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  1. 6 hours ago, Brandon said:

    I don't think he's a hybrid player.  He's a zone CB with good size,  and given his pro day testing,  looks like an athletic freak.  If he doesn't make it at CB,  then you move him to safety,  but I'd give him his first shot at CB. 

    I saw Bean react to a question about this guy.  This guy is definitely in play at 28.  And, we know McD's focus on drafting DB's high.

  2. A good discussion.  But, overall needs will limit early selections to one wr.   Either a safety or a D lineman will be early as well.  I would think another next year might be in order as Josh does need top receivers.  Davis was a mixed  bag, a pro for sure.  I guess I didn't understand how he wasn't on the same page a Josh so much in his 4th year.  Ccoaching?  Scheme change?  He wasn't the same guy in year 4.  His drop rate was also surprisingly high at 10% of targets about. (I know somebody on here will know the exact number.)

  3. 20 hours ago, freddyjj said:

    I believe OBD has a few plans but the most likely scenario would involve a WR at 28 or a trade down from 28 into top of 2nd thus picking up a 3rd Rd pick as well.  Do see OBD picking 2 WRs; one with their 1st pick  (at 28 or lower) and another later but before pick 150.

    Yes, two makes sense.  Shorter hasn't played a down so listing him as "in the room" is strictly to be correct, not that he is a player.  I think the Bills already know after watching him in practice in 23.  Shorter is another Isiah Hodgins, who the Giants poached, but chose this offseason to NOT resign.

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  4. 21 hours ago, BillMafia716ix said:

    WR class is very deep. We can still grab a very good WR at 28 instead of giving up draft picks. 

    Even trade down and draft two.  Despite best efforts to identify pros, the college stats and the testing data doesn't tell it all by any measure.  Strength in numbers.  Only one needs to be good.  The Bills need a downfield threat or two.  That was Diggs, now it will be somebody else.

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  5. 19 hours ago, Alphadawg7 said:

    I will be the first to admit, I thought there was little chance Beane would trade Diggs before the draft unless one of 2 things happened:  He either got a huge offer he couldn't refuse or something behind the scenes made Diggs an "addition by subtraction" situation, kind of like Beanes first year here where he moved Sammy for a 2nd right away and then we dumped Darius for a 6th rounder to just get him away from the team midseason.


    Well, we know we didn't get an "offer he couldn't refuse" given the overall compensation is pretty weak, especially for the cap hits we will take.  So, seems like there was more going on behind the scenes where Beane felt we were better off as a team if he was not on the roster this year.  So will be interesting to see what comes out after this, if anything.  


    So where does that leave us as an offense with both Diggs and Davis, our top 2 WR's last 2 years, now gone?  I am gonna say this right out the gate, I think that not only are we fine, but we might be an even better offense in 2024 than we were in 2023.  Im no Diggs hater, but the reality is he commanded a lot of targets on a team that loves to spread the ball around.  


    Looking back at last season, both Diggs and Davis were not more often than not barely showing up on the stat sheets during the back half of the season and playoffs.  Yet this team went 6-1 during that span to win the division and the 2 seed and almost made the AFCCG.  


    Our roster right now:

    We have an exciting nucleus of young talent on our offense today, even before the draft and with Diggs gone.  The combination of Shakir, Kincaid, and Cook are an exciting trio of young weapons who broke out last year and look to have bright futures.  Samuel is only 27 and here 3 years as well and is another quality weapon for this offense.  

