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  1. Thank you! VCR has been programmed. Will have to tape over my old ALF episodes, but oh well...you win some, you lose some.
  2. That's BS ... I bought the tix on my phone because Chrome on my laptop kept spinning and spinning after I clicked on the seats. I would still tell you login at 1:25 then.
  3. I would recommend signing in around 2:15. I had a 1:00PM slot last week, signed in at 12:55 and had to wait a little while because there were 325 people "in line" ahead of me. I would also suggest logging in to your account manager on two devices (desktop/laptop and phone) just in case the ticketmaster site is slow and doesn't load the seats properly on one of them.
  4. Has anybody received information about the parking pass?
  5. Not to step on any HIPAA toes, but has anyone received their test results yet?
  6. I received the email from bioreference about 15 minutes ago. Went online and scheduled the covid test at the stadium. Easy peasley, hope we get Beasley.
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