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  1. Judging by the reactions of typical fans in the titans thread, I guess we are still going to pretend this was the virus we feared in March rather than the one we have data on now. Sometimes I have little hope for humans
  2. I've been looking for this info. The NFL is aware that they only have to worry about a Ct positive that would be conducive to a player who is probably already showing symptoms, which is why we're seeing everyone play every week, while getting a barrage of cases everywhere else.
  3. I wasn't alive to watch the SB teams, but I've seen plenty of highlights of Kelly dropping dimes left and right on teams in all kinds of Buffalo weather.
  4. Who made this chart? Somebody needs to send them to a data visualization colloquium or something
  5. I might have missed some videos, but I wish they had more cameras pointing at certain things longer during moments like the last drive. I'd have loved to see everyone on the sidelines' extended reactions to the TD. Coaches, defensive players etc. We really only got brief tastes in the highlights and live game.
  6. I'm at work right now but I can try to summarize to the best of my knowledge later. I am merely repeating what I've read from actual MDs with my own layman understanding (though I do have a knack for reading scientific papers because of a stem background so that has helped along the way). For now, just because we CAN be extremely sensitive with our measurements, we shouldn't just dial it up well past the point necessary for detecting a minimally transmissable/sickening viral load. But we do this, and base legislation off of the results of this testing. This gives a lot of unnatural behavior, in the form of flattening numbers in a lot of places (in reality, viral curves are never flat/in equilibrium in nature over long periods of time).
  7. Right. I mentioned a few weeks back that at the Bills games I went to last year, I was less cramped and near fewer people than some of the shopping runs I've had to go on during covid. Spending time next to more strangers in non-open-air surroundings in the stores. They'll get this done because these numbers aren't really dangerous, especially with timed entrance/exiting. They'll slowly scale up from there. If we're lucky, our home AFCCG will be packed to the brim
  8. 7000 people on timed exit/entry, of a facility and parking grounds that large, is probably exponentially safer for fans than the inevitable piling into their buddy's living room that is the alternative 😅
  9. Fauci was endearing to me in March. Boy was I fooled. There may not be a bureaucrat I trust less.
  10. Actually, I'm not going to post the plot because I'm not convinced data lag/reporting is finished yet. Yeah, 45 is literally insane. If we tested for any other virus like this we'd be ordered to never leave our bedrooms again
  11. Long term solution - fans in stands on defense. Force them to stand in the concourse otherwise
  12. You see the Spain case plots when they made the testing switch?
  13. I think we are in the beginning of the new "good old days," and will remember this game, season, and era for a long, long time.
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