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  1. We had beaten Tennessee three or four seasons in a row, including twice with McD. It was a Tuesday night game missing a couple starters like White on a wacky schedule in the rain. Titans just got slapped around by the Cards, so let's see how the season shakes out.
  2. None of the linemen were good but Feliciano was especially atrocious.
  3. I don't think NE's defensive line is close to Pitt's. The closest we are going to see to that will be KC or Washington (Chase Young scares me).
  4. I miss Bobby Woods, one of the best picks of the drought era.
  5. KC is the best in the league, I don't see how losing to them is "choking" TENN was a very special set of circumstances, you have to admit. We played outstanding against Baltimore. Have some nuance.
  6. Trying to add speed has left us with TJ Grahams and Marquise Goodwins. Make smart picks, not some dude with glass hands who happens to run a 4.2 40.
  7. Miami can't keep getting away with fluke turnovers. Oh, and Mac is going to be way better than Tua (for better or for worse)
  8. Tua's longest career pass is 36 yards?!
  9. Jones seems to be way better under pressure. Tua is 0-4 with that abysmal INT
  10. Unfortunately, Mac Jones is far better than Tua.
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