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  1. You're quite the idiot, congratulations. Landing rockets when everyone is saying no way is not seeing things through? What? And to start a new car company to compete with the big 3 is not seeing something through? Yeah, idiot you are...
  2. And 3 of their TE's are injured...
  3. This team has had TE problems for so damn long, getting old...
  4. Thanks, belong to any of those yourself?
  5. I'm here because I hate FB and all other Bills forums are dead (I think).
  6. I think back to the day when ESPN had team forums, and you could visit any that you wanted all with the same account. It was a lot more fun back then, a lot more interaction between different fan bases, especially on game days etc. Back then I think maybe fans did think more about other fan bases and their teams. However, I guess that no longer would work in today's self affirming social media bubble society. So I guess you are correct in a way.
  7. Don't you see?, this is what hopeful Bills fans look like to other teams' fans. Many of you just can't see it. Before making fun of other fans, first take a look in the mirror.
  8. If he's anything like his cat it could take a lot of energy for him to lift his arms to type. Give him more time to explain himself.
  9. That dude just doesn't try hard enough.
  10. My vice is chocolate. Can never resist chocolate. mhmmmm chocolate.
  11. Addiction can be more than just a character flaw, there is a genetics component.
  12. Hmm, character and work ethic are not the same, they can go hand in hand but not always. Some people work hard but have vices/addictions.
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