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  1. grinreaper

    The "National Emergency" Thread

    For those of you hating on the wall because all the interdictions are happening at ports of entry, ponder this: Walls will force a lot, most, nearly all people, drugs and sex slaves to try to gain entrance to our country through our ports of entry where we have a much higher chance of discovering them. Can anyone argue (successfully) against this?
  2. grinreaper

    The "National Emergency" Thread

    I came across this group of women who are presently protecting guys like you and me and The_Dude. I feel very safe in their arms. https://thechive.com/2019/02/16/beautiful-badasses-in-and-out-of-uniform-7/
  3. No, but the judge referred to himself 1067 times.
  4. grinreaper

    The Mizzou/Yale/PC/Free Speech Topic

    You Canadians are not our hat anymore but our peanut gallery, where the cheap seats and people who shoot off their mouths reside.
  5. grinreaper

    Hate Crime or Hoax?

    You're going to all the wrong bars.
  6. You missed the one that was cut out of the picture on the right (our). The daughter of the person who shall not be named. A slender guy and her would make a threesome.
  7. grinreaper

    No in 2016, Yes in 2020

    There's no doubt about it, Trump's policies are the right ones. His bluster means nothing as it pertains to our individual lives, other than the comedy it brings.
  8. grinreaper

    The Mizzou/Yale/PC/Free Speech Topic

    Just bustin' your balls.
  9. grinreaper

    The "National Emergency" Thread

    Let's use the money NYS & NYC were going to give to Amazon. Maybe we can get Amazon to pull out of a deal in say, Chicago and use that giveaway too. Economics is easy.
  10. grinreaper

    The Mizzou/Yale/PC/Free Speech Topic

    Yes, but can you be a "defendant" of slaves?
  11. grinreaper

    The "National Emergency" Thread

    How are they on steel walls?
  12. grinreaper

    Islamic Terrorism

    The game wardens up in Canada have had you on their watch list for some time. So far they've only seen evidence of petty offenses.
  13. grinreaper

    The "National Emergency" Thread

    Where was the appropriation?
  14. grinreaper

    The "National Emergency" Thread

    Many people here are claiming that the majority of drugs and trafficked humans are found at the ports of entry rather than unprotected border areas. Thank you for making the case for border fences. Border fences are designed to force the people involved in drug/human smuggling to ply their trade at ports of entry. Just because more contraband is found at ports of entry does not mean that less contraband is coming across the border in unprotected areas. It means that it is easier to find drugs at ports of entry than in unprotected areas. So, who can argue the importance of forcing evil doers to come through out ports of entry?