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  1. 56 minutes ago, thenorthremembers said:

    I think he'll get interviews.  I dont think he will get a job.   I fully expect Dorsey to get a long look from Carolina as well.   Has ties to the organization, played college football and was in Buffalo with Dan Morgan.   A lot of connections in Carolina to Dorsey.

    dont disagree, but is he ready for the head job after just one year....and if he does get the interview...and is not selected...would love to see the video capturing his reaction, eruption, explosion.... 

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  2. agree, the D has been good and at times very-really good (with no Trey at CB and rookies playing CB full-time and and with injuries they are obviously not as good, but the D has kept them in games until the very end giving the O changes to win it (Miami, Minn es come to mind)...


    nice to see...esp since Edmunds and Frazier get next to no respect or praise from a lot of Bills fans...

  3. 1 hour ago, LabattBlue said:

    The SB is being played on 2/12/23 this season.  Isn't that already mid-February?

    is midway island truly half-way between Asia and North America as depicted in the movie of the same name ?  asking for a WW2 vet.


    Since Feb has 28 days 80% of the time technically Feb 13 is less than half-way or midway to Feb 28, not to mentiion leap years which skew this in my favor.


    I eagerly await your rebuttal on this portal of higher learning, meanwhile I will tune to Fox News and Truth Socal in pursuit of truth, justice and the American way...


  4. add a second bye week for all teams and subtract a few days from the off-season mandatory stuff, they usually release the players early anyways....this would support rest and recuperating and scheduling of the Thurs nite games which is a challenge under normal Sunday scheduling...


    Bills doing Thurs and Thurs games this week and next which is supports good prima timeratings, cap increase, nite game excitement, etc... 


    and the grand prize could be the Super Bowl would be pushed-back as week into mid-Feb which would be played on a three-day-holiday weekend as it really has become a national holiday...

  5. yeah injuries...but...the guys playing are more of a concern...starting with D jackson at CB and D Hamlin are not making plays, gving up consistent catches and yards and worse against the run...not making tackes...low-round backups pressed into starting

  6. props to Kemp...also...to Ed Rutkowski...same era...same footsteps:


    from wikipedia:


     A wide receiver, he was an American Football League All-Star in 1965, playing for the AFL's Buffalo Bills as a receiver, defensive back, punt and kickoff return man and backup quarterback from 1963 to 1968. In a famous Topps football card mixup, Rutkowski was shown on two Buffalo Bills' football cards, his own, and mistakenly on the card for Ray Abruzzese.


    Rutkowski closed out his Pro Football career by playing seven games as a backup quarterback with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League in 1969. From 1972-78 and again in 1990, Rutkowski served as a color commentator on the Bills' radio broadcasts.


    In 1979, he became the County Executive of Erie County, New York, succeeding Edward Regan, who stepped down to become New York State Comptroller. Rutkowski was elected to full terms in 1979 and 1983, following his one year unexpired term, for a total of nine years in office. In 1987, Rutkowski was defeated for reelection by Assemblyman Dennis Gorski.


    In 1995, Rutkowski was appointed by Governor George Pataki as deputy commissioner of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. In this post, he was charge of all state parks and recreations operations in Western New York, including Niagara Falls. He held the post for 12 years, until Pataki left office.


    He was the fourth quarterback from a Buffalo professional football team to enter politics, following his teammate Jack Kemp, George Ratterman and Tommy Hughitt. Incidentally, both Kemp and Rutkowski were Republicans


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  7. 24 minutes ago, RoyBatty is alive said:

    Add Bill O'Brien to that list.

    add the GM title as well here...which takes us into plenty of front office hires as well...GM, aGMs, scouting dirs, dirs of pro personnel, etc...I am going to pass on that...

  8. 3 hours ago, Da webster guy said:

    Mangini, Weiss, Crennel, Patricia, McDaniels all took advantage of the fact that they were on the Tom Brady winning train and owners around the league felt like Belichick must have had some magic that rubbed off on his staff.


    All these guys turned out to be failed head coaches because there is no magic in NE, it was one guy who took it all with him when he left for Tampa.

    quite a list, but there's more...Joe Judge: 10-23 with NYG and Brian Flores: 24-25 with Miami...and given the track record of all...perhaps the best maybe the runt of the litter:  Brian Daboll 

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  9. yeah, the joke is on us this week...whenever this team has an over-arching existential fecal experience I come back-in from the ledge:


    1. I didnt play or coach did I ? even tho most of the comments on this portal of higher thought indicate otherwise

    2. its entertainment...right...right ??

    3. injuries, rookies, the low-round draft choice backups in the secondary missed that and that and that...

    4. Josh apparently is the new Brett Favre, gunslinger mentality, streaky, constantly pushing the envelope even against the odds,

    5. and it takes well-played almost heroic-epic performances to squeak wins by us...

