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McDermott's Ideal Peterman scenario

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Here's what I think McDermott wanted to happen by starting Peterman (disclaimer, not saying this is a bad thing to want)


Somewhat of a controlled Tank by  starting Peterman....

-Bills win no more than 1-2 games the rest of the year (don't want everyone to feel like total garbage by winning zero games)

-Peterman 'realistic ceiling' hopefully identified with 7-starts to determine future qb draft needs.


If all this happens, the Bills get a nicer/earlier round draft pick than if they started Tyrod (who would likely result in more wins than Peterman), but either way no playoffs in 2018.


My biggest gripe is that I question how much homework actually went into determining Peterman could meet these expectations.  At first glance, the second bullet point on paper don't appear too great a challenge... however 5-picks later really shows how much work is actually required to become a 'below-average' qb on this spectrum.   Unfortunately, nothing good came out of starting Peterman... Tyrod is pissed, McD looks foolish, Peterman confidence takes a hit, and the rest of the players were let down by this mistake.

Hopefully one day we look back on these events and chalk it up to a new coach going through the learning curve.  But I consider this his second major talent assessment blunder (I know not everyone considers the Dareus move a blunder... but IMO every week the move looks more and more like Dareus' value to the team was not fully understood before making the deal... otherwise you never make the Kelvin Benjamin deal)


Happy Bills Thanksgiving!



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