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  1. That's great and all, but individual complaints will have zero results. A large group such as I don't know, this whole board  :lol:  would fare much better IMO.



    I'm just repeating what was posted here after I was complaining about the quality of WGR.

  2. The word i heard out of camp was that Peters showed, soft hands, great speed for a big guy and that the pass-catching part of TE was his forte.  However, it was the blocking part of the activity and the mental aspects of co-ordinating with his linemates which was the weak part of his game.


    Anyone else hear this or is there some other credible skinny or public statements about where he needs work.  If these problems are his focus, he does not sound like a good candidate for tackle in my book, particularly with responsibility for the QBs blindside.


    I also heard that blocking is the biggest liability with his game. If this is the case, a move to tackle seems unlikely. If the scenario was they other way around, where he couldn't catch and was slow as mollasses, but a great blocker, the move to the OL would seem more likely.

  3. There are good wings all over Buffalo. I won't single out my favorites. Instead I list my 3 criteria for good wings....



    1.Wings must be crispy. Rubbery, undercooked wings suck!


    2.Serve a decent size wing. Don't give me those little wings that could be mistaken for coming from a sparrow.


    3. I want Blue Cheese with my wings!! Not Blue Cheese mixed with mayo! Not ranch dressing! Not any other cheap imitations!


    Meet these criteria and you will win me over. ;)

  4. I'd rather have Schoebel than Seymour. Pats are built differently than the Bills. Schoebel was on a defense that was pretty good, and he was a key part of it.


    I'd rather have Schobel than ogun because His production has been improving over a period of time - even when on bad defenses. Ogun is still an unknown - he had one good year.


    Todd, I think Schobel still has room to improve especially in getting caught going to far in the backfield anticipating a pass, when in turn it is a running play, but overall a good signing for the Bills. But..............................and this is just my opinion, Seymour is one of the top5 DL in the game today. He is a man among boys who can play both DT & DE and will be an All Pro for many years to come. I'd give up Schobel & Denney and then some to get my hands on Seymour. He's that good.

  5. The difference being Danny Snyder threw a wheelbarrow full of money at Canidate.  Gordon is probably still under his rookie contract.


    I'm wrong...Looks like Canidate signed a new contract with St Louis prior to being traded to the Rams.


    St. Louis, MO (Sports Network) - The St. Louis Rams have traded running back Trung Canidate to the Washington Redskins in exchange for guard David Loverne and a 2003 fourth round draft selection.

  6. howard schnelanbarger was coaching OSU.  they played UM in ann arbor. the team buss ran out of gas on i-75 after the game as the OSU team lost.  the were 1 mile from the ohio state line and toledo.  coach told the players to get the fu@k out of the buss and push it to Ohio state line and buy their gas, as opposed to the michigan stevestojan gas.  they players got out and pushed...


    great story...


    Did your story somehow get derived from this one???



    Woody was famous for his hatred for Michigan and anything that had to do with the state (he referred to it, of course, as "that state up north" or "that team up north") . One night on a recruiting trip in the state of Michigan, an assistant noticed that the car he was driving was going to run out of gas. He let Woody, who was dozing in the passenger seat, that he had to pull over for gas. Woody refused, and the assistant drove on. The assistant, who saw the weather was starting to get bad, began to become worried about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, and once again stressed his desire to pull over and get gas. Woody erupted: "No, goddammit! We do NOT pull in and fill up. And I'll tell you exactly why we don't. It's because I don't buy one goddam drop of gas in the state of Michigan! We'll coast and PUSH this goddam car to the Ohio line before I give this state a nickel of my money!" The assistant knew he wasn't kidding, and they barely made it across the border and sputtered into the first gas station they found in Ohio.



  7. hate to be negative, but i ahve serious problems with this unit.  in fact, i have had serious problems with this unit for the past 6 years. 


    Jennings is injury prone.  the guy cant stay healthy for anything.  his ankles have some odd problem with them.  NOt bad when healthy. Can hang with the edge rushers pretty well.


    Pissullio is useless.  he should be a bouncer at some college bar in some small town, not on a nfl field palying against premier de tackles who school him 8/10 times per game.


    Teague would be great on a WEST coast offense, as he was supposed to on with us.  He is not a power center.  HE is a chop blocking center with good range who can roll out of his stance well to move with the QB in those systems.  He should play out west somewhere, maybe DENVER!


    vallarie is pretty solid.  he will paly 16 games in the trenches and work hard to muck it up.  type of player you like to have in the 4th quarter when the players are dead tired and you need the 1 yard on 3rd down.  good cold weather player as well.  solid lineman.


    Williams is average.  So - SO on pass blocking and so -so on run blocking. cant dominate a game as advertised by Donahoe.  he is part of unit, as opposed to being the main part of the unit (ie orlando pace, ogden, roaf, tait)



    Smith is starting at LG not Pucillo. ;)

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