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  1. Who would you rather have, Schoebel or Jennings.  That's likely the choice this offseason.  TD is being prudent.


    Personally, I think Schoebel is solid but not exceptional.  That's a lot of money for a "solid" DE.  Teams actually have to gameplan around Ogunleye and Ellis.  I doubt anyone is game planning around Schoebel.



    I would prefer Jennings, but throwing a lot of money at him scares me because of his injury history.

  2. they didnt throw to him much in the colts game cus he wasnt on the field with bledsoe. in our 3 WR sets, we had Moulds, Reed, and Shaw. evens didnt come in untill the second half, and then we took out bledsoe. i didnt expect Zolman to get the ball to him.


    I expect Evans to be used in the 3 WR sets right from the beginning of this year. If not, I will be more than a little surprised that Evans could not beat out Shaw for this spot. I'm not saying he is a bust, just that I expected more out of a high first round pick.



    Let's see what happens on opening day!

  3. According to a recent post here, the Bills are 1 million under the cap.  If these figures are accurate, not only are we not extending a deal for either Schobel, Jennings or Williams, we won't be doing a whole lot of anything.  That money will be needed for in-season moves.



    Sorry...forgot to login. This was me! :blink:

  4. I said it both before and after the 2003 draft and considering that we are heading into a 2nd straight year with interior OL problems(specifically LG),  we should have drafted OG ERIC STEINBACH.  If you don't know who he is or what team he is STARTING for then maybe you shouldn't be asking questions like this.  Any other questions??? :P



    Where are you SoCal??? I love posters who spout off and then disappear? You still trying to figure out who Eric Steinbach is? :blink::P

  5. Find out for me Labbatt. I thought it was his wrist. I remember hearing him and Wease talk about it on the radio before the Tenn game...could be wrong.




    Associated Press


    PITTSFORD, N.Y. -- Cornerback Kevin Thomas cracked a bone in his left hand and is expected to miss the Buffalo Bills' preseason opener against Denver on Sunday.


    Coach Mike Mularkey said Friday that he doesn't expect Thomas to be out for an extended period. Thomas was hurt in practice Thursday.


    Thomas is a two-year veteran competing with Terrence McGee for the team's third cornerback job

  6. Three things to point out here...



    1. It's only pre-season and the OL has been crippled by injuries and unexcused absences throughout training camp. I don't think our starting 5 OL have been on the practice field together for more than a couple of practices.


    2. You need a fair amount of talent to succeed. You can't turn garbage into gold. Ask the NYG who tried to go on the cheap by not using high draft picks on the OL over the course of several years.


    3. McNally is one of the most respected OL coaches in the NFL and deserves the recognition he is receiving on TSW.






    I said it both before and after the 2003 draft and considering that we are heading into a 2nd straight year with interior OL problems(specifically LG), we should have drafted OG ERIC STEINBACH. If you don't know who he is or what team he is STARTING for then maybe you shouldn't be asking questions like this. Any other questions??? :huh:

  8. Losing Brown will hurt. We will need a Veteran QB in here soon. Even if it is negative I would be suprised if we don't sign a vet.




    Explain why Losing Brown will hurt. He has not done a damn thing here in four years. Sign a vet and regardless of who it is, I can almost guarantee that they will be an improvement over Brown.



    PS Good to hear from you...where the heck have you been?????

  9. We lose Losman last week and it was "no big deal.....he was just going to hold the clipboard". We lose Brown this week and were D O O M E D??? Losman not being able to practice for the next 8-12 weeks is more of a loss then Brown going down. We all agree that if DB ***** the bed or goes down to injury, the season is over and at that point , I'd much rather have Losman gain some experience instead of Travis freakin' Brown playing.




    AARRGGGHHH...I thought maybe the new board would allow for editing the thread title! :doh:

  10. No we are not overpaying him....this guy was an all-pro in New England and is a force in our secondary.  We wouldnt have had a number two defense last season if receivers and quarterbacks werent afraid of this guy.  Im sick of the Coy Wire bandwagon.  One missed tackle in a pre season game and you want to write him off?  Last weeks game Milloy was the only thing that prevented Chris Brown from running 80 yds for a TD.



    Two points...I am not on the Coy Wire bandwagon, as I stated that Milloy is an UPGRADE over CW and PP. Second, I don't care what Milloy DID in New England, I am only concerned with what he can do this year. Like I said, hopefully with a training camp under his belt he will be more of an impact player this year.

  11. Just as we shouldn't be saying 'it's over' or 'there's no hope' at a bad start to preseason, it's just as wrong to write off each and every mistake with the trusty old "it's only preseason".  Somewhere in the middle is where we should be:  there are issues that need to be worked on, but those issues have not damned the entire season for us just yet.



    Where are all those OG we liked so much before the draft?? :doh:

  12. Listen...I realize we were desparate and Milloy is a upgrade over Wire or Prioleau, but I'm not sure this guy is worth the money we are paying him. There was a running play in the first quarter, where LM tried to shoulder tackle Rhodes and he ran right through him. Luckily the play got called back because of a penalty. I gave him the benefit of the doubt last year when he had no training camp under his belt, but I expect a LOT more from him this year considering the money we are paying him.

  13. If last nights game is any indication of what to expect this year the Dallas Cowboys will be looking at a top 5-10 pick from Tom Donahoe.


    Man, that was just awful last night! Then you add the injuries to the way we played........billsfanone is being nice.




    Don't even think that. Finishing that poorly would be bad enough, but then to think that Dallas gets our #1, would be a major league kick in the nuts!

  14. There was a play last night where Harrison was running a pattern down the left sideline and was ATTEMPTING to be covered by Spikes and I believe the 2nd LB was Fletcher with no DB in sight. Luckily the ball was overthrown. Levy & Tasker tried to explain it away by saying sometimes this just happens.


    I have news for you, if this happens in the regular season, the WR will win this battle EVERY TIME. Jerry Gray better get this corrected very soon. :doh:

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