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  1. I received a unique code as a STH to use at 12PM. Those other generic codes spread through social media for anyone to use and they bought everything up. I had to use the billsmafia code before my i could use my STH code from the bills.
  2. Different codes went public by mistake before season ticket holders could use their unique numbered code. Bills code was "billsmafia" and chiefs was "cheifskingdom". I doubt nothing can be done about it but I'd complain to your season ticket rep. Huge screw up by somebody.
  3. I saw him on the sideline with his pads off late in the game. He has this huge strap that wraps around his back that secures his injured shoulder in place. One the trainers was tightening it for him.
  4. http://www.ea.com/madden-nfl/videos/madden-nfl-12-gameplay-teaser
  5. I dunno. My dad has a section of the goal post when the bills clinched the afc east against the jets in 88. Would be cool to have him sign it since he kicked the winning field goal in ot.
  6. I can't believe the Jags signed Lorenzen QB from UCONN. He is horrible.
  7. I really think that OLB is a greater need than TE right now. Ellison is a joke and should not even be in the NFL. I think Follett would be a good fit. The guy is a beast and hits hard. Might need to move up into the 3rd or hope he's around in the 4th. I wouldn't be surprised to see this with all of the pac-10 guys we been drafting lately. What do you think? Any other better OLB options?
  8. The Buffalo Bills: You can win free coffee and bison dip
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