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  1. This is a case study in how quickly a thread can go off the rails.
  2. I just want to say that our very own @Mark Vader is a draft beast. For the second year in a row, I've seen the man in action in person. He has been logging picks in his trusty binder- see story and picture since 2008. Not even the rain on Thursday could hold the man down. I don't think he relieved himself all weekend. On the third day, fans of other AFC East teams where believing that he was a better predictor of picks than Mel Kipper Jr. Bravo, Mark. Your dedication is second to none- well, maybe second to that 79 year old Browns fan. Bonus photo bomb from @CowgirlsFan and my hat. https://www.brownsvilleherald.com/sports/let-s-talk-quarterbacks-as-in-potential-backup-qbs/image_4b906671-a672-5a1c-98a9-cdc72df705b9.html/?mode=gallery
  3. if he has a great season, they could always transition tag him- this would almost be the same as picking up the 5th year.
  4. Nothing will change anything as long as the stadium is out in OP. Sure the massive groups, might be more fragmented, but there are still plenty of places for idiots to congregate and do dumb things. This is about money, not fan experience or safety.
  5. I was talking to Coy last night after the draft. He didn’t know or wouldn’t share. Got the call last week. Something definitely happened
  6. It's a wolf spider. Not poisonous or harmful to humans, but you still don't want to get bit. The get pretty big and look ominous
  7. They want to relive the Leon Lett snow game
  8. I think it's become pretty formulaic like the NHL. There you'll notice the same teams have the same road trips, playing the same teams year after year. Obviously more variability with the NFL, but still
  9. at least our home opener isn't against the pats. Would love someone super beatable like the skins
  10. I'm pumped too. After 8-9 seasons in 136, I was finally able to move over to 135. Best part is that I got seats 3 and 4 in row 22- which are basically the 40 yard line. Took forever to get there. Now I get to pay more for the seats I give away at the end of each year (because I live in California and hate coming to meaningless games).
  11. Based on the cryptic responses I was getting from the Embassy when I pressed them, I'd say it's very likely.
  12. I come in for the home opener every year and always stay at the Embassy downtown. This will be my 14th straight opener. I always book the first two weekends before the schedule is released to ensure I get a room. I called late last week and the first weekend at the hotel is already blocked by "a large group." While most teams stay at the Hyatt, broadcast, at minimum, stays at the Embassy. Also, for last years opener, the Chargers were at the Embassy. Just reading the tea leaves, but I'll lay money the NFL - in some form- has already booked out the hotel. The following week, which would be the second week of the season, is wide open. Take it FWIW. Hope we open at home in week 1. Those games are always the best!
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