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  1. Hundreds of posts on an opposing team's message board, presumably all patrolling for comments about your precious team. God you guys are ridiculous and sad
  2. Without a doubt. It took all of 30 seconds on the first day at my graduate department 1500 miles from Buffalo for the three other Sabres/Bills fans in the department from the area to notice my shirt and have enthusiastic conversations with me about Buffalo.
  3. Yeah, thank god O'Reilly is over there poisoning the St. Louis locker roo- oh Well thank god Vlad Sobotka and Tage Thompson weren't two of the worst skaters in the entire NHL this year, and that our locker room doesn't have any more cancers/quitters, hello Berglu- oh Dareus-ROR is a terrible comparison.
  4. None of your extensive number of posts on this topic have been remotely compelling
  5. For me we're at a point where I'd give this regime a shot with another QB if Allen busts in the next 2-3 years, provided that's the only major problem with everything.
  6. Pretty freaking dumb move to put the thread made about the signing in this one, IMO. once it gets talked about a bit, everyone is going to be lost trying to find the original post and therefore all of the discussion about it. Needless. They are two separate and thread-worthy events.
  7. Lmao that bar just looks like a regular bar on a regular Thursday
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