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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/news/latest-2-questioned-smollett-attack-now-suspects-155348647.html The twitterverse was ablaze with anger the other week over a precious, black, homosexuals beating at the hands of Trump racists. They nosed him and screamed MAGA. But wait, there’s more! ?
  2. I've been saying it for a while, but since Trump was elected they really went into overdrive. The current Democratic agenda is two-pronged: Racism and gay rights. Fighting racism and for gay rights is not something I have a problem with. However, I find the tactics democrats are using to be beyond loathsome. Gay rights: I was all for ending DOMA. It is NOT the governments place to say what is and what is not moral. It is not their place to make law on judeo-christian beliefs. I fully supported ending DOMA and thought once done so the fight was one. Boy was I wrong. They literally started making things up afterwards, like the horribly oppressed transvestites. Why? Because Democrats want everybody to believe that if they're not a democrat they're a bigot. That's why Kevin Hart is being attacked for not bending his knee and becoming an LGBTQ9erAAFNFLMNOP ally. They demand you bend the knee, accept their agenda, or they'll brand you a bigot and go after your money. That's what they always do -- they harass sponsors of Tucker Carlson, and Limbaugh in an effort to intimidate and silence. Gays represent about 3% of the population -- why do they represent so much of the Democrats agenda? Well, really they don't. They dems just talk about them a lot to spread intimidation and force their socialist agenda. The gays are just a weapon of theirs now. And I gotta say -- while I supported ending DOMA I also support letting gays know that theyre only 3% of the population and therefore aren't that important. I'm sorry I'm more concerned with the security of the nation, and the economy than I am the feelings of a pansexual. Racism: Every white liberal is tripping over their own dick to get DNA tests in the hopes that they're in some way 1/1024th non-Caucasian. Why? They've established an accepted belief system that whites are responsible for all evils in the world, and that anything non-white is therefore more pure. So, every liberal is trying to find a way to identify as a victim. It's unbelievably shallow, and un-American. Further, the media is going crazy anytime they have a cell phone video of a white anything doing anything stupid. I mean seriously, how are high schoolers from Wisconsin worthy of front page news for "possibly" making a nazi salute? How's that "news?" It's not. A few days ago a 7-year old black girl was killed in Texas. Immediately liberal idiots were trying and hoping that it was a hate crime of sorts. In fact, the only thing I see in the news these days that labels a suspect as anything is when a person is white. Recently I read how a 14 year old girl in England was raped while shopping by a man with facial hair, dark skin, and curly hair. They wouldn't even say "middle eastern." This is absolutely ridiculous. This is "full retard." And what's disgusting is all the people who flock to it like a moth to flame. I fully believe that modern liberals would tell ISIS executioners that they're sorry for all their white privilege as their heads get severed. What's the main problem? The main problem is that Democrats are branding anybody who doesn't bend the knee to their ideology a bigot and a racist. Want to enforce borders? You're a racist. Have an issue with a 40 year old transvestite using the stall next to your 12 year old daughter? You're a bigot. They are literally bullying American's into blindly accepting and not questioning their politics because nobody wants to be called "bigot" or "racist." Then their masses are ignorantly supporting their socialist agendas. This has nothing to do with racism or gay rights -- they're just hiding their damn socialist agenda behind those fronts. And it's working. They're running the MOST successful fear campaign I've seen in my short life. And whats worse is its success and their socialist visions of the future. And we have a complicit media helping them transform the country into a horrible hell. Winston said it best when he said: “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” /rant
  3. So, I’m sure you’ve all seen the Proud Boys movement out there. Personally, I find their name stupid, and I’ve never felt the need for a social club, but I like these guys. They don’t seem racist to me. They surely don’t seem fascist if they claim to promote western culture which is undeniably the home of democracy and republics. And I like that they beat the tar out of ANTIFA — it’s always good for a laugh. But are they a good thing? I mean I like them, but to promote them is kinda like promting political violence and that’s a slippery slope.
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