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  1. I just find it amusing that the national media isn't taking Lamar to task over it. I can only imagine if a Josh Allen or Joe Burrow said something similar.
  2. Bears hung 30+ on that fish defense. It's AWFUL I've only been pounding on the excess road games for weeks now. 8/12 to open the season.
  3. I mean when you're at home, you've got immediate access to training facilities after games. Not so when on the road
  4. Then there's this https://twitter.com/PFF_BenBrown/status/1596890267017433088?t=8GBiAgPsUFSDaTW3Jf2b2g&s=19
  5. The bills will have played 8 of their first 12 on the road. I think that's a major factor in the health of the team
  6. Let's see how they look against an actual NFL defense. Haven't faced one lately
  7. Scheming WR open. Oh, I realize it. It's painfully obvious week after week
  8. I hope they don't. He's been a major disappointment. For some reason beane can't scout WRs
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