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  1. There was literally nothing trollish about what any fan said about Darnold, and the poster comparing his instincts and accuracy to Allen has a point that even the most biased Bills fan should feel deep down if they bother to watch both players. That doesn't mean Allen can't become everything we need him to be. It's insane how this forum jumps on any post that doesn't paint the Bills in divine light.
  2. Ah yes, all different opinions that could ever be construed are equal, valid, and necessary for diverse and in-depth discussions /s Offseason-overconfident bills fans are infinite, they were there in droves in 2002, they're here now, and they're insane
  3. Not positive, but Sal (I think) said he, Murphy, and Wood will be covering it because it's their "training camp" too, to get ready for the season on the broadcasting side of things. I'd assume that would be on WGR, but I didn't hear it explicitly stated.
  4. I don't care about the presence of political commentary occasionally weaved into something like this, but the number and nature of the political jabs in these this season just feels forced and a tad desperate or something. Not particularly clever.
  5. I've been to finheaven and another Dolphins forum and I can't find any meaningful Josh discussion other than a few generally optimistic comments, aand one thread declaring their QB situation the best in the league. Maybe I misread your post, did you see doom and gloom? Or are you just laughing at their optimism in general? It reads just like ours has any year in the past really.
  6. I like Allen and think he shows promise too, but I'm with Ol Dirty B. You guys are nuts here
  7. Hundreds of posts on an opposing team's message board, presumably all patrolling for comments about your precious team. God you guys are ridiculous and sad
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