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  1. She will take half of everything he's earned, more if they wind up having kids.
  2. He should have been traded last off season. This definitely should be his last season as a Bill.
  3. If Brady died out on the field at New Era Bills fans would probably tear down the goal posts.
  4. I've had a live-in GF for 15 years. For me, that is the best scenario. It removes the chances of getting raked over the coals in court. I only spend money on her when I choose to do so as opposed to being obligated to do so.
  5. You found a good one that's for sure. It's a rare thing these days. I knew at an early age watching the dynamics of my huge family that marriage and children were definitely not for me. And given the state of our culture these days, I feel like I really chose the correct path.
  6. Most women in general use manipulation to get what they want. It's how human females evolved to survive in a male physical dominance environment. In terms of modern day marriage I suspect most if not all women use some form of manipulation, either verbal or emotional.
  7. HAHA, well I guess your ex being a feminist is good for one thing!
  8. That all depends upon the type of woman tbh, hence the lottery comment... Also, you (or your son) not being the bread winner is part of it. The vast majority of women want to marry up, not down. However, with the way things are going in our academic culture, women will have to get used to being the bread winners, will have to get used to marrying down, if they want to get married...
  9. Right, it worked great for my parents, but they married in the 1950's, the world is a much different place these days.
  10. It makes sense. The division has been a snooze for 20 years.
  11. For a man, marriage is generally a huge financial burden. And if you want to get out of it, it's financially fatal to most. NYS isn't a common law state, so it's best to have a live-in GF vs. a wife. You can get out of a bad situation with a lot less financial loss. It's just common sense economics. Just don't introduce any children into the dynamic. Now, if your goal is to raise a family, you really should get married, but you have to really think about giving your life away, because that's essentially what you're doing. Your wife and kids' lives and finances will ALWAYS come before your own, that's what's expected of you as a married man in today's culture. You are perpetually in last place when married with children. Some men can live like this, many cannot. It's much easier for women. They just need to find a man who brings in a decent salary, get pregnant, and they own his finances for 26 years, don't have to hold a job, don't have to get married, and can use the legal system to keep the father of their child away from them, AND get money from him. That's like the best deal you can get in modern western culture when it comes to free money.
  12. I get it, but I prefer to spend my money on other things that I enjoy.
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