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Most NFL Coaching Changes Since 2000 .

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I was reading the post on "A Sad Coaching Tid Bit" on this sight & it got me thinking of how many coaching changes the Bills have had over the years because the OP's list of coaches in recent years & it got me wondering which teams have had the most coaches in their time in the NFL . 


Although i didn't find the entire list here is a list from 2000 up to last year i believe it was & the Bills are one of the teams with the most coaching changes & i think that instability is a big reason why the Bills could be thought of the way we are .


There were coaches that were here that were let go because of differences with ownership that should have stayed & then there were probably some that were kept to long because they could have been yes men but i thought it would be interesting to look back & see who had the most coaching changes over the years .


Of coarse we know BB & the pats have been together a long time & the Steelers are one team with little to no turn over at the HC position but how do the others compare i thought in this slow time it might be something interesting to look at & thanks to the poster of the earlier mentioned write up for giving me the thought of this post !! 


Feel free to add the coaches in the time before the yr 2000 ...



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That's a bad rap for any team to have.  Hopefully, it's in the past.  If only Wade had stayed!

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