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  1. Like I said, I had no idea what to expect. There was absolutely no intel to go off of with the amount of new faces on the team.
  2. I had no idea what it was going to be. There was huge turnover so it was really hard to tell what kind of team we would be.
  3. I’m wrong, they are not awful all around. They have arguable the best defense in the NFL with the worst Offense.
  4. Not crapping on the W, just not satisfied with player decision making and offensive play calls. Way too conservative down the stretch.
  5. You’re instigating instead of refuting my post. You have said nothing to the contrary. I’m not content barely beating an awful football team especially with the amount of mistakes we made. I could care less about the playoffs, it’s the SB I want.
  6. Our defense has holes in it. We have zero edge pressure from the edge and our #2 CB can’t tackle to save his life. Other than that they are great. If we get a decent DE opposite of Hughes we will be dangerous
  7. This team has zero chance of beating the Pats or their playoff opponent if they have the showing they displayed tonight. Absolute dumb play calls, dumb player decision making, and situational awareness. We are beyond lucky to beat a 3rd string QB that had 4 picks.
  8. Frank Gore: the king of negative rushing yards. Let’s run him twice in a row in the red zone
  9. 3 back to back awful calls from the worst offensive coordinator in the league
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