    6. and we add to it with missed tackles, picks-fumbles and the coaching decisions (Cam Lewis, TD vs FG, etc)


  10. 12 hours ago, Albany,n.y. said:

    How exactly does this affect the residents of DC unless they worked for the team?  The team plays in Maryland.  

    they practice in VA all week fro decades...they play in Maryland 8-9 games a year since 1997...seems they are called "Washington" Commanders everyday no ?...its a consumer protection lawsuit most on this site dont know or care about other than try to dismiss based on their political bias

  11. 10 minutes ago, Nextmanup said:

     Butz was a Def. Tackle.  You talking about the "Hogs" Off. line?


    Joe Jacoby, Russ Grimm, Ken Huff...an excellent OL.





    close but not quite...having lived thru that in NoVA and the Bills super bowl loss over and over...

    Russ Grimm G, Joe Jacoby OT , Mark May G, Jeff Bostic c, and George Starke OT...Joe bugel OL coach - became head coach of Cardinals....Grimm became an OL coach with Steelers and made the hall of fame..and was rumored to have interviewed for Bills job during the drought...Jacoby is still a hall semi-finalist...May refused to sign autographs according to friends and was an espn analyst in the past

    Ken Huff ??? well Sam Huff was NFL legend who was part of long-time skins broadcast crew of Adolph Jurgenson and F Herzog

  12. a true pro - part of the great Redskins team under coach Gibbs: from wiki (not mentioned - his son would carry his huge helmet off the field for home games)...


    the term legend applies:


    George Allen gave the Cardinals two first-round draft picks and a second-rounder for the right to Butz.[4] In 1975 Butz was granted free agency due to a mistake in his contract that he signed as a rookie in 1973. Allen quickly signed him, but the NFL ruled that the Redskins had to pay the Cardinals 2 first-round picks (1977 & 1978) and a second-round pick (1979).[5]


    Butz then played for the Washington Redskins for 14 years, where he had three Super Bowl appearances. He ranks third in franchise history in sacks (59.5).[4] He was a one-time Pro Bowler in 1983 in a season in which he got eleven sacks, a career-best.[6] He only missed four games in his entire 16-year career.[1] Butz was among the largest players in the NFL when he played standing 6'8" and routinely weighing around 300 pounds.[7]


    At the victory parade following the Redskins win in Super Bowl XXII, Butz famously shouted to the crowd, "We came, we saw, we kicked their butz."[8]


    In October 1987, Butz famously checked himself out of the hospital to play in the Redskins' game against the New York Jets. Despite having dropped from 313 to 287 pounds due to the illness and feeling dizzy in the second half, Butz made a game-saving sack of Ken O'Brien to stop a Jets' drive late in the game and was awarded the game ball. After the game, he checked himself back into the hospital where he remained until the following Wednesday.[9][10]


    Butz announced his retirement from the NFL at age 38 in May 1989. He appeared in 216 NFL games, 191 as a starter, from 1973 to 1988.[11] He tallied 64 sacks in his career.[12] When he retired, he was the oldest starting player in the NFL.[13]


    Butz was selected to the NFL 1980s All-Decade Team and was named one of the 70 Greatest Redskins.[14]

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  13. always have and will hate the Raiders as an org thanks to Al Davis and kin...but always have loved lotsa their players like Ray Guy and Fred Biletnikof, Cliff Branch, Jim Otto, Shell and Upshaw, etc...sad to hear...rest in peace to the original and one and only punt god....

  14. I love the NFL draft and all its pre-draft hype analysis, combine, stats, mock drafts, opinions, Mel Kiper,  etc...and teams still freaking  miss...see qb draft of 2018...


    oh...and the bust...self-explanatory 

  15. besides  the limitations of talent and coaching at Wyo, Josh worked hard to improve his game each and every year...


    besides his supreme athleticism (during his first game, preseason home against Panthers his first pass was a bomb that went 65 yards, then he danced around and ran for good yardage with the 3rd-4th stringers)  his desire to win and sacrifice his body to make a play, his tremendous drive to improve by going to qb coaching camps (Jesse Palmer multiple times), years of working with good NFL coord-coaches, off-season work with WRs, big game experience, he is the undenied leader of the team not just the offense, he makes others better (Diggs for example)...no Josh no Von...nobody ever has a bad word to say about Josh other than the sports columnists who nitpick his stats or style...on his way to the Hall of Fame for sure and some rings hopefully

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  16. 19 minutes ago, hondo in seattle said:

    We signed DQJ for two years but for how much?

    currently ranks 12th on team payroll - $3,583,333 this season - jumps 5M next (2023) season to 8.583,333  - is 31 in two months - dead cap of 1.83M in 2024 season as well...championships cost money nowadays beyond an all-worldly QB...


    https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/daquan-jones-14523/ ir 

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