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  1. I'll tell you why. First off, for a reason I am not sure of, Cleveland is a much better-known city across the USA than Buffalo. I've lived all over the country and I can tell you that while maybe half of the people know where or what Buffalo is ("Is that like near NYC?"), everybody recognizes Cleveland as a city in Ohio. This manifests in several ways, for example, Cleveland being recognized as the most "suffering sports city" pre-Cavs championship despite Buffalo being at the very least equal to whatever heartbreak they have had. That always annoyed me. Next is Lebron James. He REALLY put Cleveland on the map. By staying with the Cavs for so many years, taking them deep in the playoffs every year, thousands of interviews and press conference, etc. The sports media has been camping out in Cleveland for 15 years going back to his high school days in Akron. Cleveland is always on their mind, as well as the country's since that is Lebron's team. Even when he was in Miami, the drama with Cleveland was always on everybody's mind. People underestimate the popularity that Hard Knocks brought to the Browns. Everybody always whines about how they would hate Hard Knocks covering the Bills, but it would bring thousands of new fans and much more media attention (positive and negative) that would help national TV viewership (more prime-time games), more merchandise, and more (or costlier) ticket sales. All my friends were talking about Hard Knocks last summer. Everybody seems to have an opinion about Hue Jackson. It seems only two years ago I was the only guy who knew who he was, having lived in Oakland while he was the coach. Now he's a household name for casual fans. Baker Mayfield was a college football star at Oklahoma and media darling. Every year or two there is a QB like this in College Football that grabs everyone's attention (Manziel, Tebow, etc.). Naturally, casual fans assume the skills in college will translate to the pros. Whatever you think about his playing ability, he has a strong alpha-leader personality, has charisma, and is not shy to open his mouth. This type of stuff brings eyeballs, is magnified at the QB position, and is multiplied by Hard Knocks and college notoriety. To top it off, Cleveland is taking a page out of Kansas City's playbook by surrounding a young, talented QB with elite talent. OBJ is an extraordinary WR talent and Jarvis Landry (and many Bills fans will disagree due to this history with us) is, in my opinion, a borderline HOF player by the time he retires. That's why Cleveland is hot stuff right now. Buffalo, on the other hand, gives off "eh" vibes to the rest of the country. Acting like you know about advanced stats is very popular right now, and Josh Allen is the antithesis of this. Lots of journalistic and blogger reputations on the line with Josh Allen. If he does well, they rather it be kept quiet and then picked apart later. Shady is old and looks really bad with the lady stuff and cop fights, true or not. And what else is going on? McDermott is vanilla. Our defense is solid but no superstars. This offseason Beane raised our floor (and did a fantastic job) but did not raise our ceiling anywhere near the level Cleveland has. This all stinks, I know. But hopefully, that answers your question.
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