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  1. "Come back when you get to 1000" lmao That's pretty funny
  2. So we had 1 timeout left before Allen's last run, right before Bass's kick. The TV showed no timeouts when we kicked. So I'm assuming that Allen stayed in bounds (what it looked like), and we burned a timeout. Why the hell did we burn this timeout with 7 seconds left? It gave DET a chance on a kickoff. If the clock runs down to 4, and you call it then, regulation ends on the kick.
  3. Nope, we were 7-4. But then lost our next two.
  4. I like this look but notice that it is attached to some bad losses. Let's attach it to some good wins then
  5. Pretty sure they wore blue on blue for Dallas. At the very least it was blue on white
  6. For me, if the post doesn't send right away I have a habit of clicking the button again, which makes it post twice like that. Not sure if that's the only cause, but it's pretty common
  7. The chiefs are so far in my head. I'm so mad at the bills for already squandering their hold on the 1 seed. We are going to have to go there again if we get that far. AGAIN.
  8. Your post directly implies that if humans didn't exist there wouldn't be this huge LES storm in Buffalo You are silly
  9. Despite Twitter being the subject of this week's epic dork tantrum, I haven't noticed a difference yet. As someone who works in tech, There are a loooooot of incredibly redundant, incredibly cushy jobs out there. This could spell danger to a lot of those jobs if Twitter ends up continuing to function alright
  10. There is no snow forecasted for Sunday at game time. None. The league knows this. Yet the game is moving. I'll let you put this information together with my post you quoted
  11. Dumb take. This game is moving if we had a dome too
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