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  1. That's all it takes around here, so sensitive.
  2. I am going to hate this so much this season.
  3. OMG he is SOOOOOO much better than Kelso
  4. I'm listening to Murph and Eric, they did not specify if the Lions first team D was on the field. I'm just asking? Why so touchy?
  5. Huh? I'm hoping Allen gets a passing TD. What's wrong with wanting that?
  6. Was it against the Lions 1st team D?
  7. Nope, old school dictates one drive after halftime.
  8. Aww, a rushing TD, Allen still does not have a passing TD.
  9. I think McDermott is calling the offense today, run and stop the run and all...
  10. Stafford 12-19 and a TD in his only pre season work, Allen will finish with no pre season TD. Ouch
  11. He got landed on, so that doesn't seem like a pulled muscle.
  12. I bet Allen will get more Twitter negativity however.
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