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  1. This should be the only post in this thread. The rest is wild speculation about coverups asserted as fact and a post-liking circle-jerk in response
  2. I've said this a few times, but assuming we make it, this will make us a much better football team on wild card weekend than had the opposite been true. The Jets are no slouches defensively either.
  3. I'm confused on the event that flipped people from wondering about what's in the tape to "it's obvious that this specific event was belichick collecting signs on the sideline disguised as a kraft employee, and not only is this obvious, but it's also obvious that the NFL is covering it up" I missed something? As far as I know we know as much as we did when the initial reports came down, and no ruling has come in from the league yet?
  4. 20-13 Pittsburgh, TDs are defensive and from a short field on a turnover.
  5. But your point was to treat him like a running back because he sarcastically sniped it as a response to people who used to call him a running back, after putting up a dazzling quarterback performance, which doesn't make any sense.
  6. Bruh, this was very obviously him taking a shot at people who said he wasn't a QB, after throwing for like 350 yards and a bunch of TDs.
  7. A big NFL footballl game for the Buffalo Bills, for me, a fan that started watching in 2005? National TV, when the last Sunday night game I watched was 56-10 vs NE? Yes, the NFL is terrifying, I can barely eat on Sundays and this is the biggest game of my fanhood in a city we haven't won in since before I was born, against a defense capable of making our polarizing QB look horrible and lose us the game It's absolutely terrifying as they all will be (sans the Jets game if we don't need it) until next September
  8. I'm almost positive when Tomlin tried to make a big deal out of this, it was shown that the Pats, nor any other home NFL team, have anything to do with the headsets, it's the NFL itself
  9. Doesn't the NFL control those frequencies? Not the home team/stadium? And what does this have to do with that lmao
  10. Because the investigation is still ongoing. They'll release it if something shady happens.
  11. Literally the last time I felt this way was before the Browns game so this doesn't exactly help hah
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