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  1.   There is an abundance of bad decision making concerning QBs in the league as we have seen over the years, and it’s getting worse annually. The term “Franchise QB” is used far to loosely, just because a given QB is the starter does not mean he is a “Franchise QB”. There are maybe eight actual franchise QBs in the league in any given year tops. That said, it always makes me happy to see a team that is not the Bills pay dearly for crappy QBs, it just increases the odds that our team has prolonged success, 😁👍

    GO BILLS!!!

  2. 11 minutes ago, ColoradoBills said:

    First off, TANNER GENTRY has been called up from the PS 3 times.  Pittsburg, Cleveland and Detroit.

    It seems to me he cannot be called up again unless he is signed to the 53.


    John Brown being signed to the Practice Squad is probably insurance as a call-up and nothing more.


    I don't see the Smoke signing having anything to do with a possible OBJ signing.


    I would guess that KeeSean Johnson or Isaiah Coulter have a better chance to get called up Thursday than Brown.

    You are correct concerning OBJ, and PS call ups,  

  3. 18 hours ago, Billever76 said:

    I lost all confidence in this coaching staff to win us a superbowl after the 13s debacle......I would gladly embrace a change but not for any unknown coach and assistants....it would have to be a clear upgrade

    I'd take a coaching staff of

    Payton HC

    Reich OC 

    I know I'm gonna get flamed for this but idc lol



      Rex Ryan? Bwahahahahaha, did you notice what he did to the Bills defense last time he was here? Sexy Rexy hasn’t been relevant since before the jets fired him. 

    GO BILLS!!!

  4. 11 hours ago, CEN-CAL17 said:

    So in order for Hines to run the ball Josh has to practice?


    I see things different such as getting away from the running game. Lack of or no ability to have play action. How about a trick play? Um, run Cook on something other than a toss. Double move, pump fake? Not wait until 4th Qtr to get Knox in the game…. I see a lack of creativity. I see WRs consistently running 15 yds down the field, even on 3rd and short.

    Get Josh under center a few more times a game just to help set up play action and have a different look other than shotgun.


    They call the QB sweep almost once a game, how about QB sweep action then stop and throw over the top, teams come flying up when they see that…


    Practice days, injuries etc I get it… sure it makes thing’s tougher. But I just don’t see this offense being to difficult for teams the game plan against. 

    Belichick will be tough next week. Definitely a game we can lose.

    Dorsey is not putting players in situations to succeed on a regular basis, he has abandoned many aspects of play calling that made the team successful under Dabol, not that Brian doesn’t have his faults…, Beane acquirers fast players, but Dorsey can’t seem to integrate them into the offense in an effective way, it takes weeks to even see them on the field with any regularity,  okay I’m done pissing and moaning, 


    Go Bills!!!


  5. On 11/22/2022 at 12:47 PM, Chandler#81 said:

    Wade, our British soccer player, is who I was referring to. Never played a regular season game, but had more common sense and actual ability than McKittrick ever has, imo.

    He played Rugby 🏉, soccer is a different game, that and he had pretty bad field awareness, as was shown during his limited preseason exposure, just sayin, in this case your opinion in to be questioned, 😁👍

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  6. If by “window”  you mean “time frame”, then yes, that time frame is as much as a decade or more long, subject to keeping our QB healthy, and maintaining a FO & coaching staff (Beane & McDermott or their equivalent) that know what the hell they are doing, and why the hell they are doing it, and an owner who will support them in doing their jobs. If these things are done we are golden imo. 

  7. 22 hours ago, SirAndrew said:

    It isn’t going to scare away anyone in Texas or Florida, and that’s where the talent is at this point anyway. Declining participation in northeast suburbs isn’t going to hurt the game. 

    It will when those many millions of folk in suburbs and cities from DC to Maine  & Washington state to the Mexican boarder aren’t buying tickets to the games, or jerseys etc, or watching the games on their TVs, and advertising revenue declines, yes all of this over time will reduce the games overall draw, it will indeed hurt the game, in fifty or so years, when almost everyone who is currently on this and most other team forums are dead, who’s taking our places?  Change is the only constant. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Bill from NYC said:

    I wish that I could come up with a way to argue with the above but I cannot.

    Having thought about this a bit, I too have come to the same conclusion, it’s not so glamorous when one looks behind the curtain…, I’m going on 64 years old, and my body has aches and pains, I can’t imagine how my body and brain would feel after playing football from before high school through college and the pros…, it would likely be unpleasant to say the least. The kind of screwed up part is we take pleasure in watching it happen, 


    GO BILLS!!!



  9. Well, if one looks at American football objectively, one quickly realizes this is a modern day gladiator sport, players purposefully hit each other hard enough to injure each other on every play,  a high percentage of players have life long health issues due to playing the game, the money made does little if one can not enjoy its fruit. It is a brutal game, and the fans revel in the big hits, and care little how much damage is done to the players, at most it’s a thoughts and prayers deal, in other words, oh well….  It’s no wonder a player would have such thoughts in hind sight. 

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  10. On 11/1/2022 at 10:30 AM, Bangarang said:

    Jets defense is their only hope of staying in this game. I’d prefer the offense to have a better showing than the 2nd half against the Packers.

    Both play calling and execution were pretty bad in the second half, our boys were sloppy and arrogant didn’t score a TD from late in the 2nd quarter through the entire 2nd half, due to the above mentioned,  but I suspect they don’t feel good about it and will make the correct adjustments, 


    GO BILLS!!!



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  11. 39 minutes ago, JayBaller10 said:

    I don’t want to pile on negativity here, but what is the biggest play Edmunds has made against Mahomes and the Chiefs? In the last 5 matchups, what play has stuck out more than any other? His strengths should stand out against the Chiefs, but I think he’s easily manipulated by Mahomes.

    When most of the league is easily manipulated by Mahomes, that’s not much of a bullet point.  Much the same can be said about those that try and fail to defend against Josh Allen.  Allen & Mahomes  fake defenders out of their jocks on a regular basis. That’s what happens when you go up against guys like them. 

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