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  1. I guess this was my original thinking when I posed the question. In a sense, Beane is getting a head start on the free agency period by bringing in better known PS players who could fit our plans for next year. If they can assess them enough during this period of time, it heightens the likelihood that they bring them back next year under a FA contract perhaps. It’s been really hard to disagree with many of the decisions this front office makes. I feel like they aren’t making knee-jerk reactions or decisions, as I felt Whaley did. They have a longer term strategy and that includes using the rev
  2. Are the players Beane is adding to the PS only under contract for this season or do they maintain the rights beyond this season? I ask this because it seems like some of his additions certainly add depth for the playoff run, but could also be auditioning for roles on the squad next year. I’m thinking Stills, Freeman, Worthy, etc all could minimally be camp fodder for next year or could be contenders to win spots and will influence their approach to the official free agency season, the draft, etc. If their contracts void at the end of the season, at least the team has had
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