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  1. According to advanced stats (ESPN's pass rush win-rate, PFF grades), among edge defenders, Hughes ranks at the top of the league--and this was before the Jets game. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29939464/2020-nfl-pass-rushing-run-stopping-blocking-leaderboard-win-rate-rankings According to posters, and a lot of Bills fans, Hughes has been "invisible." Sooo . . . which is it? Has Hughes been very good and the rest of the d-line has been bad, or are the gut shot eye test game reactions from fans accurate? Below from a certain site that people don't necessarily like when it comes to grading certain QBs . . .
  2. Oh man, I wish that someone was savvy with the Googles and could find this line. Screaming "under."
  3. This morning on WGR, Jeremy White said that the O/U on total sacks for Mario Addison is 10.5. That's a jaw-dropping line. Does anyone have a link to this line from an actual book?
  4. Well, technically yes - but, Gilmore wasn't the closest defender in coverage for that TD. The closest defender for that long TD was McCourty.
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