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  1. 47 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:



    Yeah I didn't understand how Tenuta fit into the mix compared to the high RAS guys they had been accumulating.


    I suspect that a coach like Aaron Kromer might have had a good deal of say in which OL they drafted............but when it comes to the PS then Beane can just go with the criteria he prefers.     He might even be relieved that he lost the opportunity to PS the seemingly slew footed Tenuta to the Colts waiver claim.



    The Tenuta thing felt like a favor to his dad, like Austin Proehl. But his athleticism is close to Cody Fords as well. But yeah this guy seems on par with what they are looking for and I speculate that this is the spot that would have gone to Tanner Owen and his 9.88 RAS if he wasn’t claimed. 

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  2. 36 minutes ago, gonzo1105 said:

    It’s very easy Loser of the Titans punter, loser of the Bengals punter comp, then everyone else 








    Everyone else 


    This is the correct answer imo. Kern or Huber seem very likely. Stonehouse you might have to trade for since he is subject to waivers. Same as Crisman. Huber is the only lefty in the group. Palardy is the only lefty in the others group. 


    How about Dicker? Or is it too soon?

  3. 17 hours ago, wppete said:

    Yeah pretty exciting to hear. A lot of reports that he is looking really good out there so far. Could be big for us if he secures the swing tackle and also can play inside if injuries happen. Great to hear so far, I’m a Tommy Doyle fan. 


    Absolutely! I like him more than most. There some interesting upside there for a guy that big with his athletic testing. 

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  4. Tommy Doyle working inside at guard. I mentioned it as a possibility in February. The more you can do for versatility the better. He could become a very valuable piece. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, Motorin' said:



    An interesting question, when a true 4-3 is called for, would they move Edmunds to SAM to take advantage of his size?



    I was thinking this in a 4-3 under set, that having Tremaine with his length setting the edge. Then people got in an uproar about the idea. People who may not know what 4-3 under looks like. But anyway, in base 4-3 looks he should stay at mike based on the roster. But playing on the outside shoulder of the tight end in under looks may be an interesting wrinkle tor Tremaine to use his length. They ran this a lot on on McDermott’s Panthers teams, not so much here. 

    Beenard definitely seems like he gives them a chance at more 3 linebacker sets. 

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  6. Just kind of looking at other team’s depth charts looking to see if there was a trade like this that could be replicated and a couple of guys stand out to me as extra. 

    Tre’quan Smith NO-Former teammate of Gabe Davis at UCF, he can play anywhere, inside or outside. Good size and speed combination. With NO drafting Olave and signing Jarvis Landry, I am not sure where he plays. He can do a lot of things on the field and played for Joe Brady in NO. He has been hurt a bunch, but he is great depth at all spots. Marquez Callaway could be an option as well, but I think they hold on to him. 

    Jalen Reagor Philly- I guess he give you some deep speed. That’s what he brings. Dude can use a change of scenery and could fit here as the deep speed option. With the acquisition of Brown, the emergence of Quez Watkins and signing Zach Pascal, not sure Reagor is long for that roster. 

    Ofcourse there are the other change of scenery guys Denzel Mims and N’Keal Harrys of the world, but that’s in division so I am not sure. And those are lower level options, probably not any better than what we have. Maybe the Bucs want to move Breshard Perriman or Tyler Johnson? Perhaps Darius Slayton. But there are some bodies out there who could add depth and are probably had in an Edwards like trade, swap of picks. 

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  7. I for one am glad that Addison and Jerry are gone. I know people like Jerry. I get it. But every time Boogie played he did something. Opening up playing time for him and Rousseau is a huge positive imo. 

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  8. 20 minutes ago, LeGOATski said:

    Not sure what you mean. Beth Mowins is unique for women commentators in that regard. That's her actual voice.


    Every other woman commentator sounds like a woman.

    In broadcast journalism schools they teach people to work their voice in a deeper tone. It comes off fake and annoying to me. I like that Kay, and for that matter the other people on That show sound like they are using “normal” voices. To me that is part of the appeal of Kay. 

  9. 3 hours ago, Doc said:

    McDermott to Elam: “You had me at ‘notebook’”


    11 hours ago, YoloinOhio said:

    And The Notebook. No way Sean could resist once that was revealed. 

    Sean did the “im gettin a chubby in 6th grade english” leg shake. 

  10. Note on Rousseau being their guy last year, there is stuff out there that the Bills were going to draft Eric Stokes at 30 and GB took him at 29. So I am not sold 100% that Rousseau was totally their guy. I think he was their guy once Stokes was gone. 

    I think their guys were Stokes and Basham. Once they took Rousseau they still took Basham anyway because that was their oringinal plan in the 2nd. JMO

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  11. 1 hour ago, krf139 said:

    I remember how 90 percent of this board was gushing with optimism about Epenesa after the Miami game last year. Let’s wait and see how Basham performs over the course of the season. I’ll believe it when I see it…. consistently 

    AJ only knows how to play against Austin Jackson. Embarrassed him in college and in the NFL. If he could only face him every week he’d be an all pro. 

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  12. On 5/5/2022 at 1:07 PM, billsintaiwan said:

    I'd say Cody Ford


    On 5/4/2022 at 9:31 PM, pigpen65 said:

    Addison was Beane's worst move as GM. Thank god he's gone. 

    It’s trading Wyatt Teller, which goes with picking Cody Ford. That one pick cost them a shot at all those receivers in that round. It also cost them Wyatt Teller when you really look at the long term effects. 

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  13. Honestly, I really liked what I saw from him when he was on the field. He just wasn’t on the field very much. I think he winds up being the Charles Johnson of the Carolina rotation. Not a game changing player, but a very solid all around player who will wind up

    in the 6-10 sack range every year. 

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  14. The thing that I find most annoying about this craziness about holding is that Araiza is not the first K/P combo guy coming out of college. Those guys learned how to hold. He will too. I get being worried about hangtime and stuff like that. This discussion continues to make something out of nothing and there seems to be a new post on it every couple of days. Araiza has big hands, is super athletic and was a DB in HS. It is extremely unlikely that this will be an issue. 

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  15. 12 hours ago, ganesh said:

    Also Moss is very slow 

    He ran a 4.65 at the combine. Then ran an electronically tested 4.52 at his private workout day during covid.

    Devin Singletary ran 4.66. Duke Johnson ran a 4.59. Conclusion, the room is slow aside from Cook. 

    Taiwan Jones ran 4.33. 

  16. 1 hour ago, RocCityRoller said:


    I had a total melt down on the Bates RFA threads. I admit it 🤣 I did not like that game of bluff at all.


    Bates added a whole new dimension to the OL late in the season. Apparently an OG can move from his original position and block elsewhere! Did you know that? This is called 'pulling your Offensive Guard'. Not sure it is fair since Buffalo hadn't done it in almost a decade. Who knew Bates could do it and was good at it?


    For those of you at home, not paying attention please watch a few times:


    look at the 0:20 mark. Bates pulls quickly along the line and blocks Van Noy and springs Motor. This is a good talent for your OG to have.


    As for Weydermeyer, he has to beat out Sweeney. Wydermeyer has excellent hands. I'd rather take a TE who could use some blocking help with Kromer, than a blocking TE who needs to learn hands (sorry Knox!). Sweeney ran a 4.83 40 while healthy, Wydermeyer ran a 5.03 while sick. Neither are burners. I'll go with Wydermeyer's hands in the end zone.


    I put that play in my playbook for my varsity team. Counter power away (wham) from tight bunch with a jet motion to the playside is just nasty on so many levels. Kick from the guard and seal from the f back. Just nasty. 

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