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  1. 4 minutes ago, B-Man said:

    Shut up!


    China Expresses 'Strong Discontent' Over Balloon Shootdown, 'Retains the Right to Respond Further'

    By Bob Hoge







    👆This is what happens when Trump let at least three balloons slide on his watch and did jack about it.



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  2. 10 minutes ago, rm -rf /* said:


    Started what?  You are doing what you always do.  I am just not going away.  You like to bully, demean, get people to go away ignore you.  You like an echo chamber.  Carry on.

    LMAO - you project so hard bro - you are the one doing all of the attacking simply because I asked this “new comer”…


    3 hours ago, rm -rf /* said:

    Anyone who has been reading my posts has an excellent idea of who I am by now. 


    …who you are.


    You seem so triggered by it, too - just like you were when you were @frat-train.


    Go back to your safe place 



  3. 6 minutes ago, rm -rf /* said:


    Brought what on?  You do this to everyone that questions or differs from your rather limited thought patterns.  I am contemplating writing a bot to reply to you.  It would only need about 3 lines of code.

    Go look at your history sunshine - you started this little game - and know you well enough that you don’t have the capacity to stop. 

  4. 42 minutes ago, rm -rf /* said:


    Thanks for doubling down on ignorance. 

    It is truly remarkable that someone with such an extraordinary history here is so triggered by my “Memes and Tweets.  Other people's creations” and your simps cheer you on.  Isn’t it ironic?


    Someone has a lot of pent up anger, eh?





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