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  1. Every single week a not-insignificant portion of posts here goes directly to how (sometimes good, much more often awful) any crew in the Bills game is. This board is why I know the names and voices of literally any announcing crew, and can rank all by preference. But when people get upset about the things that are said, it's 100% of the time because they're said about Beth, which is eye-roll-inducing because there are insults hurled all over the place at announcers here any given week.
  2. Here's an outline. He was a disaster, and his last starts contain bottom 5 QBing performances I've ever seen. https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/colin-kaepernick-49ers-start-chip-kelly-nfl-buffalo-stats-career-highlights-fantasy-101116
  3. Nailed it. So insightful. It's incredibly important that we broadly paint large groups of people we don't know on the internet with accusations of utterly fundamental, evil character faults - it's the only way for meaningful dialogue and growth as a nation
  4. Happily. By the end, he was sailing passes on 6 yard out routes 10 feet over guys' heads, and couldn't recognize when defenses were pulling CBs off his WRs entirely, leaving them with 20 yards of space between them and the nearest defenders. His coach gave him one read plays and he essentially wasn't allowed to throw the ball past the sticks. This was literally three years ago. If he was that bad three years ago and hasn't touched a football in a serious situation since, his ability to play is almost certainly significantly below where it needs to be to be a backup QB. A backup QB is, ideally, a player that fits well into his team's system stylistically, even if he's not as talented as the starter. There are no systems that involve devolving/breaking every single play to have a prayer for a meaningful completion.
  5. In 2016, the Cardinals were so indifferent to the idea of him throwing the ball that they pulled both corners off of the WRs. The WR on the left sideline never had anyone line up on him. The CB covering the guy to the right walked to the DE as the snap was about to happen, leaving both WRs with nobody anywhere near them. Kaep not only didn't complete a throw to one of two wide open options, he didn't even notice that this had happened despite his WRs screaming at him, and handed the ball off up the middle for no gain. He was reduced to a 1 read QB and that read was never allowed to be 10 yards down the field. He was benched for Gabbert twice. We have played almost three full seasons since these games and he hasn't seen the field for any of this time, in a league where a wall of fame caliber guy like Fred Jackson can go from hero to cut in three offseason months, much less three years. Why on earth would any team even consider this, and that's without coming within a mile of talking about the political stuff?
  6. Losing that undefeated season before Columbus day, nice
  7. Yeldon, who inexplicably stopped running.
  8. He had a good week, and if Yeldon doesn't stop running, he has zero INTs on the day. Not saying it would have been completed, but it wouldn't have been a gimme interception either. I don't see any accuracy issues. Just flaws in decision-making, that have only happened every other week this season as opposed to several times per week last season. I know people screech about 4 turnovers in the Jets game, but if you can't differentiate between how those happened and how the ones against NE happened, there's no saving you.
  9. LMAO. It's been a running theme here all season how our relative offensive/defensive dominance in these very games hasn't been reflected in the score. Why is it suddenly impossible to picture when a guy describes the same thing happening against our Bills in that game? Therefore he could only OBVIOUSLY be describing a blowout, and since it wasn't, he's OBVIOUSLY wrong?
  10. This is obviously a good touchdown, but I can't wait for it to be confirmation that the refs hate Buffalo and the league is rigged.
  11. If this didn't happen, the thread title needs to be changed
  12. Yup, it's never been good, though being o-fer at this point is still mildly surprising.
  13. Allen probably won't be relevant for this game.
  14. Score less than what? That score beats what we've put up in half of the games, and is only 1 point less than what we got in another. It's more than our current points per game
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