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  1. Again I'm so grateful for these responses! My birthday is quite soon and I've made clear which books I'd prefer
  2. Hi folks, Like most of you here, I am rather obsessed with the Bills and the sport in general. The more I watch and the longer I am a fan, the more I realize just how complex football is from a strategy standpoint. And I barely grasp any of this - different blocking schemes, offensive personnel packages, defensive coverages and disguises, general strategy, the history of its development and all that. I can barely recognize when a defense is in zone or in man coverage, and that's about it. The rest of my time watching football is just cataloging the obvious things - That was a first down! what a bad drop! what a nice run! And so on. I don't know how to think through a play I see, and find where it failed, when something is Daboll's fault versus Josh etc. What I'm asking is if anyone has recommendations for resources to begin to learn all of this stuff. Something that can teach me how cover 2 and cover 4 differ, and all of the other coverages, with diagrams/film examples. If possible, if there are any books or internet sites out there that are quite thorough and don't leave much out. I don't care if it's 1000 pages long, I'm ready to commit to a long term studying project, especially sitting at home in quarantine. For example, I found this long reddit post that is impressive: https://www.reddit.com/r/footballstrategy/wiki/index but I don't see a lot of photos or video and I worry that it'd be hard to connect to what I see on the screen. If anyone has suggestions, and stories of how they learned, it would be much appreciated!
  3. The way he immediately got up and bowed to the crowd, after seeing yellow, is what burns in my memory. We make that stop, we have a better shot at winning that game, and the drought ends that much quicker.
  4. Twitter is garbage. And I struggle to comprehend how someone can read the tweet in the post I quoted and think it's worthy of being posted anywhere.
  5. That CDC warning was literally just to practice "usual travel precautions" when travelling to the area of the virus outbreak. Lol. " Reports indicate that some of the patients were vendors at the Wuhan South China Seafood City (South China Seafood Wholesale Market) where, in addition to seafood, chickens, bats, marmots, and other wild animals are sold, suggesting a possible zoonotic origin to the outbreak. The market has been closed for cleaning and disinfection. Local authorities have reported negative laboratory test results for seasonal influenza, avian influenza, adenovirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV), and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) among patients associated with this cluster. Additional laboratory testing is ongoing to determine the source of the outbreak. Health authorities are monitoring more than 150 contacts of patients for illness. CDC has issued a level 1 travel notice (“practice usual precautions”) for this destination." Talk about a misleading tweet.
  6. I can follow your baseball reasoning, but the Bills/Bengals in 2017 is nowhere close to the same thing. The Bills were objectively in the top 6 AFC teams by the established rules, and no matter how they got in there, any team below them was infinitely less deserving of the spot. Was Baltimore supposed to get in after failing to beat a weak Bengals team when that was all they needed to do to get in?
  7. I do have to ask, what has the EU done for its constituent nations and people? I see Russian military vehicles on the streets of Italy bringing supplies. What has Brussels done? Maybe it's something - I don't know what.
  8. I was absolutely screaming at him to go down that whole jog. same thing on Brady's last pass as a pat. Don't go in the end zone!! but in each case we were treated to a pretty sweet moment.
  9. We went from 100 to this 1,000 in seven days, and both cases and deaths are growing faster than any other country has recorded at this point
  10. 100% agree. He was always looking to run up field, and taking his eyes off the ball for his drops. his hands are not the issue, like you say. which is good as far as coachability is concerned.
  11. I do not like those Bills uniforms as a regular set, but would enjoy seeing them as a one time thing.
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