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  1. 1 hour ago, BuffaloRebound said:

    Darnold or trubisky.  And they’ll be cheaper than keenum was.  

    Mitch has a big contract at Pittsburg, and I understand the owner down there wants to keep him.  Like because he isn't yet sure about Pinkett.  I  think Tomlin makes the  decisions down there, but the money talks as they say.

    1 hour ago, Limeaid said:

    I would rather Bills develop a rookie as 3rd QB.

    Maybe Bennett


  2. 2 hours ago, Over 29 years of fanhood said:

    Tremaine Tag, strictly based on position and what the number would be, would be a very poor financial decision (irrespective of opinions on level of play) 

    Ps I guess he needs to tag Diggs so he doesn’t go to Dallas 🙄 

    Diggs is under contract for 3 or 4 more years.  No tag until the end of that period

  3. This tax issue is real, and may account for Buffalo having some issues signing free agents.

    Buffalo Bills player Jordan Poyer is the latest to slam New York taxes and says he’d ‘love to go to a state that doesn’t take half my money’ (yahoo.com)

    Just now, bigK14094 said:

    This tax issue is real, and may account for Buffalo having some issues signing free agents.

    Buffalo Bills player Jordan Poyer is the latest to slam New York taxes and says he’d ‘love to go to a state that doesn’t take half my money’ (yahoo.com)

    Sorry, the link didn't come over?

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  4. 14 hours ago, babulator said:

    Having to have a roommate is weird. When the day is over, you go your way, I'd prefer to go my own way. I can barely tolerate my wife in the room when I'm trying to sleep. Sleep is important, this would be a tough bridge to cross for me.

    I guess this is correct, but, I did this on a college team (basketball) and we made it work as we selected our roomies mutually.  We I in the debate, I would not make a big issue over this item.

  5. This morning, I read a 2020 redraft for the first round by the Athletic.  Gabe Davis was in that article as a late #1 pick.  If that is how the league values him now, the Bills fans need to come to grips with that situation.  He may yet be great next season.  time will tell.  what will the Bills do?  with the millstone of the V Miller contract around their necks, lots of disappointment ahead for Bills fans.  V Miller, as it is turning out, is a big miss for $75 mil or so over three years since Miller missed half of 22 and will be mostly late arrival in 23. (see Tre White)  And, at 35, will V Miller be anything llike his old self in 24?  Perhaps not.

  6. I knew she was not coming back to the business when Pegula Sports hired the high level guy from Fidelity.  He is going to partially fill her role.  Now, there is that business about primary owner in the NFL, and that needs to  be handled properly.  Pegs may have already removed her from that status and we don't know.  With this length of time, I also figured it wasn't cancer but a stroke like event.  Sad, but  pulling for her to recover further and have a good life.  

  7. 17 hours ago, BarleyNY said:

    They need to pay Burrow and Chase. Higgins will get WR1 money somewhere. The smart move by the Bengals is probably to trade him for a first plus more picks and replace him in the draft. A team could stay ahead of the game like that. He was a second round pick. 

    This is an old Belicheck trick.  Trade good players before you have to pay them on the second contract.  (chandler Jones comes to mind)

    4 hours ago, Mark Vader said:

    It's unbelievable.


    How much did Zay Jones get from the Jaguars?

    Doesn't matter.  As we know, Zay is a time  bomb waiting to go off.  Not somebody you want on your team.

  8. 19 hours ago, Rigotz said:

    A few other options I didn't include in the poll, but might be considered:


    - Tony Pollard ($9M)

    - Miles Sanders ($7.2M)

    - Mark Ingram ($2.5M) 

    - D'Ernest Johnson ($2.5M)

    - Darrel Williams ($1.5M)

    - Jeff Wilson ($3M)

    - Dontrell Hilliard ($2M)

    - Kenyan Drake ($2M)

    - James Robinson (RFA $3.8M)


    I always liked Kenyan Drake

  9. 4 hours ago, corta765 said:


    I feel like it is smart move on Jax if you can just stay another week in a row. It is still a neutral site game which helps them and they know the place way better then Buffalo. Hopefully for the Bills if they play the Jags it is a better ending then last time 💀

    At least Bills are not starting EJ Manuel

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  10. A lot of dreaming going on here.  Not going to be any really big signings of vets.  Need to hit the draft and free agent market.  Bean better not be trading away those 6 and 7th round guys as they are  going to be here playing next year.

  11. Cook is a part time player at least.  He is a zero yards after the first hit, but his speed gets him a lot of good yards sometimes.  Not the back for the goal line or any short yardage.  singletary can get a  couple of yards after first contact, so he is a must resign imho.  As for this lb, well, he will be  gone soon enough, once his contract runs out.

    Yes, the draft plans seems a litle sketchy and out of sync.  Now, I understand that picking 27th or whatever you don't get the big hit first rounders, but rouseau and Elam can play in the league.  Maybe not all pros right now, but capable starters after their first year.  No excuse after that as drafting for need is legit.  And, if Taiwan Jones is on the roster again next year I am going to scream/

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