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  1. BillsEnthusiast

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    Sounds like someone is determined to hate everything we do
  2. BillsEnthusiast

    Sounds like Dolphins are headed for full rebuild in 2019

    I wonder if they'll kick the tires on Sam Bradford or someone like Mike Glennon. Both are expert tank commanders
  3. BillsEnthusiast

    Andre Reed Criticizes Personnel Decisions

    He played hard for us but he was as good as gone when his contract was up. He loves California. As for the rest, what exactly did Watkins do last night except fumble? KB wasn't even active.
  4. BillsEnthusiast

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    It shows that one was motivated and the other quit. And Fales didn't "almost" beat us, we let our feet off the gas. Game wasn't close.
  5. BillsEnthusiast

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    neither team had anything to play for on December 30. We won 42-17.
  6. BillsEnthusiast

    Tyree Jackson v. Josh Allen

    Josh won his bowl game
  7. BillsEnthusiast

    Which AAF Team to root for.

    Hell yes, Steve Spurrier ftw!
  8. A reporter based in Rochester (Sabres beat writer for a tv station) said the same thing, and he says it'll be announced within a day.
  9. BillsEnthusiast

    All the Bowl Games (because we already miss CFB)

    Don't post much about college, but Benny Snell is gonna be a good one to watch in the next couple years. Love his power, and good balance too on that sideline run.
  10. BillsEnthusiast

    Josh Allen Rookie Season Highlight Video

    If you watch this video, I really see marked improvement from the Chargers game. He's hanging in the pocket more and looks more decisive.
  11. BillsEnthusiast

    New York Jets: HC Todd Bowles fired

    Bowles is basically Gus Bradley/Ken Wisenhunt - great coordinators but lousy head coaches. I bet he is hired quickly.
  12. BillsEnthusiast

    Kyle Williams: Officially Retires

    Can you politely can it for just a little while while we celebrate Kyle's career?
  13. Mass destruction for all at OBD then. God help us! Oh and you're absolutely pathetic for making fun of people for being hopeful. Absolutely pathetic.
  14. I'm not sure man, there are cracks starting to form in that Rams team. Like some have said in the Twitterverse, when the game stops going the way the Rams want it, things have a tendency to fall apart. Also Goff is really regressing.