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  1. He's only visiting Buffalo and there's an 80 page thread on him because one poster thinks Beane will sign him. What a bizarre thought by me. (also who cares about multiyear, it could be rest of this season and next only.)
  2. Poyer has earned it for sure but we should have done that before. Now we will have to wait till later and hope we can still make it work. With all this said, OBJ wants to be here and its a perfect spot for everything to thrive and we can all go to the Glory Land together. Beane must make it happen now.
  3. what if he already feels that way with Knox
  4. Does anyone know the ANNOUNCING TEAM for this game?
  5. I was just wondering if we'd get another "Romo game" before the postseason. Good.
  6. Well with Giants and Cowboys looking quite underwhelming right now and if money is not a major factor, Odell should be favoring the Bills right now (Sunday Night)
  7. Chiefs Phins have a daunting schedule so will lose other gamesx we WANT the 1 Seed
  8. I am surprised Daquon Jones has been getting more playing time even when J P is healthy.
  9. It doesn't have to be helmet to helmet to get ejected. You can be ejected for anything and this qualified. Like unnecessary roughness can be for anything and at a higher degree of egregiousness can turn into an ejection. The ref does not have to prove it was a Legal or Illegal hit. That's why he did it so fast without even reviewing because he no longer cared whether the hit was legal. He just deemed it unnecessary to a high degree on the spot.
  10. Any news on the OBJ visit for today (12/2/2022) ?
  11. WR's take longer to get in, but yes, on pace.
  12. I thought you are not allowed to sell College Jerseys with name on the back
  13. When is the last time this guy played football? kinda need him back Thursday. Will it happen?
  14. Lions 24 Bills 21 We made Brisket look good last week, the lowly Goff will look even better, Jamal Williams 2 Td's, Their Lions team sucks overall but they always seem to be in games and sometimes win them.
  15. I was going to give a thumbsup before i saw you say dont even go for 2 there You go for 2 there and make it 14 point game at ANY time in the game, even the 1st Quarter.
  16. If we measured Tre's 40 time right now, what would it be?
  17. He still would have been the best QB on the Broncos and the Colts
  18. We are calling up Gentry from the PS...Yeah, its time to sign OBJ
  19. I guess its going to have to be at Chargers this week despite being touchdown favorites
  20. Is AB so low IQ that he posted this thinking it would make Tom look bad?
  21. I already knew that, it was simply left out and I was just being nice. So, your statement is invalid.
  22. The teasers and parlays are your only good point and that would be the books betting against us. For the vast majority/all of the other bets however, the bettors are betting against each other and the books are taking in the rake. And also this is what the line is set for(to get even money on both sides). And this line is used for teasers and parlays.
  23. right I got 7.5 on Monday morning as soon as i hear about the Injury before it was off all the boards. now its back on at an in-between line of 5.5 which shows some worry but is not damning yet.
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