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  1. Griff28

    How is Dean Marlowe not still around?

    I get the Anderson up to speed thing and perhaps Marlowe didn't play as well as I/we believe he did (Good point MrEpsYtown) but it still seems odd to bring Towbridge back, instead of Marlowe, at this point when Towbridge wasn't even part of the original PS group after the final cuts were made.
  2. Griff28

    How is Dean Marlowe not still around?

    So the logical move is that he comes back to the practice squad. Instead replaced by a guy they cut 6 weeks ago? Makes no sense.
  3. The guy has a history with McBeane. Played well in the pre-season. Was on the practice squad for the first four games. Was elevated to the active roster, STARTED and played well in a game five win. Was then cut to make room for a third quarterback and replaced on the practice squad by a TE (Towbridge) who has no real chance of being an active roster guy any time soon. Granted not a huge deal with a back up safety but it all seems very odd...
  4. The kid was thrust into a really tough spot today and did an excellent job.
  5. Heading towards flag football...