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  1. 3 hours ago, corta765 said:

    We are finally getting the last major piece of table set before camp and preseason as the schedule drops next week. Every year I do this piece and recap what changes in the schedule exist and what I think the Bills schedule will be.


    For the record last year I nailed two weeks, was off by a week on a bunch of games, and got four of the night games right. I might not be perfect to a T, but usually I am in a good ballpark of what is on the way. Let’s kick it off with schedule changes in terms of format by the NFL:


    -The NFL allows for up to 6 primetime games (any night game is primetime) and one flex. It use to be 5 night games and a flex but they increased it.

    -Thursday games can be played multiple times by teams now. It usually was capped at one per team, but the NFL altered that so a team can appear more then once.

    -There will be a black friday game this year free to all to see. Per Peter King of SI in todays column the fav for that game is PHI/NYG

    -There is no primetime minimum for teams, if you stink you may not get any primetime games. The NFL years ago dumped the rule that every team plays on Thursday so better matches can exist.

    -Monday night football will have double headers the first three weeks of the season.

    -Five European games with Bills, Jags, & Titans in London and Chiefs (probably playing the Bears Nov 5th or 12th) & Pats hosting games in Frankfurt.

    -You do not have to take a bye the week after going to Europe.

    -Christmas Day is on a Monday and again will have 3 games spread across the day.


    As for the Bills the recent interview by Sal C at WGR with Mike North VP of operations hinted strongly that the Bills will have a heavy primetime schedule again. They are in the trinity of Bills/Chiefs/Bengals which all have stud QBs and good games to show. Teams/networks cannot hold specific dates or games but they can make requests. Every team would love to open at home, have a bye week mid year, and finish at home too. The schedule isn’t perfect it’s more trying to balance some requests with league needs.


    After last years chaos across the season the message I have seen is regaining normalcy and continuity from the Bills front. My guess is while the Bills know they are going to be on primetime a lot  they probably don’t ask for opening night again nor Thanksgiving. Heading to London is a task in itself and the stadium the Bills play in only have open dates Sunday October 8th or 15th so take that as you will. 


    The AFC East now has the Jets with Rodgers and the Phins with a playoff team that added Jalen Ramsey. I would expect a night game vs each of them at minimum. The Patriots are probably the odd man out as they really lack star power after Matthew Judon and look to be 4th in division at this time. After playing the Pats at night three straight years   (2020 MNF, 21 MNF, 22 TNF) I think you actually see both games at 1pm as NE finally falls down the totem pole. The Bills non division schedule is loaded with quality opponents and large markets as any of DAL/NYG/PHI/WSH/CIN/KC/LAC/JAX are games that could/will be put in a primetime window without questions or 4:35 primetime Sunday spot. Buffalo has been a favorite for the mid December Saturday games since 2019 and I won’t be surprised to see that again. Last year the Bills had just 9 games at Sunday 1pm and my guess is they have the same or possibly less with the change in scheduling.


    With all of that said here is my prediction:




    It took me a bit to see what VEG was. I was like "we're playing vegetables week 1. I don't like that match up"

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  2. 19 minutes ago, RiotAct said:

    lol that is straight-up awful.

    Yeah, that's stupid. It reminds me of our 2017 season when our last 5 games were 








    It's like you gave a 3rd grader a project to complete and he threw it together the night before lol. The schedule makers haven't really been creative for a while

  3. 29 minutes ago, No_Matter_What said:


    Can you guys explain why do you think that Chiefs-Bills matchup will be this early for the 4th time in a row?

    It was the Commanders 2021 schedule. It was like they forgot the division games and were like "oh, sh*t. We have to put these in now" lol


    Their last 5 games that year








    Like, wtf is that? Lol



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  4. 18 minutes ago, No_Matter_What said:


    Can you guys explain why do you think that Chiefs-Bills matchup will be this early for the 4th time in a row?

