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  1. I would like to be a Buffalo bill too. But it's not happening.
  2. This doesn't really illuminate anything. It ignores that the Bills could trivially make the cap space needed for the OBJ deal as mentioned many times. It would be one thing if the sources addressed this but it seems they just see our 2 mil in space and say "that's not 15"??
  3. Whenever I play through seasons in Face of the franchise mode, the bills are like 6-11 every year lol
  4. The Bills are an elite football team that went 13-3, almost certainly got better, and will hopefully be healthier. The Jets won 7 games, didn't score a touchdown in their last 3 and added a 39 year old QB who hasn't shown anything other than mediocrity in at least 16 months now I don't care that the jets went 1-1 against us in 2022. The Chiefs didn't care in 2021 that the raiders beat them in 2020. It's completely irrelevant
  5. Nobody thinks they'll be huge contributors. Reasonable people think they can improve on Mckenzie and Kumerow, while the RBs run through a fortified interior OL. And we won 14 football games last season,out of 18. The Jets finished SIX games behind us. They better hope that they progress a bit!!
  6. This is honestly such bad football talk hurr durrr, da bills isnt aggressive enough!! They, er, don't blitz enough, and they use soft zone coverage! Ha! Do you have any data that shows the Bills are "soft" more than other teams? Do you have data that shows teams use press coverage in more situations, resulting in better outcomes, than the Bills D? Because statistically, the Bills D gets better outcomes than the vast majority of the league. Statistically, more 'aggressive' defense against the top flight QBs brings WORSE results for that defense. This is why teams never play man against Josh, or Mahomes. It's why they never blitzed Brady or Manning. This is a huge reason why our screen game is bad - all eyes in the backfield, rare blitzing (which screens can torch). The QBs you want to pound into submission have mastered avoiding that and destroying defenses that try it, and the WRs you want to mangle at the line with press man coverage would burn our DBs so quick (because you can't have Allen, and Diggs, and Miller, and Milano, and Sauce, and Ramsey etc.) that you and he would again be the first person in the thread bitching about the coaching and how terrible the Bills are. How many times did the Bills blitz Mike White? they change their formula based on their opponent, and their reasoning is on a level so far beyond the fans that throw tomatoes it's embarrassing I'd love Einstein or you to teach me something about these defensive splits for the Bills and the league, but it's all vague complaining and screenshots of the same play against cinci which was by definition the most aggressive defensive call in the book (and backfired). It's not the critique, it's that it's dumb critique for the sake of critiquing
  7. Those teams are garbage lol. Ours is elite
  8. Stats are not the thing to look at with Davis. He has a good QB, so his counting stats could over represent his ability. His depth of target is insanely high so his drops and catch percentage could under represent his ability. The problem with Davis is he runs like 3 routes well, and all of them take time to develop. He is bad at running other routes and in general is not quick so is rarely a good option when Josh is pressured. These things are typical for WR3, and he's very good in that role. When these are the characteristics of your WR2 in an offense that doesn't like to throw to TEs, you get the inconsistencies and frustrations we saw at times last year. He said the Sabres' situation is outstanding, not the team. The team is merely good, and young, and locked up to great contracts, and scored the 3rd most goals in the league with a stud goalie incoming. You disingenuously represented his comment. He is correct that the Sabres are positioned as well as an up and coming team can be. They have to take that step, and you can't deny their 12 years of futility, but any honest measurement of the current team has to conclude that the window of despair is closed barring catastrophe to a degree unreasonable to expect.
  9. This poster is not particularly bright.
  10. Was gonna say I've heard both of them say this a dozen times
  11. These guys have a lot of airtime to fill all summer. The result is stuff like this
  12. I'll be tagging you for your thoughts when D Hop has a good year wherever he goes
  13. Hopkins has played 10 seasons, and he only has missed significant time in 2 of them - one for the PED thing (which IIRC was a misunderstanding during some offseason recovery and not just blasting roids?) and one for a fluke injury. Yes, those two things happened in the most recent consecutive years, but again the PED thing was a one-off and the knee thing wasn't a recurring "this guy is always injured" it was a fluke one-off injury to his MCL
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