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  1. Just now, BillStime said:


    Just think about your track record here. Don't be a fraud and hide behind stats - own who you are.






    Nobody's hiding anything. Except you, hiding behind "statistics are racist." 


    Your position is that saying anything that isn't absolute praise about blacks is racist. Ok then. 


    We all have prejudices, billsy. It's time we be honest about it. You are prejudiced against Whites, Christians, and pretty much anyone who is normal and would be recognized as normal during the majority of American history. But this is ok, because the religion of the regime, gay race communism, says it's ok.


    But those of us who actually employ pattern recognition understand that Whites, Christians, and anyone who is normal and would be recognized as normal during the majority of American history are not the ones causing the problems here. Except for this (woke more correct than the mainstream moment): that "whiteness" is a problem that must be corrected. 

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  2. On 2/13/2024 at 9:42 PM, BillStime said:

    Are there any racist institutions? How and why.

    Yes, of course. See Florida.


    But @JaCrispy will justify this behavior by DeSaster because he cares more about MAGA than his own fkn legacy. Sad.




    Bodied by community notes lmao



    3 minutes ago, BillStime said:



    Weirdness of the statement aside, it's stupid for Republicans to go after black voters. Blacks vote as a bloc more than any other group in this country. Ignore them, reward your friends instead.

  3. Come on down, I know how I'm gonna make you come clear
    Don't you know it ain't no thing to be for?
    So, don't take more than you need
    It's something that I'll do later
    Now, it's over my

    It's under my voodoo

  4. 9 minutes ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    There was a discussion a while back about RFK Jr. suggesting that Jews were somehow immune from COVID. I pointed out that there was no genetic or other factor posited in support of that silly (and antisemitic) notion. A certain poster who supposedly has some training in medicine replied as follows:



    This struck me as so stupid that I started to have my own doubts about that poster's credentials ....


    That sounds like snark to me. Was it in a quote post responding to you or just a one liner in the RFK thread? I have some memory of this but not perfect.

  5. The only real doctors are medical doctors. Radiologist would be real doctor based on that requirement. Other than that I have no contribution to the discussion regarding the supposed physicians on the board.


    BillsFanNC I tussled with some time back on the subject of nutrition, long before DR took his leave of the board. Those who do not remember DR's profession will be missing the largest piece of evidence that they are not the same person.


    Based on verbiage used in topics related to architecture I'm inclined to believe that Deek is a real architect.


    I can confirm that Chef is both a real chef and a real drummer.


    All lawyers are fake, but not all lawyers are fake lawyers. IYKYK.


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  6. I'm goin' back to New York City
    I just can't wait no more for you
    I got so lonely, sold what you gave me
    'Cept that raincoat, the famous blue

    And I don't need time to think about it
    I don't let reminders get me down like before
    But you know I used to know you
    Back when local bars and broken hearts were home

    And we were open all night long

  7. Up here in the city feels like things are closing in
    The sunset's just my light bulb burning out

    I miss Kentucky and I miss my family
    All the sweetest winds, they blow across the south

    Oh, my sweet Carolina

    What compels me to go?
    Oh, my sweet disposition
    May you one day carry me home

  8. 14 minutes ago, BillsFanNC said:



    On 5/17/2022 at 9:07 AM, LeviF said:

    I’ve been called every name in the book by people who are probably better than you over the past couple of years. I really don’t care what you might think about me, and nothing you will do or say can make me feel shame about anything I might think, so save your screeching for someone who might listen. 

    That out of the way, what do you think the purpose of this rhetoric is? ⬇️



    Almost two years later the question remains unanswered.

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  9. 31 minutes ago, KDIGGZ said:

    They say black lives matter and write it on the street in DC just to placate to get their vote but then don't actually do anything about it. Very shrewd indeed. "If you don't vote for me then you ain't black!"

    Yeah, don’t do anything, except for the vast patronage network resulting in trillions in gibs to blacks over the last sixty years all at the expense of the net taxpayer (who statistically is White or Asian). And the constant crying about the blacks’ relative share of police and CJ attention, resulting in more gibs and kid glove treatment by prosecutors and the media. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Tommy Callahan said:


    Ah, but see Clay is a useful idiot for exactly this kind of tweet. He’ll point out that the kids are black, and he’ll even recommend charging them in a similar way a White would be charged. But he’ll never actually say the obvious: that gun crime is generally perpetuated by blacks, at a rate higher than that of the average coin flip landing on heads, and that the existing gun laws aren’t enforced to the letter exactly because of that. 

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  11. Stay the same, don't ever change, 'cause I'd miss your ways
    With your Bette Davis eyes and your mama's party dress
    While this city pumps its aching heart for one more drop of blood
    We work our fingers down to dust and we wait for kingdom come
    With the radio on

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