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  1. On 4/10/2024 at 1:25 PM, corta765 said:

    Mock drafts, media analysis, bills fans, etc.. everyone has the Bills doing things to address the WR position with Diggs leaving and the larger hole that is now created. Realistically outside of a trade for a Aiyuk or Tee Higgins type player where it is established WR with a track record of production, the WR position will be a question and probably still an area of concern. Even if the Bills move up to draft one of the big three WRs there will be a question of immediate production and adjustment to the NFL. If the Bills move back and draft 2 WRs in rounds 2-3 your at least initially expectation wise at a lower starting point compared to one of the big three guys. The production Diggs had given even with the drop the back half of the season and the now loss of him and Davis production also is going to be a question for everyone and those stepping in. 


    Is there a scenario for you that makes you comfortable with the position moving forward?

    The trade for Diggs was a brilliant move by Beane at the time. With the trade of our first round pick, Beane essentially “drafted” a proven wide receiver. But that scenario doesn’t really exist for us this time around. There is no reasonable path to an Aiyuk, or Higgins, and at #28, regardless of which WR beyond Harrison falls to us, it’s never a good idea to hang your hat on a rookie. I keep thinking back on the insane trade-up for Sammy Watkins. Watkins was actually a decent, starting caliber WR, who’s had a decent career, but he never came anywhere close to the draft value the Bills placed on him. 

    And, IMO, an important thing to consider in both the Diggs, and Watkins situations, is that in both scenarios, the Bills were working with solid, and deep defense. Currently, what would be the Bills starting eleven on D is average, at best, and paper thin beyond that.

    Even after the Diggs trade to Houston, I’m not convinced that the Bills are destined to draft a WR in round one. If this WR class is as deep as folks are saying, and assuming the top three will be gone by #28, there will be solid WRs in round two. The same may not be said about the defensive needs we have. 

    My hope is that Beane drafts BVPA at the numerous positions of need in the first round, and only trades up if there is real value in the trade. If that turns out to be a CB, or a safety, or a DE, or a WR, then so be it. His track record for trading in the draft is pretty damn good. 

    As far as the question in the OP is concerned— I’m not as married to the idea of a WR in the first as everyone else seems to be. (Although Beane/McDermott might be fearing pitchforks, at this point…) I just want Beane to continue to do what he does— he’s creative, he’s always looking, and he clearly has developed solid relationships throughout the league.

  2. 3 hours ago, Bill from NYC said:

    I am thinking that perhaps I'm going against the grain with my opinion. I have been very tough on McDermott but my initial reaction to this trade is positive but with a caveat.


    If he dedicates the early picks to WRs and OTs, I think it was a good move. I don't think that Diggs is getting better, and a #2 is frankly a bit more than I expected. This draft appears to be loaded with receivers and OL, and now is the time to focus more on the offense and these positions specifically.


    The caveat? If McDermott drafts safeties, corners and other defenders with the early picks we will be heading right back to the Levy/Jauron days and lose football games. I truly hope this doesn't happen but again, at this point I support the trade.



    Before this trade I would have bet money that they would draft defense with their first round pick. But now, I have to think they have at least a few WRs in mind that they believe could be available at #28, and probably a couple they would be willing to trade up for. That being said, I don't think they're going to ignore the cheesecloth they have for a defense, and I would be surprised if they drafted an OL before day three, even with the departure of Morse..

  3. There is certainly a need to acquire Diggs’ eventual replacement, and this would be a good time to do that. But, beyond that, if this draft is as deep at WR as people are saying, there will be one in the second round. 

    I would love to see the Bills draft a WR in the first. It would be fun, and exciting. We need another playmaker on Offense. But the truth is, we are desperately thin on defense. The starting 11 might be considered adequate (barely), lack of a pass rush notwithstanding. But after that… it’s hard to get excited about The JAGs they’ve added to the D-line, a geriatric Von Miller or the notion that Cam Lewis is our best defensive back after the starting five. 

