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  1. Jamie Nails

    Interesting yet weird story on stadium bathrooms

    The most extreme mad max beyond thunder dome bathroom moment at the Ralph was during the power outage game in 2009. Lights were going on and off. I went to the bathroom at one point when power was on. It quickly went off leaving the bathroom pitch black. This is before anyone had a light on their phone. It immediately, and I mean immediately, devolved into lord of the flies. People going in corners and sinks. In a classy move, I went for a circular sink because the lines were insane. Good decision until the lights came on mid-stream leaving about 15 us staring directly at each other’s junk. Good times with (suddenly) close friends.
  2. Jamie Nails

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    The chiefs are softer than Brian Orakpo’s cupcakes
  3. Jamie Nails

    AFC Divisional Playoffs: Chargers at Pats* 1:05pm CBS

    I hate Bon Jovi and the patriots more than anything in the world
  4. Jamie Nails

    Best Bills News App?

    Totally agree with this. 26 is the best! I just like to get the instant alert on my phone. Then I usually jump over to the board to read and weigh in. Sometimes I forget to check. As stupid as it is, I didn't see the news on the CFL receiver because I didn't check in on the boards until late yesterday. Just wanted to see if anyone had found a void filler for the WGR text/app alerts. I want someone else to crawl twitter and tell me when there's something newsworthy
  5. Jamie Nails

    Team Identity when they move

    So by the same logic Jim Brown is/was a Raven? At least during the period when Cleveland didn't have a team?
  6. Jamie Nails

    Best Bills News App?

    I was and am still a Luddite when it comes to breaking news apps for the Bills. I've got the official team app, but its obviously not the best place for breaking news, rumor or speculation- only team inactives and official drivel. The WGR app and text used to serve this purpose, but now that's a thing of the past. What does everyone use nowadays to get their Bills breaking news alerts? Need to fill a gaping void, especially as we head into what should be an exciting off season.
  7. Jamie Nails

    [Incomplete Title] 1 year ago today...

    3 points aside, that weekend and the lead up to the game was unparalleled. Such an amazing feeling and the parties were second to none
  8. Jamie Nails

    Bills 2019 opponents

    We officially have another trip to Nashville! Looking forward to that one again. Though I may double dip and do the draft too!
  9. Jamie Nails

    Clay told he will be released this offseason?

    They should let him play this week against his old team
  10. Jamie Nails

    There are FGoals on this Mother Stinkn Plane!

    “Short from 43” is going to be my new TBD handle
  11. Jamie Nails

    Week 16 Bills at Pats Postgame Postmortum

    Bills with a ultimate back door cover
  12. Jamie Nails

    1st half thread: Wk 16 Bills at Patriots, 1 pm on CBS

    I hate watching this. Slow death. We aren’t even playing on th same field today
  13. Jamie Nails

    Cap Management and Filling Needs

    I wouldn't be surprised to see them trade for a player or two. Maybe a bigger splash like the Rams or Bears did last offseason. I think they fashion their progression after those teams.
  14. Jamie Nails

    Portland Bills Backers Stand up!

    Stan's up!