 INT, 2 pass defended

  15. I think Poyer is going to be very shocked at how little interest there is out there for the money he thinks he is going get.


    This season exposed a lot of what many worried about with Poyer, the body breaking down.  He injured just about every part of his body this year and its no surprise its happening as he is 32 years old.


    I don't see any team giving him more than a 2 year deal, with the option of getting out of it after 1.

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