    • Shakir - He put up 611 yards on just 39 targets last year which is incredible.  That is an insane 13.5 yards per TARGET...not per catch, per target.  And that came with a catch rate of like 87% catch rate.  The guy made a lot of plays and was arguably our best WR down the stretch to obtain the 2 seed.  @BADOLBILZasked me what I think he can be and I flat out said this kid is a 1000+ yard WR IMHO on a lot of teams this year but would never get that chance in Buffalo (and no one likely would) as long as Diggs is here because he commands too many targets and then there are a lot of other mouths to feed after Diggs when you look at who is on the roster and the expected addition of a high round rookie in this draft.  
      • But now, with Diggs gone, I do think we will see Shakir flirt with a 1000 yards and maybe exceed it here in Buffalo this season.  There is still a lot of mouths to feed (Rookie, Samuel, Kincaid, Cook both running and recieving, etc) beyond Shakir, but I do think he will be Allens most trusted target this year and I will increase my prediction on him from pre-Diggs trade of 700-900 to now post Diggs trade of 900-1100 yards.  
    • Kincaid - Like Shakir, his role just got bigger in terms of available targets.  How much bigger I think depends on how fast whatever rookie we take gels with Allen in the offense.  If the rookie comes in and rips off say 1200+ yard season, then I think Kincaid probably finishes more in that 700-850 yard range.  If the rookie is more of a 800-1100 rookie year, then I can see Kincaid hitting at least 800 yards and flirting with a 1000 potentially.  
    • Samuel - I don't think his role changes much to be honest.  I think he is going to be a 700 yard type WR for us, a guy who is valuable but maybe his impact is more streaky.  Not a knock on him, more about there is only one football to go around and he has less time and rapport with Allen right now, so I think Shakir and Kincaid will have a leg up on targets, especially early on.  


    Impact on the draft:

    I honestly don't think this changes a whole lot for us in regards to the draft given its been very clear we were looking at WR early for a while now.  However, the biggest impact now is maybe in Beane's comfort on how aggressive he may want to be to get a guy.  With an extra 2nd rounder next year, he might feel more comfortable including our first next year if a guy he covets gets close enough where our first gets us there.  The 2nd rounder next year itself doesn't get us a lot of movement in this draft but our first can get us into the teens.  


    Best case scenario for Bills (if Beane intends to get up and get a guy) is that these 3 things happen ahead of us:

    1. A big QB run happens (Possible the first 4 picks could be QB's if AZ trades back with someone like Minny) 
    2. Brock Bowers goes BEFORE one of the big 3 WR's (MHJ, Nabers, Odunze)
    3. Someone over drafts Xavier Worthy before one of the big 3 after falling in love with his 40 time


    If those 3 things happen, I think it is highly likely that one of either Nabers or Odunze fall into the back half of teens where using our first next year gets us into play for a move up to get one.  If only 2 of those things happen, still possible.  


    If the Big 3 go before the 15th pick, then I think Beane might consider moving up for Thomas, although I am not sold he would be willing to go as high to get Thomas as he would one of the other 3.  


    Predictions on next year:

    I am actually quite excited to see more of Shakir, Kincaid and Cook next year to go along with a rookie and Samuel.  I think our offense has the potential to be even better in 2024 as it already proved better once those guys got more involved last year.  Diggs and the attention he commanded from the defense will be missed, but I think there are still plenty of weapons here and I think whatever rookie we bring combined with the talent of Allen will help command some of the attention Diggs was getting.  


    I hate the cap hits...but I love the potential of what our young core and whatever rookie(s) we add to the fold can bring to this field as soon as this season.  

    But, Cook is an unreliable pass catcher, in the same way Dawson Knox drops his share and more.

  6. On 3/30/2024 at 7:29 PM, JerseyBills said:


    So I would never say never but we all know there's pretty much no chance Stef is traded , unless it's an offer Beane just can't refuse, but what I find interesting here are the odds on where Diggs starts in 2024 and as a gambler I'm likely going to put my $ where my mouth is because these odds are great and it's easy easy $.


    From article - When DraftKings Sportsbook first released odds on Stefon Diggs’ next team in February, the Buffalo Bills were big favorites (-300) to retain the four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver while the Houston Texans were 10-to-1 to land to get him. 


    For non gamblers you'd need to spend 300 to win 100 on Diggs staying in Buf and spend 10$ to win 100 if he landed in Hou.. 


    Back to article - 

    There’s been a shift in those odds over the last month with Houston jumping up the board, though the odds are still projecting a return to Buffalo. By March 18, DraftKings’ new odds had Buffalo as the favorite (-230) and Houston up to +550 - again as the third-favorite - behind the Dallas Cowboys (+400).

