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  1. 4 minutes ago, BeavercreekBillsFan said:

    Miami beating Houston doesn’t bother me. Cincinnati going on the road and beating Tennessee without Chase and then Boyd missing some of the game is way more concerning. Cincinnati is the AFC team that scares me most besides KC

     I felt that way earlier in the season.  Just because they won the AFC last year.  Not worried this year, not worried any longer.

  2. 1 minute ago, UKBillFan said:


    I don't see Tua as a HOF QB yet. A good QB no doubt, but not a HOF. Stick him behind our O Line with our play designs and see how he gets on - I highly doubt it'll be as well as Josh.


    I'd take the rest of their offense over ours in a heartbeat. But, for all the criticism, I think our defense (particularly when fully available) is better than theirs.

    We have a great defense when healthy.  That’s what helps propel our offense.

  3. Just now, ngbills said:

    I want to not be impressed by the Fins. But if I try to be impartial...


    Tua is 7-0 in games he started and finished. Only loss he went out early. He has completed 70% of his passes and over 250 yds in 6 games. Thrown a pick in only 2 games. They have scored 30+ in 5 games. Got to give them some credit. 

    There is something about them I don’t trust how good they are.  Can’t put my finger on it truthfully.

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  4. Just now, buffblue said:

    It's really discouraging. Watching other teams get the ball to their playmakers with ease while we struggle mightily. Everything is reliant on Allen and his superhuman skills

    Injuries have killed us.  Our offense works when we can run and gun, especially when we are leading.  Defensive injuries are a huge part of our problems.  And the elbow doesn’t help, but wouldn’t be so magnified if the D was killing it.

  5. 1 minute ago, ScottLaw said:

    Only concerns with Tua is health…. He’s having a terrific season. Guy is an MVP candidate…. But yes interested to see how he does when the weather turns. 

    There is something about him that regardless of stats, I still don’t believe in him.  Yes, has great stats this year, actually much better than I realized.  

    This isn’t anti-miami from me.  I give credit where credit is due.

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