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  1. 5 minutes ago, Sammy Watkins' Rib said:


    Nothing to do with wealth. Poster I was quoting was holding the desire to be famous against Mayfield and him not sticking around or being all in with Buffalo. The same can at least be said and held against Rosen as a possible negative.


    I don't want any QB with a personality remotely similar to Johnny Manziel, be it Rosen or Mayfield. 


    Behind Baker ... seriously from a guy who's never played a game in the NFL ? 

  2. I'm in the minority here, but I like Allen and think he can be a good if not great QB at the NFL level. Folks say you can't teach throwing mechanics at the NFL level but I disagree. You change patterns with repetitive work and maybe his change is minor. Pro golfers do it all the time - look at how many times Tiger Woods has changed his swing. Matthew Stafford has made the adjustment just fine and improved his accuracy. 


    I'd rather have the humble farm kid from the small town with the big upside than Baker Manziel ( I need a reality pre-draft show), or Josh "Hot Tub" Rosen who's a big head hit from being out of the league, or small hands whirlybird Darnold who has not played much in crappy weather. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Bobby Hooks said:

    Allen can be Marino? 


    Wow, please step away from the computer. 


    Did you say Marino could be Staubach ? 

    25 minutes ago, Mat68 said:

    I get it.  People in NFL see that kind of arm.  If he goes top 5 that is why  He has a high probabilty of busting.  If he doesnt hes incredible.  He is 50/50 great subpar.  His ceiling is what I said.  Because his probabilty of Busting i wont trade up for him, i do understand why a team would take a chance on him. 


    So do I and I can see him backing up Keenum for a couple of years in Denver.

    1 hour ago, Bobby Hooks said:

    Same guy seen in photos with his dad wearing all Pats gear? 


    Excuse me me if I don’t swoon. 


    Yep, same impressionable kid. 

  4. 51 minutes ago, BuffaloRebound said:


    If I'm the Giants, I absolutely want a 1st next year if I pass on a QB this year.  If I'm the Bills, three 1st rounders is all I'm giving up.  If Giants want next years 1st, which could be a top 5 pick, no way I'm throwing in anything else.  


    Except the QB class of 2019 is not shaping up like this year's ... so why not take Rosen now ? 

  5. 9 minutes ago, Boatdrinks said:

    A sad draft day indeed for Bills fans if this scenario plays out. 


    Maybe, but not all hope is gone as we remember Warner, Russell Wilson, Brady, Prescott & others.

    1 minute ago, CuddyDark said:

    If the QBs go 123 I can't see Denver passing on Chubb.


    Maybe ... I guess it's depends on how much of himself Elway sees in Josh Allen.

  6. 1 hour ago, Nihilarian said:

    The sad fact is that some Bills fans are simply far too lazy to look into the reasons as to why Allen's completion percentage didn't improve in his last season at Wyoming. Due to the fact that the entire class of 2016 that touched the football had moved on and he was dealing with all rookies who were constantly dropping passes.  He was literally running for his life most games and yet the team still went 8-5 and won their bowl game. Or that his YPA was a mere 6.7 in college and at the Senior bowl that improved to 12.2. 


    Most fans would rather sit back and regurgitate what others are saying that accuracy can't be fixed ...which I've already shown is ridiculous to say.  


    There is a real reason as to why a lot of NFL scouts and draft analysts have Josh Allen as the #1 pick overall going to the Browns. Come to think of it I don't know why I even bother attempting to enlighten my fellow fans should they want to end it all should the Bills actually draft this kid. Simply because he will be gone after the first three picks...unless they trade up to two to draft him.:P 


    Allen reminds a lot of people of Elway. Big arm, mobile, and loads of upside and raw talent. Folks forget Elway had a shaky first year in Denver. Allen may be the same but it'll be fun watching him develop. 

  7. 1 minute ago, alluro said:

    The classic counter point to the accuracy problem is of course hall of famer Brett Favre. He finished his college career with a 52.4% completion percentage and finished his NFL career with a 62.0% completion percentage. Allen certainly has a Favre-like cannon.


    FWIW, I hope Buffalo gets Lamar Jackson. He has more upside than anyone in this class and a fairly safe floor. At worst, you're getting a better passing version of Tyrod with way more ability to run. 


    Jury's out on whether Jackson is a better passer than Tyrod whose NFL stats are not bad at all. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, RyanC883 said:


    not a terrible option.  It's possible that Mayfield falls to 12, which would be fantastic, IMO.  


    Allen needs to sit behind a vet.  I see the Steelers, Saints, etc. taking him .  


    Steelers would have to move up and do they have enough draft capital to make it happen ? 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Mango said:


    You could make the same arguement the other way. NFL careers are on the line here, we can’t go into the season with just McCarron. 


    For me, I don’t mind sending a bunch of draft capital to move up, take our guy, and have McCarron turn into a stud. I see it as an investment in the position not the player. If it costs the Bills 2 firsts this year and maybe one next year, and McCarron is the man, then so be it, it’s the cost of the position for the next 15 years. 


    If it's Rosen, I have a big issue with trading three #1s for a guy that's is possibly one more concussion from being out of the league. Especially when his dad is a doctor and would probably advise him to hang it up. And I'm aware there are varying levels of concussions, but there has to be some cumulative effect and possibility of CTE. 

  10. 31 minutes ago, Bobby Hooks said:

    It’s a trap as old as time and it scares the heck out of me. We don’t have two more years to waste on another project. 


    You learn if someone has accuracy on the sandlot. You have it or you don’t. Don’t know how front offices still don’t grasp that you can’t teach that. 


    Matthew Stafford must have been more accurate on the sandlot than in college.

  11. 1 minute ago, Nihilarian said:

    Talk about Baloney! Go read stats from all college QB's and they generally can improve with each passing year of playing. It's because they are growing, developing, maturing into men from boys. Allen has only played two years in college so there is room to improve his accuracy percentage just like Matthew Stafford did in his third year in college. 


    This mindset that college kids can't develop into better players is absurd.


    Yep, check out Russell Wilson's college stats. 

  12. 17 minutes ago, MrEpsYtown said:


    Okay cool. So you don't want him, and that is fine. I just hate the media crap that is obviously made up. It's all dramatic stuff. 


    I want him because he's good at playing quarterback. On the field his arm can cut through the wind, he is able to read coverages and make amazing throws from inside the pocket. He has good size and height, hands etc. This is the type of quarterback we haven't had in a very long time.  I think the biggest issue is the concussions. I have no problem with the spoiled white kid stuff..or the cockiness. People seem to love the same things about Mayfield but it comes in the form of small, unathletic white trash, so he is confident? We can call him a quitter for leaving Texas Tech, or call him out for making excuses for the 8 uncatchable balls he threw at his pro day.  We can frame things up to be anyway we want them to be. 


    To me all that stuff is all semantics. It is the job of the coaches and GMs to make sure a person works in your locker room. This is the NFL, not cumbaya. If McDermott can't get a guy like Rosen to work in his locker room, he should not have a job. If they decide they don't like him, fine, but I think, based on talent and the way he plays, that he is the best quarterback in this draft. 


    With the concussion history, I don't want him for a boatload of picks when we have so many other holes. 

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