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  1. If that's the case, he'd still be coming to Buffalo for a visit next season.
  2. Aaron Wilson from the Houston Chronicle keeps tweeting that it’s likely Saturday
  3. The Wallace injury has me bummed. IMO it’s bigger than people may think.
  4. Not exactly. If this happens, KC could lose both and Houston could win week 17. That would result in Houston jumping Kc as they have the head to head.
  5. I’m good with Houston losing, tenn losing and KC winning this weekend. That would lock us into playing houston. They are VERY beatable
  6. I immediately thought the same seeing his photo. Anything other than that have you thinking he’s sick?
  7. Thats right. We’re looking really good!!!
  8. Browns and raiders lose. All we need is colts and titans losses now without another win. They both play the saints.
  9. Which cant happen this week, but hopefully the colts and one of the raiders or browns will fall today too. Would make me feel a lot better going into tonight. Bbfs
  10. Thank god texans scored. This game is huge for us as a safety net
  11. Titans are going to find a way to win this. Ugh
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