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  1. I hope they pick up a legit veteran #1 receiver. There will hopefully be some surprise training camp cuts. After fixing the line, I don't want any excuses when Allen only completes 50% of his passes again
  2. "Soft, doesn't take on blockers or meet the ball carrier in the hole, poor instincts, can't cover tight ends over the middle, easy 10 yards every play." Yup it's Edmunds. I was hoping they would get a real MLB and let him rush the passer instead. Seems like a waste of his great size and athleticism to have him standing there in the middle looking lost the whole game. He's only 21, sure, so let him grow into a position he can actually play.
  3. Two things to keep in mind: Bad shoulder and it's very likely he is older than they are saying. He's probably early 30's. Multiple reports saying they listed him as 2 years younger to help his draft position. I'd much prefer a trade for Clowney if it made financial sense to do so
  4. I think he's going from one messed up situation to another. Miami clearly rebuilding and gutting their roster so it will be a similar situation. Was hoping he would go to Giants or San Diego so he could get a fair shot. Did not want him on the Pats as I think he would have been highly successful there. Either way I think Josh Allen is still terrible and can't hit the broad side of a barn but hey at least he can run. What will the excuses be this year when he completes 50% of his passes again? They brought in every available free agent OL, WR, and RB on the planet plus addressed it in the draft. Can't keep using your legs unless you want to end up injured. Eventually he has to actually be a QB.
  5. Will be cut in camp, signed by Pats, future HOF'er like Hogan. Don't @ me
  6. Waste of talent to have him on this team the past 2 years. Would have had good trade value back then. Worthless now. Who is trading for a RB over 30 with declining stats and a high salary?
  7. An intelligent response, thank you
  8. The real head scratcher here is that the Bills passed on a strong armed QB with accuracy and footwork issues whose AMAZING passing numbers made you wonder if it would translate to the NFL... and INSTEAD 1 year later took a strong armed QB with accuracy and footwork issues who had terrible passing stats. Look at Mahomes' college stats vs Allen's and it's clear who they should have bet on if they were going to try and develop someone with a big arm. Mahomes had as many passing yards as Allen's senior season in 3 games!
  9. Browns tanked, got a bunch of good players and the top QB in the draft, had a ton of cap space and got some great veterans, and now they are a top team in the AFC. On the other hand, during that same time period the Bills decided it was smart to try and win with a bad roster full of old dudes, got some mediocre players in the draft, got some mediocre veterans, and a mediocre/bad QB (but hey he can run). Browns will go 10-6 and be AFC North contenders and a playoff team and the Bills will be watching the playoffs on TV like always
  10. They need to use this. No doubt about it.
  11. A rookie pocket QB that didn't have a pocket to throw in. The results were not surprising. He will be better off long term at any of these locations. A year behind Eli or better yet a couple behind Brady and I think he can still be a very good QB in this league. He was not anticipating receivers and was late on a lot of throws, which is something he absolutely did not do in college, so I think there is more to the story like he lost confidence and was second guessing himself. Also being traded does not mean he's not good. In fact it means that he's a very good value option for teams and just because he isn't the best fit for a new coach with the #1 pick doesn't mean he's not going to flourish elsewhere. If Kingsbury thinks Murray is the best QB to run his offense then he would be an idiot not to draft him knowing that Rosen will likely get them an additional high draft pick. If Kingsbury's offense doesn't work then it's very unlikely he would get another shot in the NFL. This is a very important experiment for the league to see if a college air raid offense can succeed at the next level.
  12. Anyone hear John Murphy and Chris Brown go nuts on callers a few weeks ago for even suggesting the trade didn't happen because AB didn't want to play here? Can wait to see how they spin this. Probably won't even mention it. Cowards
  13. Good morning: "Breaking News! Antonio Brown is going to Buffalo" - Ian Rapoport "No I'm not" - AB84 "Breaking News: Antonio Brown not going to Bills" - Adam Schefter Back to sleep...
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