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Fun Bills Facts - A Small Diversion from Game Day Stress

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Hey guys, big day today!  Take a break from the stress of game planning and general managing and remember most of these points are based on small sample sizes and for amusement only.


Josh Allen is indisputably having a great MVP type of year, but did you know he currently carries only th 4th highest QBR on the Bills?  Matt Barkley is not only great in the quarterback room, but he is saving Josh from having worst QBR on the team.  Mahomes, some might say a viable MVP candidate,  has only #2 QBR on the Chiefs.



Player                   QBRat

Cole Beasley         158.3

Isaiah McKenzie    156.3

Jaquan Johnson    118.8

Josh Allen              107.2

Matt Barkley           80.9


Any Bills running back likely to play today sports a yards per carry that is either at or significantly above league average 4.4.


Player                        Avg

Devin Singletary       4.4

T.J. Yeldon                7.0

Antonio Williams       5.3


Singletary and Clyde Edwards-Helaire both have the same 4.4 yards per carry this season.   Guess who else averaged 4.4 YPC - for his career - Walter Payton; guess who failed to hit that career mark - Emmitt Smith (4.2).


If Singletary was given  an additional 3.3 carries per game, at his current yards per carry, he’d be a 1,000 yard rusher this season including playoffs.

If TJ Yeldon had the same number of carries as Singletary has, at his current yards per carry, he’d be a 1,000 yard rusher.


TJ Yeldon leads team in yards per carry, 7.0.

TJ Yeldon co-leads team in yards per catch, 22.0.

TJ Yeldon is one pass away from leading the team in QBR.


Now get back to work on those game plans!

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