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  1. Well we can't expect them to do EVERYTHING correctly
  2. the Browns smartest move of the last twenty years was getting their first back from the Colts.
  3. I am not questioning that. I am saying that we have taken a RB high before. Without a decent QB, it goes nowhere. Even Fournette couldn't carry the Jags with Bortles playing like crap.
  4. CJ Spiller says hello
  5. Rumor: Shady on the Trade Block

    People have such selective memory...I defended Ragland from half this board ripping on him for being demoted to 3rd string in training camp last summer... Beane was not here for last draft. Anyways, Mahomes has shown nothing yet.
  6. Rumor: Shady on the Trade Block

    Dareus was a cancer. Lesean is our whole offense. I don't buy this at all.
  7. Did we have rumors like this last year? Don't remember honestly.
  8. Bears at 8 might be a good option if we do not want to break the bank.
  9. Vontae Davis on FA visit to Bills

    Of course, this likely means Gaines is gone
  10. What is better, no guns, or more guns?

    France...a place with no guns of any kind for anyone.
  11. McCoy for Foles.

    They just traded for Ajayi. Not gonna happen.
  12. Jags removing tarps

    Darren Sharper, Ray Rice and Josh Brown I assume.
  13. Best sub or hoagy ever

    I know I keep saying it, but if you want to venture to the East Side, Shy's Steakhouse has some of the best steak hoagies I have ever had.
  14. Gronkowski WILL RETIRE per - - -

    Hey wait, wasn't Gronk offered a porno career a couple years back? Are we sure that's not what he meant?
  15. Gronkowski WILL RETIRE per - - -

    You're family friends with Gostkowski?