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  1. On 4/15/2024 at 11:08 AM, Dablitzkrieg said:

    Why are you here?  To just troll or are you that dumb?

    He has gotten a bit tiresome being that is all he posts about as of late…,  being “disgruntled” most of the time is his MO going way back, 

  2. 2 hours ago, TheyCallMeAndy said:

    Diggs will sign with KC next year if he controls that opt out clause. 

       There is a real chance they won’t want him by then, odds are he will be worn down / injured again by the time this upcoming post season arrives, much like he has been the last two in Buffalo.  Diggs had been “part” of why we have not gotten back into the AFC championship game in the last two years.  This is not the record of performance that KC would be champing at the bit to sign onto…,      

       Diggs was really good here in Buffalo for the first two plus seasons, then injuries and wear and tear on his body in the second half of this past season and the past two post seasons tell the other side of Diggs tenure in Buffalo, this and Father Time are not on his side.


       Luckily for our Buffalo Bills really good receivers are readily available in FA and this draft, frankly none of us should be overtly concerned about his departure, we’ve got #17, I’m not worried in the slightest. 

  3. I see yet another boring marketing ploy, it no different that the old Rolling Stones tune Satisfaction, “ …telling me some useless information, that’s supposed  to drive my imagination…,


    … some man telling me how white my shirts can be, but he can’t be a man cause he doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me…,  


    some folk fall for this sort of crap, what are ya gonna do? 



  4. 1 hour ago, Sweats said:





    I'm going to tell you what will happen with Stroud....


    CJ will distribute the ball around the field, whether Diggs is involved in the play is irrelevant, however, when Diggs believes he's not getting his share of catches, he'll go after Stroud......which in turn, will start to diminish CJ's confidence in leading the team.


    I believe, having a player likes Diggs is a bad pairing for a young QB.

    Diggs will question every play, every QB decision, everything. He is going to make that kids life a nightmare. He will make him 2nd guess everything and when things get bad enough, CJ will just start distributing the ball around to everyone not named Diggs because he won't want to deal with him, which will make the situation even worse.


    The dude is a cancer.......better to gut it and get rid of it, but unfortunately, our cancer is now firmly latched onto another young QB to wreak havoc.

    Diggs won’t be the #1, he will be the 2b / 3 rd WR, if I’m CJ I tell Diggs to go Fuh k off the first, second and third time he opens his mouth,  CJ isn’t stupid, and like everyone else has seen his act twice now, the Texans know full well Diggs is a smiling malcontent type, on top of that he is not part of a long term plan in Houston, he is a short term mercenary for them nothing more, and in two seasons he will be a Cleveland Brown…, 

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  5. 2 hours ago, NickelCity said:

    Too little too late, pal.









    That’s right! He should have started a week after the last game of the season, what a freaking slacker this Allen guy is, just can’t trust that generation…, 








    just in case…, the above includes sarcasm…, 

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  6. On 4/10/2024 at 10:51 PM, MiltonWaddams said:

    I had high hopes for Kaiir, but he has not shown a darn thing in this league. He may still be developed, but I doubt he’s shown enough to get much of anything in terms of a move up in the first round.

    Iirc he had three interceptions in his rookie year to include one on Mahomes in the end zone, so yes he has shown talent, he certainly isn’t “there” yet, and you are under stating his potential value, jmo. 

  7. 7 hours ago, Draconator said:

    Not only am I cute, but I went with her to all her chemo and radiation appointments. After 3 rounds of cancer, she's 4 plus years cancer-free. 

    Well, that’s to be expected,  you are you after all, and a damn good golfer from what i hear rumored, 

    Congrats to her and you for getting thru such a trying period in your lives, blessing to both of you.


    There is also the amazing coincidence that my wife adores me as well, well she must after being by my side in cardiac ICU for ten days and the time spent in the step down unit after that, I must be doing something right to endear her to me in such a way, 😁👍

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  8. 4 hours ago, Pine Barrens Mafia said:

    all anecdotal, and my opinion


    Fair enough, I like my opinion too, 👍

    3 hours ago, AlCowlingsTaxiService said:

    I’m not saying I agree, mind you, but there’s a perception hanging around that JA isn’t exactly the hardest worker in the off season … whether you believe this or think it’s BS, the narrative is out there. 

    Yes, rumor control as usual is working overtime, 😁👍

  9. 10 hours ago, Sharky7337 said:

    Matt Milano. 


    The all pro best LB on the roster, whos replacement was already drafted.  Would it be crazy for them to trade him now on an attempt to move up? Possibly.


    But he has had some availability issues over the years. And the negative is him coming off a knee injury, but otherwise this would be a perfect sell high moment.


    If a team was willing, it would be perhaps the best way to move up without sacrificing a boatload of future picks 



    Iirc, he broke a bone in his leg…, not a knee injury, could be wrong of course as I don’t follow the minutiae as much as others, 😁👍

  10. It the old US hockey team story, 


    we don’t necessarily need the “best “ players, but we do damn well need the “right” players, 


    imo, we are up to our ears in slot style receivers with two that can play “some boundary”, we do not have true boundary guys that can “as needed” stretch / take the top off a defense, and still run at least a near full route tree, those are the guys we need, I don’t care what their names are or what schools they come from, but those are the guys we need…, the question is can we get these guys without giving up picks we need later for our depth needs, again, jmo. 

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