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  1. 35 minutes ago, schoolhouserock said:

    Houston had good safety play this past season.


    Jalen Pitre had himself a great rookie season.


    Was just about to say this. Every time I watched Pitre, he flashed. 


    Being in Jacksonville before, you have to assume he helped develop Andre Cisco and Andrew Wingard. 


    Wingard is a free agent and former teammate of Josh Allen's and mentioned on here a few times. Perhaps he is a fit that makes sense. 


    I will say that the fact that Danna survived multiple coaching changes (namely two huge not so nice guys in Doug Marrone and Urban Meyer) says something about his perseverance and adaptability. He also learned a bunch under Perry Fewell, which means he is a Dick Jauron-Lovie Smith connect...that at least mean he is gonna know what Frazier wants. 

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  2. 49 minutes ago, Call_Of_Ktulu said:

    I honestly don’t think Edmunds fits into a lot of other defenses. He is a cover LB that sometimes takes bad angles and shoots the wrong gap. He is a solid tackler but has very little value rushing the QB. He fits a cover 2 style defense that is also in nickel a lot. I wouldn’t pay him over 4 years 47mil for what he brings to the table.


    He is a perfect fit for what Chicago likes to do and they have 100 million in cap, zero linebackers, and a QB on a rookie contract. 

  3. 18 minutes ago, Mr. WEO said:




    his experience at OC is 2 years in Baltimore 10 years ago.  He's never coached a rookie QB.  He's 68 years old.  He's never seen an RPO offense.


    This would be like bringing in to be CEO of  Gateway Computers to run Google.


    I always liked Caldwell. But i think a young coach needs to bring in experience on the other side of the ball. Maybe he is the wrong guy, but if Ryans brings in this Niners QB coach or whatever, he is asking for trouble. 

  4. 54 minutes ago, Italian Bills said:

    I don’t know about Campbell, but i can say something about Van Ness. You’ll see, take note and we’ll talk about it in few months. 
    He has speed, he’s strong, quick feet and most of all character. 

    When i say he can be the next JJ Watt i’m not kidding. 

    I just don’t think he gets to our pick, but I’d love it. 

    8 minutes ago, Rico said:




    Don’t let Sherlock see this thread.

    Dude I’m snot bubbling over here. Hilarious

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  5. 13 minutes ago, The Jokeman said:

    As long as he gets a good OC and QB match. Otherwise the Texans rain the Texans.

    Bryce Young and Greg Roman? Or Young and Bienemy? Brian Callahan and CJ Stroud?


    Ryans has to make sure he gets an experienced coach as an OC. If I am him I reach out to a Jim Caldwell and see if he would come aboard. Becuase whoever they hire as the OC is going to be the CEO of the offense. 

  6. I hope he re-signs, but Tremaine is going to have a lot of suitors.


    First you have the Bears with their 100 million in cap space. The have 0 linebackers after trading Roquan Smith and Matt Eberflus asks a lot of his backers, similar to us. I think they chase Tremaine as a key cog in the middle of their defense. 


    The Texans make a ton of sense. Once they hire Demeco Ryans, I would sign Tremaine and Dre Greenlaw and call it a day. Their defense is instantly rebuilt. They will draft a QB so they can spend big in other places. 


    I could see the Giants make a play with that braintrust there. However, they have Barkley and Jones as UFAs. I think if Wink Martinddale is still there he is a great fit.


    If Wink goes to the Broncos I could see that happening as well. Tremaine was a Ravens fan, so he may want to play for Wink. 


    As annoying as it might be, I think the Patriots will be in on Tremaine. they need to upgrade the athleticism at that position, which has been terrible for a few years. Our other AFC rival the Dolphins make a ton of sense as well, but they have some cap work to do. Tremaine's dad played for Miami. 


    Finally, Dan Morgan in Carolina had a strong connection with Tremaine here, so i could see him trying to get him over there for whomever their DC becomes. They have cap work to do though, and need a QB. 

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  7. 44 minutes ago, Big Turk said:


    But the fact remains the Bills identified this as a point of weakness and wanted to get better and they got worse...


    Agreed. I thought it would a bit more impact than it did. 

    7 minutes ago, Reed83HOF said:

    Kromer has a history of having good OLs, including in his previous go around here. You can't live in reputation forever, but these players were brought in under Bobby Johnson's reign (who doesn't have the pedigree of Kromer), so player fit and skillset does become an issue...





    Is he saying he didn't really prepare enough and now all of a sudden he will? 

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  8. 6 minutes ago, Zerovoltz said:


    There is a really good thread here somewhere debating that.  There is video of the Bills war room when KC trades up and takes McDuffie.  They all look very unhappy and even comment that KC 




    Oh man! Yep that sucks. He was tailor made for their scheme. Sometimes I feel like they get a little caught with their pants down and aren't ready to pick. Be aggressive and go get your guy.  It felt a little like the Elam pick was a panic pick. The AJ Epenesa pick felt like that as well. Oh well. 

  9. 15 hours ago, Purplebulldog said:

    Sign Bradley Bozeman who’s on a 1 year deal with Carolina. He is a good center and can also play guard 


    I think he is an OK player, for depth especially. I do not think he is their type with a RAS of 1.19. Just a big, strong, plodding gap scheme player. 




