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  1. I hate being a bills fan because of people like you. These miserable "woke" toxic fans that always have to be right. Always have to be a contrarian. For what? Is your life that miserable that you have to tear other people down when they're happy their team has the best record they've had since 1993? "Proudly booed them again today." Holy hell. I guarantee you weren't at the game because you would have been knocked the ***** out.
  2. Politely piss off with this pandering nonsense.
  3. Going by this, RGIII has the best passer rating in the league.
  4. QBR is the worst stat ever invented. You'd rather have a guy like Trubisky? Or Brissett?
  5. He needs to be at guard for a while. Nsehke wasn't much better; that last interception he wasn't even looking at the rusher.
  6. Every miserable curmudgeon complaining now needs to flip the radio onto WGR550 and soak in every word Nate Geary is saying.
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