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  1. 2 minutes ago, Gregg said:

    From another Bills board.


    Although Buffalo Bills fans want Bass to be cut, his contract likely makes it unlikely for him to be released as one fan pointed out. Bass signed a four-year contract extension through the 2027 season and has a $7,380,000 dead cap if he's released, so the money is tough to move on from the kicker....

    If he’s losing you games because he can’t kick, then you eat the cost

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  2. 14 hours ago, muppy said:

    I am bumping this in case anyone wants to renew their Sunday ticket subscription before the discount deadline which is 5/16


    It is the $100 early discount rate if you already have YTTV Regularly at $349


    Renewing through your YTTV online account to be sure you receive the correct pricing. $249.00 no red zone. That;s what I got.

    It renews on its own, correct?

  3. 3 hours ago, Sweats said:

    Kickers are a funny breed.....they could miss an easy chip shot and then it weighs on them all game long, to the point where you see them shanking to the left and right trying to over-compensate for issues that are all in their minds to begin with.

    Or in terms of Bass, he could miss “easy” chip shots (a la the Steelers playoff game) AND miss the moderate to difficult FG attempts. Not a good combo. 

    im a little disappointed we haven’t brought any one in to compete. I have a feeling we are going to stubbornly stick with him until it’s too late and is costs us a couple games. I know he has a big cap hit, but if he’s hurting our team, you can’t have him playing. 

    1 hour ago, DapperCam said:

    It wasn’t just one game, he struggled a big chunk of the year to the point where he lost the trust of the coaching staff.


    That is why I’m puzzled with the third down call there at the end of the KC playoff game. It was third and long. Should have been a quick underneath throw, a run, or an Allen keeper to pick up a chunk of it and go for it on 4th down. Poor tactics from the OC in the clutch there.

    I mean he cost us the Patriots and Eagles games this year IMO. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, ddaryl said:

    I mean yeah I hate him as much and I hated Tom Brady, but once the games/career is over I tip my hat. 

    I almost hate Mahomes more for two reasons 1) recency bias 2) our teams against Brady all sucked so it wasn’t like Brady was really holding us back from any Super Bowls. 

    but the 13 seconds season and this past season I legitimately think we would have won the Super Bowl if we were just able to get past Mahomes. 

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Figster said:

    Speaking of kids, the Gurdian Cap has been well accepted by both the parents and schools that have started using them because of the reduction in head injuries it provides. Parents feel the players are safer and the players themselves feel safer which increases confidence and benefits play.

    If the guardian caps protect heads and it is proven, why the heck doesn’t the helmet making companies just make soft shell helmets essentially with more padding instead of the hard plastic or carbon fiber material it uses now?

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  6. 1 hour ago, ToGoGo said:

    He’s incredible but he’s 31. We need to think long term. 3-5 years at least. 

    If we use up our picks and take on a huge contract it should be for someone younger like Jefferson or Aiyuk. 

    I haven’t watched a ton of 49ers football, but Aiyuk doesn’t seem like someone who really takes a game over and dominates like Justin Jefferson. I could be wrong. But I would be disappointed if we gave a boatload of picks and a big contract up for someone like Aiyuk

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  7. 2 hours ago, zow2 said:

    I remember watching a YouTube video of the Bills being interviewed in the lockerroom directly after SB25.   The WKBW reporter was talking to Norwood.  He was talking about the missed kick and the mechanics that went through his head.  This was probably within 30 mins of the game ending.  I just think, wow you miss a kick that big it has to weigh on your mind for every future big kick.  That's what worries me about Bass.  That miss vs KC cut him deep.  Will he overthink future kick? Will he improve or decline as his career goes on.  Must be nice to have a kicker like Butker who never seems to miss a big kick.

    It’s not only that miss against KC. It’s the collection of absolute duds he had last season. Even if he goes on a great run, he will still have in the back of his mind, “what if I start sucking again?”

