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did not even have time to live ...



She had stood on the doorway for some time, biting her lip and shuffling, before she felt her right fist knocking at the door. It was too late to turn back now.

She didn't have to wait long. The door creaked open and there he was, older, with eyes squinted in the process of trying to recognise her, but very much him. A sudden impulse told her to run, but a stronger one kept her rooted to exactly where she was.

A strange look was now creeping over his face. 'Bradie?'

She was startled by the response of her whole body to his presence, and his voice seemed to vibrate inside her, sending a twinge of heat from her head to somewhere around her jeans.

'Hi', she said, trying to sound normal. 'I thought maybe we - well, it's been so long, I thought... Well... do you mind if I come in?'

He raised his eyebrows in a move that shifted his whole forehead, and set his eyes piercingly at her, before softening. What could she do, after all? She looked so small and soft, even now.
'Of course. It's lovely to see you.' He smiled, standing back, and she passed cautiously in. He closed the door behind her and locked it.

'So, follow me. Come through here. Come on, don't be shy.' He smiled again as he whisked her through to a back room that looked marginally cleaner and tidier than the ones she'd caught sight of as she walked through. In the top right corner of the room was a beautiful walnut desk, and on the left, a red leather sofa with a wooden chair at a 90 degree angle to it. She took it in quickly before settling her gaze on him again. He sat down on the sofa and motioned her generously to sit on the chair, which she did. He looked so relaxed, now. She'd expected to feel a little more in control.

'So' he said, looking again with the same piercing, curious expression. 'So much must have changed since I last saw you. What have you been up to in all this time?'

What an impertinent question, after everything that had happened. But she ignored that fact, and gave him a few of the more glamorous details. In fact, she'd done very well. She could tell from his face that he was impressed, though he made no obvious show of it in his comments.

'And how about you?' she asked.

His eyes wrinkled laughingly. 'Oh, very much the same.'

She didn't like the way he said it, and perhaps this was why she decided to get right to the point a little earlier than she'd planned.

'Listen', she said, 'there's a reason I came here today. I -'

She was caught by surprise by his face, which continued smiling, with only the faintest flicker of an eyebrow raise. But she carried on.

'I... remember.' She gulped, studying his face, and then looked down. 'I remember everything you did to me. I want you to know what you did - I know I didn't say anything at the time - but what you did was... wrong, and I'm not going to let you get away without knowing just what you did to me. Without knowing - I mean, without you knowing. That what you did was wrong, I mean.' She flushed, her eyes still downward, struggling to hold everything together.

He said her name again, as if he'd only just remembered it. 'This is very interesting.' he said. She looked up at him then, and he was still smiling. 'Well then, why don't you tell me what happened? Mmm?'

With her eyes locked in his, something clicked and felt unexpectedly right. His smile looked kind. She relaxed.

'Well, I think you know what happened, don't you?' she said, quietly.

'All the same.' he encouraged her, gently. 'Go on.'

She should have known that he wasn't taking her quite as she intended to be taken. And she did know. But she started the story.

'Well, it happened for the first time years ago. Do you remember? We were talking, side by side.' She gulped, looking into his eyes and then down again. 'And while we were talking, you lifted up my skirt. And you - you... you moved your hands up my leg and up to my - and you started - started touching me.'

'Shhh' he said, smiling. 'It's okay.'

'You wouldn't stop probing, your fingers kept... And it felt good. And I felt so... Well, you were so much older than me, and so much more powerful.' She looked up into his eyes and was met with the strangest expression. He seemed stronger and totally happy. He had got up from his sofa and moved towards her. This wasn't going at all as she'd planned, but he had a look on his face that melted her.

He crouched down in front of her.

'Shhhhh', he whispered, looking gently into her eyes, but with a strange authority. He kissed her on the cheek, and it felt soft and rugged. 'Now, can you do something for me?'
He looked down at her tenderly as she looked up at him. 'I want you to undo your jeans.'

She couldn't believe it, but he took her right hand and guided it down. She felt her hand undo the button and slowly edge down the zipper.

'Good girl. Now put your hand in there.' He guided it inside the jeans, with her fingers resting midway on her panties. She kept her hand there but looked up at him, half aghast, half entranced.

He looked expectantly at her. She knew what she was meant to do, but it took her a few seconds. Then, slowly, she began rubbing gently against her panties. Her face looked small and her eyes soft. He smiled as though everything was now in its place and sat down again on the sofa.

'Good girl. Now start again. Tell me exactly what happened.'

She opened her mouth, continuing to rub compulsively, and began the story again. 'Well... we were talking together, and sitting... and you - you...' She looked at him, distracted. He was clearly enjoying the spectacle before him. She'd got into a rhythm now with her hand and couldn't seem to stop. 'You lifted up my skirt, and you moved your hand up my leg and... ' Her voice was small. '...under my panties. And you wouldn't stop probing. You had me up against the wall, and you were so much stronger than I am - than I was.'

She looked at him again. He smiled at her, and she instinctively gave a short little smile back, before looking all over the place again, that odd little expression on her face. She carried on rubbing.

'And then you took me for the first time. You - took me so many times.' She wondered whether he noticed that her rubbing had intensified. 'You had me up against the wall... And even that first time, I could tell that you knew that you could just keep using me. That I wouldn't tell anyone. That I would keep coming to you to be... And it felt so - you made me feel so... I felt so dirty, I knew I had to keep coming back, I wasn't good for anything else. I wanted it. I wanted your - your ####. In my throat. Inside me.'

She looked desperate. She stopped rubbing. He looked at her.

'Shhhh. It's okay, keep going.'

Her eyes widened, but she felt her hand betraying her, going back down to obey him. Rubbing herself as she recounted this felt so right. Once he'd told her to do it, she couldn't help it.

He looked so gentle, and amused but touched. He understood. Anger and shame permeated her face but made her hands work even faster.

'You used me. You didn't care what I felt, I know you didn't even see me as a person really. You wanted to mould me, to be someone you could use and keep using over and over till I had no will of my own, till all I wanted was to make you happy, satisfied. You took me again and again, my mouth, my ***** and - ' She saw his eyes light up even more. She blushed.

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