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  1. 4 hours ago, st pete gogolak said:

    Full disclosure.  I've been a Bills fan since 1965 so I'm obviously biased about this because if it somehow came to pass it would benefit the Bills enormously.  That said, QB compensation in the NFL and how it distorts the salary cap is, if not unfair, frankly bizarre and unlike any other sport that maintains a salary cap.  That's because QB compensation is so dramatically higher than any other position.  That's not true in basketball or hockey.  Yes, you pay your superstars but McDavid isn't making double or triple every single one of his teammates.  


    You're punished for selecting a QB who turns into a franchise QB.  That's if you do it right.  Heaven help you if you pay a QB that lands you in cap purgatory (Prescott, Cousins) or, even worse, one that lands you in cap hell (Wilson).  


    A carve out probably lets the Raiders keep Carr.  I don't know what the solution is but you shouldn't have to gut your team because you found your franchise quarterback.  

    I do think there should be a cap on how much a player makes based on position. They are talking about Burrow getting $50 million a year which is beyond insane for any one player. WRs are starting to work their way to $30 million a year. It's getting out of hand. Teams are gonna cap strapping their teams with 2 or 3 players. That shouldn't happen

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  2. 3 hours ago, C.Biscuit97 said:

    You would be over the moon if we got him, be honest haha. He might fail and I think McDermott is a really good coach. But an off season of Payton working with Josh would have been amazing.

    I agree to a point.  But was he the only one frustrated with losing? Why can the other players act like pros while he stomps off like a little kid?


    ultimately, it’s fine. But wrs are so annoying at times. 

    I would not be "over the moon" or doing cartwheels. Don't be trying to think you know I would feel that way. I would think he was overrated because he is. I would rather trade for Andy Reid or Sean McVay or something than Payton

  3. 1 hour ago, Donuts and Doritos said:

    We'll, Payton's off to Denver, so it's all academic anyway. (Not that he was ever coming here since we aren't moving on from McD). Let's hope we fix the issues on the roster. 

    I didn't want Payton to come here anyway. I always thought he was kinda overrated 

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Donuts and Doritos said:


    That's why I said he's a top 5 all time coach, never said he was "mediocre". I agree his constant switching spots may have contributed, but the point is everyone thought bringing him in would equal SB win (much like some seem to think w/ Payton) & it didn't. & The fact that Payton isn't as good only makes my argument that bringing him in will not automatically equate to a SB ring that much more compelling.

    It doesn't make your argument if you're comparing him to Parcells lol. Everything else, I can understand 

  5. 3 hours ago, Donuts and Doritos said:


    He never won a Superbowl after he left the Giants. Sure, he improved teams & got them to the post season, but McD does that now. We're talking about upgrading not to reach the SB, but to win it, which Parcells (who's a top 5 all time great) never did. That's what I believe you'll get w/ Sean Payton, a great coach who won't get us a ring.


    Yes, never won a Super Bowl but that's kinda hard considering he quit every team within 3 to 4 years after he left the Giants. He would turn a franchise around and then leave. He's not a mediocre coach and he did well with every team he was a part of. He's a HOF coach and an all time great. Payton is nowhere near that and there should be no comparison. Not even the "poor man's" argument

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  6. 14 hours ago, Donuts and Doritos said:

    No!! Coached one of the best QBs & a good roster for 15 years & got 1 SB appearance/win in his 3rd season, other 14 years were the same as what we have now. He's not an upgrade & that's an expensive price to pay to get a poorer version of Bill Parcells post Giants coaching.

    Bill Parcells was still good after the Giants. Took the Patriots ro a Super Bowl. Turn around a 1-15 Jets team and took them to the Championship game 2 years later and then went to Dallas and made them a playoff team with Quincy freaking Carter at QB his first year after they did nothing for multiple years prior. You make it sound like Parcells was only mediocre after his Giants career. He was still very good and one of the best in the game and all time

  7. 51 minutes ago, BeastMode54 said:

    Whether he is here next year or not, the guy has had 7 concussions, and we haven't drafted a center since Eric Woods. I know LG, RG and RT are positions that get talked about as far as upgrading. But Center has to be a high priority

    It's 6 concussions and Eric Wood with no S

  8. 1 minute ago, John from Riverside said:

    Got it
    Myself, I think the Dolphins need to start line it up another quarterback, three concussions in one season for a quarterback is not good. He’s going to take a pounding next year and they’re just gonna be waiting for the ball to drop

    Entirely possible. We truly don't know what's going to happen

  9. Just now, HoofHearted said:

    Good luck with that lol. You wanna talk about seeing fans pulling their hair out. 😂

    This is why players should only be drafted that fit multiple schemes. If a DC leaves or a coach decides to change a scheme, then only picking players that fit one particular scheme are useless

  10. Just now, HoofHearted said:

    You'd be starting completely over defensively with that hire. Everyone complaining about wasting Josh's window - you're talking a 2-3 year transition from a personnel standpoint with a move like that.

    Well then I guess the players better adapt lol

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  11. Leslie Frazier's contract is now up and if McDermott and Beane are smart, he will not be resigned. I personally would like Vic Fangio. He had solid defenses in San Francisco and Chicago when he was with both teams. He's older but would be one of my top choices

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  12. There is a reason football is one and done in the playoffs. It's the most physically demanding sport there is. That's why there are only 17 games as opposed to the 82 you get with Hockey and Basketball or the 162 you get with Baseball. With double elimination in football, you're essentially asking these players to play upwards of 25 games a season. Football isn't made for that. Keep it the way it is

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