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  1. Watched that Stafford video. It's crazy how other teams' receivers can make plays. When I watch the Bills, I subconsciously decide whether or not they're going to make the catch as the camera pans to where the throw is going and I see the receiver. If the receiver is NFL open, has 2-3 yards of open field around him with no Db in that frame, and the ball is well thrown, I generally assume that 85% of the time it's a catch. If I see a DB closer than that to the receiver, my prediction drops to about 25% of a successful catch, given a good pass. These Lions receivers in that video are making 15 catches a game that my brain would tell me the Bills receivers have, at best, a 25% chance at. We REALLY need receivers so we can know what Josh Allen actually is.
  2. Was it those two that lost a child fairly recently?
  3. Yup. If he hadn't picked our defense apart in Week 16, we would have had a home playoff game this year.
  4. I'm positive that the employee in question will be punished, and maybe Kraft fined, but at this point if they're still looking because they haven't found a connection to Bill B, they're probably not going to find one. Of course, Bills land will blow up with conspiracies the moment it happens
  5. I like Hopkins, but that was pretty dumb of him to have posted that. I hope you enjoyed your team's utter embarrassment the next weekend.
  6. OP, you don't need to remove the final Jets game to say that our losses besides PHI are all by one score or less. We lost the Jets game by one score. 13-6
  7. You got every single react. Congratulations
  8. I may have missed an explanation as I haven't read every post here, but why does Chris Kelsay appear as often as he does? Just asking because I was a young fan when he was here, didn't understand much, and he always seemed fine to me.
  9. Lazy take. He's outstanding. NE was top 2 this year (not number 1) in fewest holding penalties called against them, but was only 20th the year before. In 2017 they were 10th, in 2016 they were 27th.
  10. Don't think that's it considering the AFCCG was the lowest rated in 11 years people are interested in hating the Pats
  11. Completely disagree. Penalties were awful and regular, and Roberts was reliable and saved me a lot of ripped out hair in punt return situations versus many recent Bills seasons
  12. I haven't seen Stidham play since college but in college his release was somewhere between Kaep and Tebow on the awfulness scale. It's like he's pulling the ball out of a holster on his hip rather than throwing from his ear like you're supposed to. Strip sack city
  13. Uh, did you shut it off when the punt team trotted out on the field? Because if it's the time I'm thinking of, they ran a fake punt and got the first down and then scored a TD
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