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NJ Jest try to emulate NE Cheats

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Jets Hire Scarnecchia, Who Has Ties To 2 NFL Video Scandals




Scarnecchia was fired by Denver in 2010 after an NFL investigation determined the team’s video operations director illegally filmed a San Francisco 49ers walkthrough practice in London and presented it to then-coach Josh McDaniels. The league fined the Broncos and McDaniels $50,000 each for not promptly reporting Scarnecchia's actions.

Yes Josh McDaniels who comes from Billicheat's coaching tree.



Scarnecchia was considered by the NFL a repeat offender because he also had ties to New England's “Spygate” scandal, during which the Patriots were caught videotaping Jets coaches' signals in 2007. Scarnecchia was working for New York at the time, but New England was found to have also been illegally videotaping opponents' defense signals in the early 2000s — when Scarnecchia was a video assistant for the Patriots.


Billicheat has 2 trees - one coaching and one on video data gathering.

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Thanks Lime.  When I first scanned, I was surprised, but I was thinking about dad Dante, who retired from NE, but was commonly known as one of the best O Line coaches in football for 25-30 years.  Not sure with Salah, but he is an up and comer and looks like he could be a very good HC.  The proof with Salah will start this year as he is changing the D to a 4-3 like SF, has lots of cap space on a great year to have it and nice draft pick slots.  They have six in the top 4 rounds with two #1’s, 1 2nd, 3 3rds, and a 4th, plus 3 more.  

Salah and Douglas will prove this year if they are solid hires.  Last year Miami had 11 picks, and spent $235.8 in FA.  They went from 5-11, to 10-6.  That’s a nice improvement.  They now have $30.8 mil., and another 10 picks.  That should help them if they have a good Mgmt team and Coaching for the Jests to maybe start turning things around, but that’s a big maybe.  Same for Miami.  I’m really not worried about BFLO retaking the East, but maybe these other guys get to 7-9 for the Jets, and maybe another 10-6 for the Fins.  Not rooting for them but realistic.  Let’s see what good decisions our guys make.

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2 hours ago, Captain Hindsight said:

Is there really no one else who can make videos in the world?


I think it is like in criminal organizations it is finding someone who will keep their mouth shut even if they are being interrogated by NFL, suspended, swamped by reporters, etc.

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