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  1. No idea I don't really follow him too much, I just know that in his second season was farther along than Allen currently is.
  2. Yep, I was predicting he'd put the blame on Allen. That whole organization just breeds d'bags.
  3. Good players are good, yes even after just 16 games.
  4. Last year in week 4, Trubisky threw 6 TD's and took the next step in his quest to be a franchise QB. Allen is simply struggling too much and is simply not on par with those who came before him, or those drafted alongside him.
  5. He's showing why so many were qustioning him as a legit 1st round QB selection IMO.
  6. I think you will end up dying on that sword when the record isn't so great because the QB is inconsistent. Good luck.
  7. You can only post their record for so long, eventually it might not backup your point the way you want. Allen is not "getting it", he's a turnover machine and the defense while great, cannot play like that every game. The next few games will really tell where this team is headed. This is where Bills seasons of the past went off the rails.
  8. Allen is not playing like a franchise QB while younger QB's are already showing more promise, and then ofc we have the Mahomes issue. Allen said he'd stop the hero ball crap after that terrible pick in the Bengals game, yet he fell right back into that ***** today. Not good, doesn't look like he's capable of not falling back on the poor decision making, add to that his accuracy on the deep ball is nonexistent.
  9. No, they needed to score more, and Allen was responsible for 4 turnovers preventing them from doing so.
  10. Allen is being outplayed by Gardner Minshew and Daniel Jones so far this season.
  11. Been trying to tell ppl this but they don't want to listen.
  12. His head coach disagrees, he said Josh is not taking what the defense is giving and it cost them the game. He has what, 6 picks and 4 lost fumbles in 4 games? That's absurd.
  13. Everyone hates Pats fans, they really only get to converse with each other IRL.
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