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  1. RavensFan

    NE v KC

    Chiefs really want to choke this away.
  2. Except for the long balls on 3rd and short early in the game, I thought he made good decisions. It’s hard to judge his accuracy due to weather and the pressure he was under, but with time he’s got all the tools to be dangerous. He’s also a moose. i think the Bills and Ravens May have gotten the best of that QB class.
  3. Hell of a game by your defense, and a nice comeback. Hopefully Allen’s ankle was just a minor tweak. if the Chiefs can keep it together today, your Bills are definitely capable of taking the division and grabbing a bye.
  4. Nothing like that was said either. It was an honest response to the suggestion that he could be rattled by a few blitzes, pointing out that he's had a pretty intense baptism. Enjoy the game.
  5. Funny. Also true. The Pats game was a good performance against a top defense, nothing more.
  6. Based on 12 games of observation, I think you underestimate his responsibilities, but whatever.
  7. No one has said they're unbeatable (and they're obviously not). But "he can't read defenses at all" is pretty far over the top, wouldn't you say?
  8. Please excuse my misinterpretation. You’re right, it’s only a matter of how and when.
  9. It worked well for the Ravens and Jets, so ...
  10. Re: can’t read a defense at all: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2863553-what-nfl-defenses-must-do-to-try-to-stop-lamar-jackson-and-the-ravens One coach said he's seen defenses throw all kinds of mixed coverages at Jackson, and assorted blitz packages, and Jackson "eats them for breakfast." "He's an exceptionally quick thinker," the coach said. This is a huge reason Jackson has been so successful throwing the football. It's not just the accuracy; it's digesting how the defense is attacking him and acting accordingly.
  11. Hes been “questionable” for about a month with the ankle thing, and he’s played well every week. But as light as he is, the wind may blow him away.
  12. The risk with Allen’s running style is vulnerability to hits by the 2nd-3rd-4th guy as he fights for yardage. It’s hard to protect himself against those hits.
  13. Rex’s defensive scheme was fine as long as he had HOF-level, film junkie talent to execute it.
  14. His first playing time was against Aaron Donald. His first start was against the top d-line in the league. Line calls are probably being handled by Marshal Yanda(6-time All-Pro). So good luck trying to rattle the rookie. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the o-line’s performance against the Niners: https://filmstudybaltimore.com/offensive-line-scoring-vs-49ers-12-1-19/
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