  10. 1 hour ago, ProcessTruster said:

    Boettger is another injury casualty who was really coming on b4 blowing the achilles at the end of last season.  All reports are he is good to go and rehab was a big success.   He'll be in the mix for a starting job next year as will Tommy Doyle.  Plus Spencer Brown will have a normal offseason/OTA/camp for the first time.   


    Not convinced the Bills don't have 2 or 3 guys coming back strong next year who we never saw at full strength (or at all ) this past season.   Rough season for injuries for this team.   


    I like Ike a lot. However, he is 28 years old, turning 29 during the season and is a UFA. I hope he is something, but expecting him to have any impact is unrealistic at this point. I do think he adds depth. 

  11. I really wanted McDuffie in the first round. He is just so good. I know the short arm thing, but what he lacked in arm length he makes up with some real savvy. He made a couple of mistakes this weekend, but he is a good one. Ofcourse, they jumped up in front of us through a trade with New England to grab him. I wonder if teh Bills had him higher than Elam or not, but he would have been a really good pick up.


    Getting George Karlaftis is just another example of teams over drafting measurables and drafting for need and letting good talent fall to teams in the late first. It happens every year and KC is fortunate in that. You think the Texans or Chargers might like to have Karlaftis over the guards they drafted in the mid first? Heed this warning when you guys are clamoring to reach on a guard or RT in the first. Don't do it. 

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  12. 55 minutes ago, Snappysnackcakes said:

    Ike Boettger is likely penciled as the LG for next season. As it stands today, assuming Morse is released, we’d have Dawkins/Boettger/Bates/draft pick/Brown. They’ve been developing Ike, Bates is the heir at C, and they’re gonna give Brown one more shot at RT. I think Beane is correct in his stance that Brown having missed camp and recovering from surgery stunted his development. 


    1 hour ago, ProcessTruster said:

    Boettger is another injury casualty who was really coming on b4 blowing the achilles at the end of last season.  All reports are he is good to go and rehab was a big success.   He'll be in the mix for a starting job next year as will Tommy Doyle.  Plus Spencer Brown will have a normal offseason/OTA/camp for the first time.   


    Not convinced the Bills don't have 2 or 3 guys coming back strong next year who we never saw at full strength (or at all ) this past season.   Rough season for injuries for this team.   

    I like Ike but he is also a UFA. I’m guessing he would come back here if given the opportunity. If I am him I am a little weary of the fact that he barely played after healthy despite the the fact that Saffold was terrible. 

    I think the Bills aim a bit higher with a David Edwards type who is better, more experienced, and younger. 

  13. I think he stays until he decides to go. He is a high level player and an important cog in the OL. I think they should extend him actually. 


    I don't think these guys are interesting in drafting a pure center. They value that versatility. Mitch Morse was a LT at Mizzou who moved to center as a pro. Same for Ryan Bates, a LT at PSU who moved to guard whose best position is probably center. Greg Van Roten was a LT at UPenn who moved to guard as a pro and the Bills had him cross train at center. They had Ike Boettger learn to snap in training camp a few years ago. 


    Just find the best linemen you can find and figure it out. 

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  14. One of the things that is hard to anticipate is cap casualties.


    One guy who I have always liked and think will be a casualty is Tampa's Shaq Mason. He is owed 9.6 million and there is zero dead money on his deal if cut. Stick him in at RG and move Bates to LG and you have a much better situation. I like the idea of an experienced guy who can still play and think playing next to Mason would do wonders for Spencer Brown. 


    The other is Joel Bitonio. He is 32 and there are some murmurs that the Browns could cut him as they have a ton of money tied up in their offensive line. I think he might have to come via trade as it saves the Browns significant cap, but Bitonio still plays at a very high level. 


    Highly unlikely, but I could see a scenario in which the Falcons are willing to trade Chris Lindstrom. He will be playing on a 13 million 5th year option and it is unclear if they will signing him long term and they have Kaleb McGary coming up as a free agent. Long term are they willing to pay both? Time will tell. He is the most perfect fit for our RG spot right now.  

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  15. 16 minutes ago, bills6969 said:

    I was also thinking Tranquil to replace Edmunds.  Not sure how much cheaper he would be.  He’s also 4 years older than Edmunds.  That’s the one thing people forget with Edmunds,  he’s 4 years in and only 24. Still a lot of upside with him.


    I tend to agree, but I don't think there is much more growth for Tremaine. I believe he is what he is at this point. Perhaps the game could slow down a bit more for him, but it has been 5 years and I am not sure how much he improved. I do think Tranquill will be a bit cheaper, but as you said, it may not be much. Drue will enter the season at 28 years old, Tremaine will enter at 25. Tranquill just makes plays all over the place as his game has really evolved. Would I like Tremaine back? Sure. But I think they should pursue Drue as a replacement. Drue has warts too. One is his age and the other is his injury history and that makes him more of a risk. 


    Ideally they find a Noah Sewell or Jack Campbell in the draft somewhere. Perhaps Anthony Walker Jr or Deion Jones could work as well as UFAs. But there isn't a lot of depth there in FA. 

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