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  1. 5 minutes ago, Bermuda Triangle said:

    14-6 Niners at the half.


    so the Niners first half D was better than the  Bills first half D last week, and the Bills first half offense last week was better than that of the Niners today.


    wonder if the Niners defense will

    lay down in the second half today, the way the Bills D did last week?

    Well Steve Wilks is a McDermott disciple, so let’s see what he does differently. 

  2. After watching the Cowboys game last night, the Bills match up well with them. However, if the flags fly the way they did last night and last week it's going to be almost impossible to beat them. 


    I also like the matchup with the Chiefs honestly. I think they can do it, but they are going to need some luck. And lady luck has not been on their side. I will say that no one will want to play them in the playoffs, so just get in and see what happens. 

  3. The Vikings did the same thing last night during that God-awful football game. The Vikings were doing a great job being exotic and forcing Fields into bad turnovers. Then up 1 with the game on the line, the Vikes rush three and play a soft shell and let the Bears who had done basically nothing all game march down the field and win the game. It's just so inept and embarrassing and it hurts me as a fan that the Bills are that dumb as well. 

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  4. They sold a whole story about him being a deep threat and a complete receiver and they just have not bothered using him that way. They are just using as a gadget guy which is just dumb and amounts to a huge waste of money. Now maybe he is terrible, but they haven't even tried to use him the way he was used in New Orleans. 

    8 hours ago, Freddie's Dead said:

    Sharty a healthy scratch. So glad we got rid of McKittrick....


    Somehow Harty has actually outproduced McKittrick this year, albeit for a much bigger contract. 

  5. 12 hours ago, MikePJ76 said:

    The d back had his back turned.  He was beat no matter where davis went, the play has a built in option if the safety vacates the area and there is pressure.


    it was obvious as it gets, the eagles brought pressure, Allen has no time to wait for a corner route, with pressure and the safety out of the middle and the corner with his back turned the ball goes inside.  Every damn time.  


    its no different than tight ends who run dig routes and the break goes to where they have leverage or an inside wr breaking off a route to a quick slant because of pressure leaving the middle of the field wide open.


    It was elementary stuff.  That is why the damn option is built into those plays, for that exact situation.  As soon as allen snapped the ball and he saw pressure, the safety moved and the corners back to him he did what he was supposed to do.



    This is 100% the correct answer

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  6. I hate to say it but Belichick gets this team over the hump. Basically, sell your soul for a Super Bowl. I'm good with that. 


    Dream scenario, do everything you can to trade for Sean McVay...ownership shares, ton of money, or whatever. He would be the perfect match for Allen. 


    In terms of current offensive assistants, Ben Johnson is very intriguing for the reasons Gunner mentioned above. 


    The Bengals Brian Callahan is interesting to me as a candidate. He has worked under a number of different guys including Kubiak, Zac Taylor, John Fox, Gruden and he's worked with QBs like Stafford and Peyton Manning, and obviously Burrow. I would think he would bring his dad with him, the best OL coach in the business. An offensive-minded guy who has learned from a number of different systems and has been around the game his entire life. 


    But McDermott is Mike Zimmer with less situational awareness. He has to go imo. 

  7. Brady tried to be too cute early, but I like what he did. He put speed on the field and called plays that took advantage of their speed. That's Shakir, Harty, and Ty Johnson. I know it was the one big play from Johnson, but he's big and fast. I would like to see Harty be more involved. I feel like there is some meat on that bone. Less Davis is definitely a good thing. I also loved what he did on the touchdown to Cook, the presnap movement, annoying formation and it was a great design. 

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  8. He’s the guy I would have taken #1, just as I would have taken Herbert, and even Trey Lance a few years ago. Huge upside with Richardson but he is raw. To me if you are taking a shot on a QB early in the draft you swing for the fences. Yeah there is a good chance you strike out, but why settle for a game manager? In terms of his understanding of the game, apparently he knocked that stuff out of the park. They don’t do the wonderlic anymore, but according to reports, Richardson crushed the new tests. I would probably let Minshew start the first 4-8 games, but I think Richardson will be, by far, the best QB out of this draft. 

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  9. It should be Jacksonville. They want a running mate to take some usage off of Ettienne. Good OL, really good defense, an emerging QB, and a really good offensive coach...a return to Florida (even though its Jacksonville). That's what I would do. 

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  10. 8 hours ago, Richard Noggin said:


    I think EVERY highlighted play shows Floyd aligned at 9T or even wider. Erik utters the phrase, "wide alignment," repeatedly. 


    So obviously that's where Floyd flourishes. Can really use his speed, length, and flexibility. 


    The Bills weren't really much of a "wide-9" defensive front under Frazier, right? Love this new weapon.

    Not too much wide nine, just when they were in the double A gap mug front.


    However, McDermott’s Carolina teams did use more wide nine, which was a staple of mentor Jim Johnson’s defenses with Trent Cole etc. More McDermott defense could mean more wide 9. 

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  11. I think the biggest thing is that 5-6 years ago none of these dudes would have signed here. The fact that vets want to come here to win and are taking very little money to do so is remarkable and not something I had experienced with our beloved Bills up to this point.  

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  12. 9 minutes ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    Guessing Boogie is a training camp trade. 5th round pick is my guess.


    6 minutes ago, DC Grid said:

    I don’t think Boogie could net a 2026 7th rounder at this point.  But I’d be happy to be proven wrong.  


    I think they should use him as a situational interior rusher like they said they would when they drafted him. I think at his drafted weight he is more DT than an edge in this defense. Were camp reports that he bulked up a bit? 

  13. 1 hour ago, JGMcD2 said:

    Top 10 pick in 2016 and never really took off in Chicago. 

    Has been with the Rams the past 3 seasons and produced 10.5, 9.5 and 9.0 sacks. He’ll get after the QB. 


    Chicago drafted a high-upside edge player in the top 10 and then made him an inside linebacker covering all of the time. When he moved to the edge he was able to make a nice impact. One of the reasons why all those dudes got fired in Chicago. 


    And 100%...you can never have too many pass rushers and he will help us. 

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  14. 4.42 at his size is not fast, add that to pretty sloppy route running and pretty bad hands…you have nothing. His short area quickness rarely showed up. I think people made him out to be something he wasn’t. I think the idea of what he could be was way more interesting than what he was. I am not surprised at all. 

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