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  1. I appreciate all the help. But I could find all of these. The one I remember I think was done by someone locally and it was all over twitter (and was almost certain l saw it here). But I can't find it for the life of me.
  2. You're right. I should take the time to up my post count by posting worthless comments like this. Let me tell you what I did do before I worthlessly wasted your time asking for a bit of help. I went back through 35 pages on this forum (til about mid January and checked to see if I could find it), I checked with common sports personalities twitters (Sal, WGR, Jeremy W, Howard S...) to see if I could find it on their timeline, I watched about a dozen or so YouTube videos of the play before I asked here. Again, sorry I wasted your time. Completely unrel
  3. I hate to ask for help with a simple thing but I have been trying to find a video of the TJ pick 6 from the Ravens game that was more a hype video than just a replay. I remember it was on here after the game but I have looked and I cannot find it. It had a mash up of tbe different broadcast calls throughout the play and was really well done. Cam anyone help?
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