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  1. I don't think it would be a bad thing to wind up with a Dawkins - Spain - Morse - Ford - Nsekhe line. I'd love Ford to start at RT right away, but I think there's a lot to be said for starting next to a solid player for a year. Ford - Nsekhe is a better right side combo than Long - Ford

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  2. 14 hours ago, Knicks&Bills said:


    Did I for one second suggest my First Amendment rights were being suppressed?


    weird post, man 


    You made a nonsensical entitled post arguing that mods were restricting "free speech." Weird to make a comment and then complain that you were called out on it. 


    My opinion that is more relevant to this post is: keep the standard gameday threads and don't allow new thread creation for a couple hours after the game. This board means different things to different people, but the whiny LAMP threads are just people using this board as a place to vent at the expense of everyone else around here. There is zero need to create a new thread when a single post in an established thread would suffice. 

  3. Super happy about this, this was a no-brainer extension at a modest cost. We now have the LDE locked down for 3 more seasons. Next season we can sign a RDE in FA to replace Lawson/Murphy (I don't expect Murphy to get to the last year of his contract with us). This takes a lot of pressure off of the 2020 offseason. 

  4. 57 minutes ago, buffalostu2 said:

    Peter Schrager, c'mon.!!!  That guy knows jack about football even with a support staff.   I believe this year was his first time even covering the draft.  And if you watched Friday and Saturday on the NFL Network you learned nothing.   ESPN put on a much better broadcast and their seasoned draft guys were on for three days, not just the first round like Bucky and DJ on the NFL Network.


    Schrager needs to stick to his metorsexual football morning show talking about pop culture with a tiny bit of football mixed in. 


    Please tell me this forum is smart enough to know Schrager's opinion means absolutely nothing.


    Schrager has been covering football for years and by saying metrosexual you showed you think Schrager is Kyle Brandt. It's often better to hide ignorance by saying nothing at all...

  5. On 5/5/2019 at 11:08 AM, Doc said:


    Why should he have?  It was a bad draft class for WR's.  That's why he went out and got Brown and Beasley, to go with Foster, who should only continue to get better.  And while there's a long thread about Zay not being here, I think he'll make a fine WR4.  If they get anything out of Duke, Sills, Easley or any other undrafted player, it will be gravy.


    And getting WR's who can get separation is a recent trend?  Really?


    This flies in the face of what was reported by every single draft analyst and GM out there. This was a solid WR class, not elite, but solid.

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