    With the Cowboys being stagnant in free agency, they’ve dropped to +850 to land Diggs while Houston’s price has been bumped to +350 in the latest market shift. Those odds carry an implied probability of 22.22% that Houston would make a giant splash by giving quarterback C.J. Stroud an elite outside weapon next season. 


    So now, big difference , you can now spend only 230 to win 100 for Diggs staying in Buff and Hou dropped all the way to +350, 👀👀 meaning instead of winning 100$ on a 10$ bet , now , a 10$ bet will only win you 35$ if Diggs landed on Houston. That's a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE 


    Just caught my eye and very interesting to see the numbers move that significantly, especially towards Hou .  I know what I'm doing, I'm 100% putting 1150$ to win an easy 500$ on Diggs starting the season as a Buffalo Bill. Maybe much more. 


    Just wanted to give my gamblers an easyyyy money maker that is Bills related!🤑

    The betting action accounts for the shift in odds. Means nothing in terms of fundamental  considerations by the Bills, Texans or Diggs.

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  7. 13 hours ago, Buffalo716 said:

    I did! Rocked it proudly 

    My son was at school in Pittsburg, and was assaulted in his Bills gear.  Never again........(and he is 6'5" 220, MBA at Carnigie Mellon) drunk idiots.  Of course, I got sucker punched at the Ralph a few years ago also, so it can happen anywhere.  Keep your head on a swivel when visiting or at home really.

  8. 19 hours ago, PromoTheRobot said:



    You realize the Niners stadium is like 8 miles from San Jose? It's 45 miles from San Fran.


    Liepold, Nate Oats, Felicia Leggette-Jack...UB is the cradle of coaches.

    MId major springboard to the big time.

    3 minutes ago, Beast said:

    Except Chiefs fans are pretty decent people. You’ll get treated better there as a visitting fan than you will at Highmark.

    JUst don't wear your Bills gear in Pittsburg.

  9. 23 hours ago, Gregg said:


    The Bears should call the Jets. The Jets have the #10 pick and could probably put together a strong package with picks. Rodgers is 40 going 41 and Wilson will be cut at some point. Tyrod Taylor is OK for a backup, but he isn't a long-term solution at QB either. The Jets would be a team that might be interested in Fields. 

    Usually only 1 QB on the field though.....

  10. I agree w the view that Diggs was hurt second half of the 23 season.  Not only the stat story, but, if you watched him closely, he was in great pain often after being hit or hitting the ground.  He played on like the pro he is, and I look for him to return to form in 24.  I was really surprised the media didn't see what I saw, as that story line was never covered during the season. (Diggs not being on the injury report and all)

  11. 18 hours ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    He’ll push Milano for sure.


    2 hours ago, Back2Buff said:

    I like Dorian Williams and Spector so this means absolutely nothing to me.

    NOt sure spector is athletic enough.  and hurt alot.  Last  shot for him this year imho

  12. Frankly, I am gonna scream when Bean trades up in round 1 again.   One trick pony stuff.  Now, the Bills have a lot of day 3 picks this year.......so part w one maybe. But I think he out thinks himself a lot of the time.  He moved up for Kincaid, he moved up for Shikir  ok, he was right there.  But, Torrence fell to us in rnd 2, and no trade up for that winner.  There is good talent where the Bills pick, he just doesn't want to wait to see.  Maybe its position need that drives him, but, I am tired of that move.

  13. 18 hours ago, Aussie Joe said:

    A lot of people here hang on every word he says … even when he has shown a number of times that he will say one thing and do another …

    Some of it is disinformation to mislead other teams, particularly ahead of the  draft.

  14. 3 hours ago, The Jokeman said:

    Adding David Edwards wasn't a bad move either, I'd welcome him back to be our 6th OL/depth at Guard again. 

    Actually, that is Bares you describe.  Edwards was 7th with an asterick as he played the heavy package quite a bit.

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