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  1. For many years, there was a picture of him and the owner at Big Tree over the bar. It’s gone now 😢
  2. where's our trade. I want a trade. I don't want to feel left out
  3. They said they are sticking with Rosen
  4. I’m hearing Duke Williams may be active?
  5. Or we could miss the playoffs. Let’s hold this talk until after week 4
  6. Speaking of, wonder if the Davis Webb signing helped yesterday. We certainly kept Darnold in check. Eric Wood made some comments earlier in the week about them having to change some of their signals. Might have helped.
  7. This! He thought it had him and gave up a second early. He was flexing and celebrating as the refs were moving the chains. Philips has too many mental lapses, including a roughing the passer earlier in the game. Good player, but glad he's just rotational
  8. Have to earn it in the locker room and on the field for a year. Not one of these guys is new to the team.
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