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  1. Someone should show him this and remind him that the Bills score >500 points last year.
  2. Lol, enjoy watching *checks notes* Kirk Cousins from your *flips page* 'autonomous zone,' buddy
  3. Late to the party, but that definitely recruits way more stabilizing muscles, which makes it harder. It's also the dumbest exercise I've ever seen and if I ran a team and saw one of my athletes doing this I'd fire their trainer for them. It's definitely dumb to imagine that a human being who isn't an NFL player could know anything about fitness, which is why we shouldn't be allowed to criticize Moreno's foray into crossfit Henry's, er, bizarre choice of exercise.
  4. We've played more than that in them. Also beat the Lions and I'm pretty sure we've both won and lost to the jets in them
  5. A gimmick jersey against a historic franchise in a mammoth nationally televised game. Kim, I love ya. But come on.
  6. That play was actually a success. He filled his gap, so the RB went to the A gap, and was stuffed by Hyde for no gain/a slight loss. With Tremaine's momentum and angle that were required to fill it, it is unreasonable to have expected him to stone that RB cold. He did his job perfectly on that play
  7. Almost positive that 75 is a really good QBR. You might be mixing it up with passer rating which was like 139 last night. Mahomes has 31 TD and 2 picks, 8.2 ypa, 318 ypg, only 2 fumbles and has a season qbr of 85. Last year his was 79, the mvp year was 80. Had allen run a little more and not fumbled he'd be up there. This QBR is higher than 9 of bradys 15 seasons played since they started tracking
  8. I live here, and the last 3 dozen + times I've been in public, mask adherence has been PERFECT. Not nearly perfect, but perfect. don't be so accusatory when a seasonal virus surges during its, season. Or go ahead and do it, and why not do a rain dance as well just to be sure we get some precip.
  9. The Bills have a window as long as Josh Allen is healthy and here. With all of our problems, and with all of the development he still needs to do before he's at his peak, we are 7-2 with the schedule that made everyone poop their pants, and exactly 1 scary team left on it the rest of the way (though several good teams). He will consistently get us to where we need to be to have a chance, even when the team is struggling elsewhere
  10. I don't think it's about Tua as much as its about the 2 qbs available where they might be picking
  11. Their defense is not just as bad. They are giving up more than 100 yards per game more than the Bills do - 460 yards per game. That is horrendous, and has nothing to do with garbage time, as most of their games have been close all the way through. They're giving up 4 more points per game as well, which translates to being ranked 10 spots lower than the Bills (14th vs 24th). Their defense is a lot worse than ours. It is historically bad.
  12. There is a point here, jokes aside. It's amazing how Klein gets absorbed by blocks. I swear I saw a RB hold him at the LOS, and he never got past it
  13. I, too, wish AJ Klein was instead All-Pro Bobby Wagner
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