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  1. Yeah man, just cause it was a 35-0 win doesnt mean it was perfectly played. 


    Of course no game is perfect. 

    Glad to have crushed the fins, but from our eyes, this offense is playing at a level where each playoff game is a coinflip.


    Wed like to be clear favorites going into wildcard weekend and on.

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  2. I live in Miami, fins fans are high on life right now. 


    I saw the game....Pats gave that one away even more so that we did the Steelers. 


    If we played at the level we did Sunday and the Fins played at the level they did Sunday we win by 10 at the lowest.


    Im going to be very hurt if we dont crush the Fins.



  3. Just now, buffalostu2 said:

    I think your title should say "more than Sanders" and leave Diggs out of it IMO.   I do think he should be WR 2 and I was upset when we are in the red zone in the second half and he didn't see one snap before the field goal.   I did not see him go off with an injury as suggested

    Hes the 2nd most important WR on this team next to Diggs. He has surpassed Beasley in importance IMO.

  4. Just now, Wayne Cubed said:


    The protocol is the same exact protocol as last year for unvaccinated individuals. The only change is the freedom vaccinated individuals get. So it was ok last season but not this season?


    Last year more people were inclined to stay inside. I personally expect smart non vaccinated players to understand they should avoid contact with individuals outside of the NFL.


    On the other hand, vaccinated players are going to expose themselves thinking they are safe, which they are clearly not, end up getting covid and the mess ensues. 

  5. Ill do it with bulletpoints


    -Chip on his shoulder since college


    -Will do anything to win

    -Very critical of himself (Wants to correct every wrong)


    Ive seen Josh on interviews/podcasts telling the hosts that he would curse himself out for doing something wrong on the field. He absolutely hates playing poorly.


    Hes gonna always try and be better than he was before.



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  6. Love that QBs are locked up long term.


    Roster quality will be hurting down the line 100%


    All teams with highly paid QBs will hurt their rosters sometime after their extension.


    We wont be seeing that for a couple of years which is good...but 3 years from now if we dont have a superbowl ring....the team wont be any better than it is now, makes it harder to win.


    Things that will help, keep the roster sound:


    Vets taking discounts to stay or come and join the team for a run. 

    Allen taking discounts.

    Drafting hit after hit.



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  7. Just by previous years youd have to say Diggs made Allen. Diggs has been doing it his whole career.


    Most Bills fans here know that Josh was going to make some sort of a jump in year 3 regardless of Diggs


    but Diggs made it look much better. 


    Either way, Allen has ascended and Diggs was a part of making that happen a lot sooner.

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