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  1. Look at this douche correcting people on grammar and using 2 spaces after a period. Usually that’s indicative of age. Typewriters. But i I love that douche tactic. ‘Ah, you forgot an apostrophe which clearly means everything you say is wrong.’ There’s not enough salt in the world for those kinda snails.
  2. Well I wrote this driving so I’m not looking at my phone. Gotta keep eyes on the road. But it’s imprtanylt for you to know you’re a douche. Your points are all *****.
  3. Youre a *****ingjackass and I loath your writing style. America is not an example of multiculturalism. I mean you could argue the colonies were, but not America. But you’re too mush of a knowitallcunt to debate with so good day.
  4. Well there’s a guy who’s favorite game is “I win.”
  5. Hey guys, there’s a safety recal on S&W 15-22’s. Apparently there are defective bolts. If you have one please look into. Shoot safe.
  6. My library makes me a scholar. Your “point” on America makes you a dumbass. Good day.
  7. Im a combat vet and I have an undergrad in history. But cool post.
  8. How/why did this happen if diversity is awesome? Because liberals tell me it’s such a great idea to mix religions, ethnicities, languages and so on. Just dump it all in a bucket and watch the awesome happen. That’s how it works, right?
  9. I wholeheartedly agree with this. We are worse off for it yet unwilling to relinquish it.
  10. It is a sport. It has always been a sport. And it’s continually become more and more mentally demanding. Just because you don’t know what I mean don’t make me wrong. If you’d like to argue then we’ll have to go back to the Bronze Age and move forward to the Greek games and the the phalanx and then the maniple system, the Marian reforms, and then were just pulling a lot of strings. But it is a sport and I was good at it and I enjoy things I’m good at. Sorry.
  11. I don’t have supporters. However there are a few who are willing to examine my arguments and see the sense in them.
  12. Some of us are both. There’s a reason I idolize Churchill. He too was both.
  13. Its the ultimate sport. It’s the ultimate thinking mans game.
  14. Thank you. And the person who wrote that memo is spot on. I condem the gunmen. This is what coexistence brings. 104 years ago diversity created WWI. This is a Pandora’s box. I make fun of Canada a lot but man do they produce kickass troops. Their troops in WWI were top notch.
  15. Its kinda hard for me to drop the hatred thing. A bit hard. I kind of have some “grievances.” But I agree with you. You’re not wrong.