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  1. We refuse to trade picks away and we dont trade for picks, it is absurd. You are correct in 2018 we did a pick swap with Buffalo, 12 for 21 in the 1st Round. The Bengals also gained a 5th on that trade and Cordy Glenn. With the #21 pick we selected Billy Price. Glenn and & Price were both awful for the Bengals. I think the Bills actually traded the #12 they received from Cincy to Tampa to move up and acquire Josh? Did you guys also get Edmunds in the 1st Round that year too? That is a lot of wheeling and dealing I will never see from my team.
  2. We never restructure, and very very rarely offer multi-year guarantees which has cost us numerous free agents. Mike Brown is on his last leg and we have been improving the last couple of years with him backing off, however even when he is gone we will still be the least wealthiest club and very limited.
  3. And? Did you miss the part in which I said we sucked a$$ for multiple years in the draft? Price was just one of many. Im trashing the Benglas and you are still trying to be ***** with me?
  4. Im not sure of your intentions with this comment? Billy Price was the backup center we traded for BJ Hill who was also a backup. Price was just one of many horrible draft picks we had for about a decade. My comment was in response to Ed's statements regarding "fire sale" trades, which a smart team would have done, but that wasn't us.
  5. Bengals very rarely trade. They had a preseason trade a couple years ago for BJ Hill who was a backup for a backup center. We have had only 2 in-season trades in the last 50 years, both players were upset and demanded trades; Dunlap & Palmer. The Benglas value draft choices more than gold, despite the fact that for 12 seasons prior to Burrow the drafting was pathetically awful. The Bengals disdain for trades is mind-numing pathetic to their fanbase. We could have used a RB, DT and TE.... we made no calls, took no calls while Beane picked up all 3. Fans are less vocal the last couple of seasons because of the current success, but for decades prior we experienced nonstop criminally bad front office and ownership decisions.
  6. Burrow is likely a one-off. He is 26 years old, goes to bed at 8pm, never eats sugar or processed foods, no alcohol. He doesn't meet with family or friends the night before or day of a game. He has done some marketing but turns a lot down. Many think Burrow is one of the best processors and he is very accurate as he lives for reps, like thousands. That said Burrow will never have Allen's natural ability, his arm, running, raw power are elite. Josh obviously needs to clean up some pre-snap and recognition issues but he has all the potential in the world. As always Zac Taylor went conservative in the 2nd half and the Bills D impressively stood up, Bengals fans were very aware that Allen has the tools to have come back regardless of the time on the clock.
  7. Interesting, I appreciate the takes. We are already one dimensional. We throw the ball. I do not think a major plan to stop the run is the best idea. We pass, pass, and pass to set up the run. If we have a lead Zac will become too conservative and run it too much in the 2nd half. Burrow has his own theory regarding sacks. 3rd down and not in FG range he will hold it forever in order to try and make a play. He has no problem taking a sack, but he is more elusive than many think despite all the obviously ignored highlight worthy escapes he has had. Higgins has had a rib injury the last few weeks, he was apparently close to 100% the 49ers game. He is a good WR, not a great one. He is better than Gabe but Tee doesnt have the quicks. He needs to do a better job of not disappearing and he hasnt been good on 50-50 balls which used to be 80-20. Boyd may be starting to lose a step, but he still has excellent hands. We have had zero production from the TE room. All of this added to the immense trust Joe has in Chase is reason for his high production. That said, taking away Chase is about as easy as taking away Diggs, easier said than done. I have no doubt that the Bills will have a much better game plan this time for the Benglas.
  8. Am I wrong in stating that Leslie practically made zero changes to the Bills defense? It seemed to be a basic zone the entire game. There is a lot of talk around the Bengals that film from that game is going to be no help as McDermott will be dialing up a wide variety of looks. I can say that we do not do very well when a ton of guys are in the box and tight man coverage. Our oline is doing better communicating but stunts & delayed pressure has been an issue. Of course there is a risk in playing that way too much but it has been a problem at times.
  9. Great points. I can share that Bengals and KC fans go back and forth with the, "If Pat had Chase, Higgins, Boyd...", and we reply if, "Joe went to a playoff team out of college, a solid org with money, HOF TE Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and Andy Reid...." But there is no retort when it comes to Josh, he hasnt had a bevy of weapons, Daboll was really solid but no Andy Reid & the current OC is a still a question mark. The Bills are a better overall org than Cincy, but Josh came from a community college and Wyoming whereas Joe learned at Ohio State and LSU. When it comes to opportunities given, Josh has risen so much higher with less than almost every QB.
  10. Im a Bengals fan Warrior. I'd love to see Norman instead of Benford or Rasul vs our offense. Im sure you may disagree.
  11. Is Benford expected to play? I have no idea of his advanced stats but he looks very good in the games Ive watched. Are you guys expecting him Rasul to play much? He is not very fast but he is a big strong body, he would be tough for us vs Tee Higgins, who himself is not very fast. I definitely prefer Norman over either of these guys.... thanks in advance for any info.
  12. This is true, as a Bengals fan I usually complain about KC as much as possible. They seem to catch every single "break"... be it true or not.
  13. I think any player, especially QB, gets a pass playing hurt. I defended Allen and Herbert last season. I may be alone in this thought but in order to play QB well any injury is going to impact every aspect of their game. Eli Apple is not a Bengals fan nor is he on the team, and many Bengals fans chastised him many times. We dont miss the guy. Im not harping on the Bills because McKenzie made some strange comment about playing in the snow. You would know much better than me, the redzone turnovers last season were just so bad, I havent seen him have any of those. I did watch the Jets game and his play cost you guys. But from an outsides point of view he seems more under control this season thus far.
  14. Lol, you struggle. And yes if Burrow is injured it is weird to call him a slow starter. You like to get in pissy battles for some reason, but allow me to agree with you on one thing: I totally agree that Josh has had the least amount of support. I agree that Josh is leaned upon more than Mahomes and Burrow. I like Josh, I love his game. He is not as "dynamic" as Mahomes who has done some crazy stuff, he is not as accurate or good a processor as Burrow, but he can do things both of those cannot do. Only Herbert can come close to Josh's cannon arm, he is unmatched as to his overall strength - especially in the pocket, and his running is top tier albeit different than Lamar. I have always thought if Josh could stop making so many dumb mistakes he would be QB1, but this year he hasnt been bad mentally, it is obvious the Bills simply need to get him another weapon. Mahomes was won too much to be unseated for now, Burrow and Allen are both great in different ways with the season results being the only differentiator in most peoples eyes. Kelce doesnt have much longer and Reid may not either, I would not be surprised to see Josh take the throne, especially if the Bills win a Super Bowl. You like many others on Twitter are personally offended by QB rankings. But the truth of the matter is that Josh is Top 3 in most everyone's mind and could easily rise to QB1 overall and I would not be surprised.
  15. You may be right, but Im not sure how else to explain the current vitriol the last 2 years towards Cincy by Bills fans? Obviously much more on social media, mostly Twitter. This has been a topic of ours a few times wondering why some Bills fans have done a 180 and acted like the awful individual here. We are honestly like... "I thought our fanbases liked each other?" I dont live in Cincy but there often, the bridge traffic is horrendous. When the Reds are actually good their game day experience is extremely well done. I attended a few during their mini win streak this summer.
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