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  4. I feel reasonably confident with our chances to win the AFCE, but I don't think we're going to start out the season as a championship team. If we have a chance of making it to the SB, they're going to need to continue building throughout the season, which I believe they will. That's McDermott's "process," and Beane's philosophy. And I feel pretty good about that.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Prospector said:

    I tore my ACL 3 times... all on the same knee. I feel your pain. It is weird thinking that I have a 4th person's ACL in there (counting mine as the original). Fun stuff

    Snapped my left ACL twice. The last time included a torn MCL, meniscus, and a fractured tibia, and two surgeries. Had my fourth knee surgery in July-- total knee replacement, and now I'm back on the slopes. Cheers!

  6. On 3/16/2024 at 4:56 PM, Aussie Joe said:

    I would have guessed Hollins around that $1.7 m number that Beane likes to hand out … However .. I see he got $2.5m last year …


    Market prices going up though with the increased cap …


    Couldn’t they have used one of their 5th round picks  on a guy for ST and who may have some upside at his own position.. and at least you just pay him under a million pa rookie money for 4 years  whilst you find out … its what they did with Siran Neal…


    The thing about Hollins vs. a draft pick is that we know exactly what Hollins can do, and how well. He's pretty much a known commodity-- a situational WR with specific skills. The only real question, IMO, is whether those skills fit into a position of need, and I certainly think they do. We know he's a decent gunner (position of need with the loss of Siran Neal), and we know he's a decent run blocker (position of need with the losses of Davis, and Sherfield). 


    We also know that he's 6'4", and strong with decent hands, a decent catch %, and contested catch ability. And we know he's slow, doesn't get separation, and not a lot of YAC (you can even see those negatives on his highlight reel). But if we stand him up like a ficus tree in the end zone in redone situations, opposing teams will have to account for him, and even if he doesn't get a single target, he becomes valuable as such.


    There's been a lot of debate in these pages about what he can, or cannot become, and I don't see the point. We know what he is, and for the money, it seems like a pretty smart signing to me.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Bill from NYC said:

    You are making sense but remember when Kelly, Bruce, Thurman, and Andre were getting old at the same time? Instead of thinking about their replacements, the Bills drafted cornerbacks. It obviously didn't work and I would hate to see this happen again. Diggs isn't getting better from where I sit and certainly isn't getting younger. Also, guards are now suddenly getting the big bucks. OL depth is wonderful to have.

    We might never have another QB as talented as Josh. Now is the time to give him more weapons and protection. 

    As always, jmo.

    Well, mind you, just because I don’t want to spend all of our draft capital on offense doesn’t mean I want to spend it all on defense. 

    I suspect that if the Bills draft a WR at 28, it means that someone they were really high on dropped to them. But if I were to bet on it, I’d put my money on a bpa defensive position of need. And then hopefully a WR that they’re high on drops to them in the second. 

    I don’t love it. But I suspect that’s how Beane and McDermott might see the big picture.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Bill from NYC said:

    OK.....Done, and of course they should!!!


    Will they? They actually might not but they completely should.

    I don’t often disagree with you, but I sure do here. 

    if you look at the Bills current roster— and I’ll say including reserve/future— at what positions would you say the Bills are thin?


    To my eye:


    QB, excellent 

    OL, adequate 

    WR, thin(ish)

    RB, adequate 

    TE, deep


    DT, thin

    DE, thin

    LB, adequate(ish)

    S, thin

    CB, thin


    And where were the majority of our injuries last season? We ignore defensive depth at our peril. 

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Bruffalo said:

    Shorter won’t even make the team, I’d put money on it. 

    In the modern NFL you can never have too many premium receivers. It’s the 2nd or 3rd most important position on the team.


    They should go all offense in the draft, I’d rather surround Allen with big talent potential then waste picks on D Line rotations and bend don’t break mentality.



    In all seriousness , take a look at the active roster, and then tell me if you still think they “should go all offense.”

  10. 24 minutes ago, BringBackFergy said:

    Diggs, Shakir, Hollins, Samuel, Shorter…even Kincaid (WR/TE). Nice WR room.


    Face it…we need an interior O lineman or a safety.

    Deal with it.  

    It’s an unpopular opinion, but I challenge anyone on here to take a gander at the active roster and find a position on defense other than LB (and only because we’re base nickel) that isn’t woefully thin. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, Mat68 said:

    Get Mitchell or Worthy at 28 and the offense will have the best weapons for Allen in his career.  

    I would bet money that our first draft pick goes to defense. 

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