    The NFL seems to keep Patterns going for a while. We have played Miami 3 straight years in Miami in September. We have played the Chiefs 3 years straight within the first 5-6 weeks of the season. Plus, I don't know if the NFL wants to make people wait to see Allen vs Mahomes that long. We also played the Titans who we don't play this year 3 straight years early in the season. Essentially, the last 3 years, the first 6 games have had pretty much the same oppents early in the season. Prior to last year, we played the Patriots in New England 5 straight years in week 16. The NFL schedule makers aren't very creative at times lol. Ask the Washington Commanders about their last 6 games last season lol

  5. 10 minutes ago, corta765 said:


    Oh don't worry I will, aiming for tomorrow morning. I wanted to wait a day so the post draft threads can work their way out. My goal is usually a week to 10 days in advance to beat the leaks.

    We're you the one that mentioned the Bills playing the Lions on Thanksgiving last year as well as opening with the Rams?

  6. 50 minutes ago, corta765 said:


    Post coming in the next day or so. Be ready and if you like 1pm games be ready to get mad

    Make sure you make a new thread so I don't miss it lol

  7. 4 hours ago, Zerovoltz said:


    AWESOME!  I have the same thing on my Chiefs schedule prediction I did in Feb 



    I figured week 4 was the best spot for that game. It's still early in the year and the perfect time for it I think

    4 hours ago, MJS said:


    Bring some hospital beds and IV pumps to set up on the sideline!

    Yeah, they will definitely definitely need to be taking multiple IVs during the game

  8. 1 minute ago, TheWeatherMan said:

    All of our away games minus Washington and Patriots are against quality opponents.   Our home games are…not so much. 

    Yeah, the home schedule is kinda boring. If we would have won the Super Bowl last year, the only opponent I would see as worthy enough to have opened on Thursday against is Dallas

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  9. Now that the draft is over, it's my next favorite time of the offseason...."schedule time". I have made my mock schedule and would love to see yours. Let me know what you think


    At New England Patriots 1:00pm CBS
    Denver Broncos 1:00pm CBS
    At New York Jets 1:00pm CBS
    At Kansas City Chiefs 8:20pm NBC
    Miami Dolphins 1:00pm CBS
    Las Vegas Raiders (London) 9:30am CBS
    Dallas Cowboys 8:15pm ESPN
    At Washington Commanders 1:00pm CBS
    At Cincinnati Bengals 4:25pm CBS
    New England Patriots 1:00pm FOX
    New York Jets (Black Friday) 4:25pm *Network TBD*
    At Philadelphia Eagles 4:25pm CBS
    Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00pm CBS
    New York Giants TBD
    At Los Angeles Chargers 8:15pm ESPN
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00pm FOX
    At Miami Dolphins TBD


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  10. 3 minutes ago, TFBillsfan said:

    DHop would be a HUGE addition to the offense. I’d consider giving up our 3rd round 2024 pick as it  likely would almost be a 4th. I don’t think it will be that straightforward though. 100% agree he isn’t playing for AZ this year.


    It’s not hard to expect Harty and Sheffield to have better numbers this year. Look at who they had throwing to them on their prior teams.

    No. Beane needs that one for our next undersized LB next year

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  11. 1 minute ago, MasterStrategist said:

    Kincaid is a TE/WR hybrid, he's basically a big slot.


    and re:Dhop, I was responding to another poster, who told me we were trading for him Thursday night. 


    Of course the narrative on Dhop will continue to change....smart money is on him being moved, but again that doesn't mean we are trading for him.

    I'm not saying we will and yes, Kincaid is a Hybrid but if he goes down, who takes the attention off Diggs? If Diggs goes down, is Kincaid what we have to rely on? If they both go down, who's pur WR1? Dhop makes so much sense and the fact that we haven't taken a WR yet still gives a little light at least that this might happen. Ian Rapaport said last night, there are a lot of moving parts in a Hopkins deal. The cap figure has to basically come down before he gets moved and a couple other things but he's getting moved. It's just a matter of to who and when. Because of all the moving parts, it won't happen this weekend

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