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  1. 52 minutes ago, Process said:

    Took a peek at the Ravens message board...can't believe how many of their fans are questioning the decision to go for it at the end. 


    It was the right decision, not even debatable IMO. 


    Can't be results oriented. 

    You can’t throw an int in the end zone there though…that tilts the scales heavily towards ‘shouldn’t have gone for it’

  2. 42 minutes ago, transplantbillsfan said:



    So last week despite a Herculean effort on Allen’s part some posters latched onto a single missed pass.


    Today was I think a fairly mediocre game by Allen--though he wasn't helped AT ALL by his WRs--yet he executes his greatest come from behind victory of his career.


    Sooo... guessing these posters are loving him this week...???


    I think 80% of his incomplete passes were dropped or tipped today. 

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  3. 9 minutes ago, newcam2012 said:

    Agree 100%. All I'm saying is that roughing the passer call was a terrible call. So many have been disagreeing with that. 


    I'm not here saying refs don't make mistakes. 


    I happen to think that call was a HUGE call. Perhaps a game changer. One will never know for obvious reasons. 2 and 15 at the 41 vs 1st and 10 at the 26. That's HUGE in my book under the circumstances. 

    I don’t think 2nd and 15 is close to insurmountable…especially considering we picked up that 2nd and 25 after Allen’s junk got grabbed in the dolphins game. it was fringe fg range also.  

    if we didn’t pick up a chunk on second we probably pick up a few yards on third and go up 3 

  4. 17 minutes ago, newcam2012 said:

    He barely hit Allen. The Raven defensive player moved his body sideways to soften the hit. He didn't slam him to the ground nor was it a late hit. It was a bad call and even the announcer on TV acknowledged it. Cone on guys let's except the gift. No need to try to justify the terrible refs call. 

    I’m not sure they called it for helmet to helmet…we’ll probably get an explanation tomorrow.  I think they called it cuz the defender completely stopped then josh got rid of the ball and they hit him anyway 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, newcam2012 said:

    A soft call like that in the last few minutes of the game is inexcusable. Imagine if the shoes were reversed. We'd be livid! 

    Still it was a first down play though in a tie game with plenty of time left for either team to win it..  people are talkin like that was a 3rd down play 

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Beast said:

    I believe that roughing call was legitimate. The Ravens player broke down and stopped when Allen threw it. He then took A free shot at Allen, regardless of how weak it was. Injuries could have happened for absolutely no reason. The defender KNEW Allen threw it and there was no momentum carrying him forward. He chose to grab Allen and take him to the ground for no reason.


    The only bad call was the non call for interference.

    It probably was by the rule book but I still can’t believe they called that late in a game like that 

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