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  1. I haven't looked into this thread because I thought it was clearly a joke. LC may try to run, but she has next to zero chance at the nomination. Especially after this J6 committee debacle. The only thing less likely than LC getting the GOP nomination is Biden running again in 2024. He'd actually have to campaign on his pathetic record in 2024. Not happening.
  2. I'm starting to get this sense that the sky is blue and that the sun rises in the east too.
  3. Great read. Linked inside that piece is an article from a few weeks ago. It completely dismantles the BS that the J6 committee is trying to shovel on us. But remember it's all been debunked as crazy Kraken conspiracy theories!! https://thefederalist.com/2022/06/17/jan-6-committee-ignores-clear-evidence-of-mass-illegal-voting-systematically-broken-election-laws/ Georgia provides a peach of an example. President Biden won Georgia and the state’s 16 electoral votes by a margin of 11,779 individual votes, but before the state certified the results of the November 2020 election, Trump challenged the outcome, raising several issues both in and out of court. Trump hammered accusations of fraud in Fulton County, claiming counterfeit ballots secreted in suitcases and vote-flipping by Dominion Voting Systems gave Biden the victory. But Trump also contested the Georgia results based on evidence indicating that tens of thousands of illegal votes were improperly counted. ..... Trump’s legal team argued illegal votes in some 30-plus categories were improperly included in the final election tally, violations of Section 21-2-218 of the Georgia election code alone closed the gap between the two presidential candidates. That section provides that state “residents must vote in the county in which they reside, unless they changed their residence within 30 days of the election” and “outside of the 30-day grace period, if people vote in a county in which they no longer reside, ‘their vote in that county would be illegal.’” ... After excluding individuals who moved within 30 days of the general election, Davis “identified nearly 35,000 Georgia voters who indicated they had moved from one Georgia county to another, but then voted in the 2020 general election in the county from which they had moved.” (Then a bunch of shenanigans by Georgia state officials that amount to essentially running out the clock on Trump's legal challenges so the data is never reviewed let alone brought to court.) “We never were able to present our evidence to the court, however, because the chief judge of Fulton County, Chris Brasher, failed to appoint a judge eligible to hear the election contest for a month,” Mitchell said. None of those 30-plus categories involved the Dominion Voting System, claims of counterfeit votes, or ballot harvesting, but concerned specific violations of the Georgia election code. And those numbers far exceeded Biden’s 11,779-vote margin of victory. Yet the January 6 Committee and their cohorts in the press cast all the challenges to the November 2020 tabulations as crazy conspiracy theories of fraud peddled by Trump to steal the election.
  4. As I said to another poster, I'll take that analysis from you and wear it as a badge of honor. The guy who follows a sham partisan committee and provides regurgitated "recaps" of its BS as if it's going to reveal anything close to the truth....shouldn't be banned at all. But he should most definitely be mocked. This is PPP. Grow a pair boys.
  5. So here's the audio clip of the actual interview. If you listen to this and come away with Trump meant that it's "common sense" for the protesters to want to hang Mike Pence then I'm sorry you've tested positive for severe TDS. Also stay to the end of the clip for the obligatory "most secure election in US history" statement.
  6. In the post I quoted he said: Until quite recently, China provided its people with an economy that was humming along with low inflation, low prices and a million chances to get rich. China. A communist nation. China? Really? Espousing the virtues of China's booming economy and the "million chances" it affords its "people" to get rich is laughable. And then following that up with saying there's no need for the freedom and liberty afforded to ALL Americans in our founding documents is icing on the cake. So yeah, I'm going to stick with commie. And then we get the obligatory Trump rant.
  7. The quote from his dissenting opinion is Thomas quoting the argument of one of the parties. Claiming that vaccines were DEVELOPED using cell lines from aborted children... Isn't the same as.. Saying that vaccines CONTAIN the cells of aborted children.
  8. More than anything else Anderson is back as a locker room glue guy.
  9. This is my favorite Geddy baseball story. Awesome.
  10. At least you're coming right out and telling everyone that you're a commie. I'll give you that.
  11. It's not a Presidents job to protect the VP or vice versa. It's the USSS job. You may read from that quote and it's context that he is saying "its common sense" for the mob to want to hang Mike Pence. I read it as he's saying "it's common sense" for Pence to object to fraudulent electors. Pence has culpability in all of this as well. He knew the day before, the morning of J6 at the latest that he didn't plan to object to electors. Yet he waited until 1 pm right before the joint session convened to release his letter.
  12. There's an agency within the federal government whose sole purpose is to protect, with their lives if necessary, the President, VP and other high ranking elected officials. Perhaps you've heard of it before? Trump tweets, or used to anyway, stupid ***** all the time. In no universe is the above example of stupid ***** Trump tweeted, evidence of anything more than yet another example of stupid ***** Trump tweeted. No he didn't. Liz Cheney told you that someone said that Trump said that. I heard from someone that @BillStime likes to ***** himself and then take a stroll through Delaware Park while belting out 'Fascination' by the Human League. See how ridiculous and unreliable hearsay can....well maybe the above was a poor example...
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