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  1. That's a fine backup for fine backup money.
  2. Lmao we tried the two coaches thing with the Ryan Bros on defense. That worked out really well. You mean Browns legend Charlie Frye??
  3. Yeah I've got a few old NFL films tapes on that channel too. Some have been taken down, the rest have been demonetized. I'm not looking to profit off anything, I just want to preserve them for others to enjoy. Good catch. That's exactly what I was looking at. My mistake.
  4. Believe me, I tried. It seems that Norm Cady passed away a few years ago. I was unable to locate the producer. If I receive a claim, I'll be quick to remove it. I try to credit everything, even the pictures.
  5. This is a 1987 single by Norm Cady written for the upcoming Buffalo Bills season. I digitized the song off a cassette tape I purchased at an estate sale. I've been unable to find anything about it online, which leads me to believe it is fairly rare and was likely locally produced. If anyone knows anything about the song, let us know! The cassette is tagged "BUF-888." There is no information on it as to where it was produced, but a phone number is listed. The cassette has three versions of the same song on either side of the tape: the full version as heard here, an instrumental-onl
  6. How on earth are the Rams affording all these contracts?
  7. He had 1000 yards last season and was Josh's favorite target. Come on.
  8. I believe they boxed him in and he simply wasn't able to safely get the ball away without risking grounding or a pick.
  9. I LOVED that the players got chippy. I loved that they didn't stand there and take the cheap shots from the Chiefs. I don't think we have to worry about the players losing faith in McD.
  10. You're welcome to think that. I'll remain hopeful.
  11. I bet Daboll will have better options next season. Vikings and Bengals are my predictions.
  12. Jared Cook is another old fart that needs to hang it up. Man's been responsible directly for two turnovers tonight.
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