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  8. 14 hours ago, JJGauna said:

    If he doesn’t miss against KC this topic probably doesn’t exist.

    Disagree. He was bad in the regular season. Cost us the Eagles and Patriots (first matchup) games. Against the Steelers he was even worse.

    The KC game wasn’t as bad because even if he made that kick, we probably still lose based on how much time was left. 

    13 hours ago, The Red King said:

    IIRC he took a cheap shot from a Jets player several years back and was never quite the same.  I might be misremembering that though.

    That was carpenter 

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  9. 3 hours ago, Albany,n.y. said:

    Very simple answer why you always take the ball: If both teams don't score on the 1st drive, you have a distinct advantage in number of possessions & are much more likely to win the game.  On the 1st 3 possessions you have 2 chances to score where if you defer, you may only have one.  No coach in his right mind would give away that advantage.  

    If you’re going against Patrick Mahomes you don’t do that. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Big Turk said:

    I'd always prefer to know exactly what I need rather than letting the other team know exactly what they need, especially when there is no result that ends the game in that situation.

    Patrick Mahomes said if they won the toss they would have kicked the ball first. 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Chaos said:

    If it was borderline impossible the Chiefs would never punt.  it’s not borderline impossible.   Even it it was, the niners were allowed to use all four downs to get a TD on the first possession if they possessed true knowledge that it would be impossible to stop Mahomes.  

    Ok. Well the way I’m arguing against didn’t pan out so not sure why you’re vehemently against having kicked it instead. 

  12. 32 minutes ago, boyst said:

    i'd rather have josh and not just because josh is better at the position than mahomes but because mahomes is a whinny entitled brat who needs his fast punched repeatedly until he resembles an arbies 5 for $5.


    if you want to blame mcd blame him for not being able to play basic defense.

    It’s not even about Pat. I would hate his family being in the bills stadium week in and week out. Jackson in particular sucks. And Brittany thinks she’s hot crap when she’s really a steaming pile of dung. 

    If Josh were paired with Reid, arguably the greatest offensive mind ever, the roles would be reversed. I really wished we could have gotten Harbaugh in here because I think he would have been perfect for Josh. 

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  13. 36 minutes ago, Chaos said:

    If the score is tied after each team has possessed the ball, the next score wins and the game becomes sudden death.


    This is why one takes the ball first. If the niners deferred, and the chiefs scored a FG, then the niners scored a field, the chiefs only needed to get in field goal range to win the game. In the scenario fans would be writing threads "how can you concede the Chiefs first crack at sudden death"

    The failure of the niners was NOT scoring the TD on the first possesion. The problem was not recieving first.  

    I understand your sentiment. But tbh, there weren’t a ton of drives that ended in scores yesterday. So the defenses definitely had the upper hand most of the game to make me want to kick it. 

    That being said, Pat Mahomes is on the other sideline. It’s hard enough to stop him on three downs, four downs is borderline impossible. I would much rather take the ball second, because if the chiefs score a TD, I’m going for a TD and a 2-pt conversion to end it so I don’t give it back. If the chiefs score a FG, I’m still going for a TD, unless it’s fourth and forever, to end the game and not give it back to their offense. 

  14. 3 minutes ago, Maine-iac said:

    You win the toss you score a TD or go for it.  Kicking a FG just isn't a game winning plan in OT.  Especially against Mahommes.

    Even if you receive first, then score a TD, the other team will get the ball too. Why would you take the ball first?

  15. I have no idea why any coach would take the ball first in overtime in the playoffs. If your defense is supposedly that good and you trust them to get a stop, kick it. Let them get the stop, force a punt and get better field position and higher chances for getting the requisite yards for a FG 


    If your defense stinks and will just allow a TD anyways, you know exactly what you need on offense and have four downs per set of downs to achieve it. Plus if you do score a TD, and your defense stinks, just go for 2 and win the game with your offense and don’t give the other team another chance once it goes to sudden death. 

    It doesn’t seem like a cosmic idea to me. What do I know. 

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