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  1. Rousseau was great this season but he had 0 help after von went down.  Cook averaged 5+ ypc which makes singletary expendable. Knox would be good if he didn’t have to block so much to account for a horrible offensive line.  Elam had some great games down the stretch.   I think the bitter end is clouding people’s judgement…not that I blame anyone 😂


    I think people are still not really accounting for us being good and our first pick being in the late first every year rather than early/mid first 

  2. On 1/28/2023 at 11:56 AM, Billl said:


    Here are the players who played the most defensive snaps against the Bengals:













    Poyer and White were clearly less than 100%.  There is not a DC in the history of the league who could take that group of players and consistently slow down Burrow, Mixon, Chase, Higgins, Boyd, and Hurst.  Had Von, Hyde, Poyer, and White all been available and close to 100%, it’s a different conversation.  Instead, Frasier brought a knife to a gun fight.


    Snakebit season….three most important players to this defense either out or playing hurt.  Safety depth was a huge issue 


    no Daquan jones in that bengals game either 


    I can’t blame people for seeing it as making excuses after that disappointing loss but over time maybe it will be viewed differently 

  3. On 1/27/2023 at 8:10 PM, GolfandBills said:

    Bengals are way ahead of us is what i took from this season and it’s not really close.    Lots of work to do to catch up to them.  

    Give us von back and their offensive linemen back and replace saffold with someone that can actually play football and it’s close imo 


    our defensive scheme relies pretty heavily on good safety play and pressuring with 4 and the three most important players were hurt (poyer played through it). Our dline was dominant with von playing and then a switch flipped when he went down…it’s like it the chiefs lost chris jones.  They’d be dead in the water 


    I feel like we all knew it was over when we lost von but some of us like me lied to ourselves for awhile 😂

  4. 16 minutes ago, Toyo321 said:

    The Bills are not equal or better than the Eagles team at any position, including players, coaches and team ownership.  Sorry but that game today was proof.  They destroyed the 49er's....It  would have not mattered who was QB1 for the 49er's.  Also Josh Allen can not be the entire team known as the Buffalo Bills.  That model has show to be a losing philosophy.  Since 2017 and counting the Bills are 4 and 5 in their post season games, that is all that matters, they are not championship caliber and never will be, with out a major coaching overhaul and personal change on the O line and D Line.

    Most important position goes to us and it’s not even that close imo…eagles are without a doubt the more complete team though so I agree with the general point of your post still 😁


    it is straight up mindboggling what josh was able to do with virtually no offensive line this season.  Saffold was absolutely dreadful

  5. 7 minutes ago, par73 said:

    It's line play. Burrow was sacked five times by KC-- the Bills were utterly hapless.

    Yea I keep hearing it was our coaching when we got straight up physically dominated in the trenches on both sides of the ball.  The bengals could’ve told us what plays they were running and we still couldn’t have stopped them 


  6. 9 minutes ago, davefan66 said:

    Just saw sideline angle.  It wasn’t a body slam hit, but he certainly didn’t pull up and took him down out of bounds.  Clearly a personal foul.

    Agree to disagree I guess…that’s not at all how I saw it and I’ve watched it like 20 times already lol this isn’t even an anti chiefs tirade I legitimately wanted them to win I think 😁


    looked like a very light two hand shove about a step out of bounds and both guys just topple over.  Not at all a takedown by any definition imo. A late hit by rule but burrow was frequently late hit if they were gonna call them that tight 


    a penalty by the letter of the law of course though…I wouldn’t argue that 


    maybe the problem is the other side of that coin in that we are so used to seeing questionable stuff being let go late in games

  7. 9 minutes ago, davefan66 said:

    Then tell the defender to not even touch the QB on the sidelines like he did.  It was a clear penalty.

    They give the defenders the benefit of the doubt when they pull up usually…it’s not always easy for those big guys to slow down.  looked like he did to me but mahomes sold it like the defender steamrolled him.  I don’t think they get that call without the flop but it’s technically a penalty 

  8. Just now, Matt_In_NH said:

    That’s true but this will be what the media focuses on.   Manning could not beat Brady til he did an it was a thing.  I see I struck a nerve  with the response.  

    Haha I couldn’t care less about media narrative.. the opinion of any analyst that doesn’t know enough to understand the importance of pass blocking to a qb means absolutely nothing 



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  9. 2 minutes ago, Matt_In_NH said:

    We can not like it but burrow has beaten Allen and mahomes.  Mahomes has beaten burrow and Allen.  Allen has beaten neither. regular season does not matter.  


    There’s 10 other guys on offense lol and Allen has beat mahomes twice and did all he needed to to win last year.  They’re all great with different strengths/weaknesses.  

    you give that kc oline to burrow or Allen and they’d go absolutely wild 

  10. 1 minute ago, TDO'Kearney said:

    I thought that was a lame call live too but on the replay - he was way out there.

    The push was light and one step out of bounds…they just tumbled for awhile.  There was also an absolutely egregious hold on the chiefs on that play too…should’ve been offsetting at worst(for the bengals). Would’ve been an easy out for the refs handlin it that way 

  11. 2 minutes ago, MPT said:


    His O line is just terrible. He was getting pressured as quickly as Josh was in our game. There was no excuse for our defense to get so little pressure on Burrow. Or for our DBs to be playing 10 yards off coverage. The Chiefs' defensive coordinator actually game planned for the Bengals and ours didn't.

    Burrow is nowhere near as good as josh when pressured it seems…he’s not a slow guy but he seems real skittish.  Throws lasers in a clean pocket though 

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  12. 1 minute ago, Big Blitz said:

    To lose the players they did and still hold up on defense - and still get production on offense….


    Pretty telling coaching is what separates the Chiefs from everyone else.  

    Bengals blew that one…I don’t think the chiefs looked particularly well coached.  Adeniji one on one against Chris jones on the biggest play of the game?  Yikes 

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  13. 2 minutes ago, BillsFan130 said:

    Seemed a little bit sketchy to Me.


    Again, happy the chiefs won.


    But I think the nfl wanted Mahomes back in the SB, especially with the ankle

    Andy Reid vs his old team, Kelce vs kelce.  Got to avoid a neutral site afc championship and the weird seeding rules had no impact.  Tin foil hat me could see them drawing up a chiefs vs eagles Super Bowl…of course I’m mostly joking I hope 😂

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