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  1. "It's fun to pretend there will be a season this year." "I'd bet you anything I own there'll be a season this fall." He set the bet by laughing off the idea that football will happen. I'm betting that an NFL season will happen. I don't pretend to know the way it will happen, the way he's pretending to know there won't be any football this fall. So we'll see what he stumbles to from there.
  2. I'd bet you anything I own that there will be an nfl season this fall.
  3. There are MLB games in a few weeks. The NFL season, which normally encompasses a span 2.5 - 6.5 months from now, will have games
  4. He is bad independent of the injury, and the toll his body has taken over the years means that even though he's technically recovered from the shoulder thing, he is hardly going to be springy, spry, and gung-ho for contact out there.
  5. Cam is physically shot and was utterly horrendous before being shut down. Brady is still good
  6. Cam is about 8% of the player that won MVP half a decade ago.
  7. Josh, how dare you quote rap lyrics, or a tv show or whatever, as a teenager?? That must have been the dumbest conversation in Allen's life.
  8. Every player on this team has sent something as bad, or worse, in a text message before, of course they'll forgive him. They understand it's just a roll of the dice that it wasn't THEM in national spotlight for dumb ***** they've said to people They're elite 20something males, ie peak human stupidity
  9. I'd bet money the cause of death was not asphyxiation or anything related to the officer's knee. Itd make a lot of things make sense. It would make people razing their own city make even less sense
  10. All I see are a bunch of avid joggers checking out the stores with their buddies. Just guys being dudes. They'll check out local construction sites next
  11. Just yesterday in my own limited Twitter feed I saw a viral video obviously incorrectly claiming that undercover cops started the Minneapolis fires, and blue checks tweeting fake images of the cop in the suffocation case (who is likely going to be prosecuted and thrown in jail if what we think happened did happen), trying to make believe that he was some other dude in a racist hat. Both of these things were viral by numerous posters, and had more combined likes/retweets than anything Trump puts out, and both are still untouched by twitter fact checking and will remain so. It's a joke that they're trying this endeavor and it will backfire likely in more than one way But hey, at least we pwned Drumpf!!! XD that'll teach him
  12. Although a CNN fact checker explains why hordes of bloodthirsty lunatics were allowed to use the platform to try and destroy the life of an innocent high schooler for having a drum beat in his face by a drooling, lying moron, with no repercussions or acknowledgement
  13. Twitter goes around suspending people who suggest wearing masks in the wrong month moments after they tweet and simultaneously allows Chinese gvt figures to tweet out conspiracies about corona starting in the USA, with no hint of "independent fact checking" Child porn gets openly traded for weeks before they notice because they're too busy plugging political takes as "independent fact checks" Twitter is a joke and if they want to get into this business they should and will be held accountable for the mountains of vile, from the aforementioned CP to daily threats and libel and God knows what else, that gets posted and remains for extended periods of time
  14. The reason that play is designed that way is for that exact scenario to be covered safely, an incomplete pass rather than a fumble. It's why Josh got a touchdown pass for the McKenzie sweep against the Giants, in which he simply dropped it into Isaiah's hands
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